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  1. 47 minutes ago, Potatochip said:

    Simple facts.  Of course me and my witnessing brother discussed it.   His uncle was one of the top guys in his state with the Freemasons.  Do some research and you'll find out thats exactly what they believe.

    I know that I can do research myself.  I was asking you where you got your information.  Your answer seems to be that you're friend told you and a generic claim that the information is out there and commonly believed.

    51 minutes ago, Potatochip said:

    weather it be a witch or drug addict (same deal lol)

    Are you saying that all drug addicts are the same thing and vice versa or are you making an unkind joke at the expense of both of them? I ask this because I used to be a drug addict and was unaware that, according to you, I was also a witch at the same time.

  2. 12 minutes ago, Potatochip said:

    My witnessing compadres Uncle was a big shot Mason who accepted Christ on his death bed.  Basically what you find out in the highest degrees is they believe that Christ and the God of the Bible are the subordinate "lower" Gods and the highest is Lucifer.   What you get is the revelation at the very highest levels that Lucifer is God the lower levels you just are taught that all other gods are subordinate gods.  But you have to learn in the lower levels before that can be reveled to you.  In the highest degrees you get the secrets and that they believe Lucifer is God.  In a way its Biblical IN THAT LUCIFER DOES LEAD THE NATIONS ASTRAY.  What is meant by that is he's in the game for certain.   Basically in my opinion its witchcraft. 

    Did you read this somewhere or is that what your "witnessing compadre" told you?  It's not meant to be a confrontation; I'm just wondering where you got that information.

  3. 10 hours ago, HappyChristian said:

    But, again, please edit the attack on his character out of your answer. Thank you.


    9 hours ago, Jim_Alaska said:

    In any editing of this reply I would request that you also remove the uncalled for accusation of a brother being "given over to a reprobate mind." This is totally uncalled for.


    4 hours ago, HappyChristian said:

    Thank you for editing your post. I hope that you edit the post on Facebook as well

    Just adding my opinion here.   Unless profanity has been used, I'm not a big fan of editing posts to remove things to which people have taken offense.  I much prefer clarification, retraction and apology and leaving the original posts the way they were.   Returning to past posts to remove content disrupts continuity and makes it difficult for others to follow.  Also, I believe it is a good example to others to leave the original content and apologize/clarify/retract in a later post.  This allows others to see how appropriate and courteous resolution is to be conducted.

  4. Quote

    He, for example, thought "humble" meant "prideful".  [1]How do we even attempt to correct something so basic?  If he doesn't understand basic English ([3]and he's a white boy born in the USA) [2]how can he ever hope to understand the KJV?

    [4]...he's spina bifida

    1. You correct it by teaching him.  If you taught him the meaning of that word, now he has a better understanding of the English language by one word.  Some people need to take one step at a time.
    2. How can he hope to understand the KJV?  With the guidance of the Holy Spirit and, perhaps, your husband (or someone else)  could sit with him and teach him; knee to knee, one letter at a time, if need be.  
    3. What does being "a white boy born in the USA" have anything to do with it.  Would it make more sense if he were black or hispanic?  If a person is illiterate or if they have a shallow understanding of the English language, it is because of the simple fact that they never learned it properly.
    4. He is not spina bifida; he has spina bifida.  He is a human being.

    This is not meant to be unkind and please forgive and correct me if I am wrong, but as someone on the outside of this, you come across as bearing a great deal of resentment and disdain for this couple and I am guessing that they are probably picking up on that.

    Might I suggest you revisit 1 Corinthians 13?  Here is the definition of charity from Webster's 1828 dictionary:

    1.  In a general sense, love, benevolence, good will; that disposition of heart which inclines men to think favorably of their fellow men to think favorably of their fellow men, and to do them good. In a theological sense, it includes supreme love to God, and universal good will to men.

    Also, remember what Jesus said to Peter and the disciples in Matthew 18:21-35 and Luke 17:3-4.

    One of the cliche's they used to use in the church in which I worked, was that some people are EGR; "extra grace required."  If they are suffering from physical issues with their brains, they may need more guidance and patience than others; they may not comprehend things with the same ease and clarity as others can.

    Have you ever considered taking her out shopping for an appropriate outfit?  Tell her how wonderful she looks in it and buy it for her as a surprise gift.  Perhaps you could make it an afternoon for just the two of you and try to really connect with her.  Apologize for any past wrongdoings and misunderstandings and show her that you are genuinely  interested in her.  

    Contrary to popular belief, we can learn to choose our feelings and we can learn to feel affectionately toward people that we may have even hated previously; just as we can choose to behave in kind ways.  Through prayer and the assistance of the Holy Spirit, I have learned how to do this myself.

    Definitely set boundaries with them and limit some of the day to day help, if they are taking advantage.  However, unless they are doing something that meets the biblical criteria of separating from them, don't give up on them.  Maybe even ask them if they could help you and your husband with a small, light duty project at the church; just the four of you.

    When I start getting too big for my britches, I try to remember 1 Timothy 1:15.


  5. My father has been pretty absorbed with genealogy for the past fifty years or so and I help him with research from time to time.  Tonight, I just found out that my paternal great-grandfather, all of his brothers and several others in our paternal line, were high ranking Masons out of Louisville, Kentucky.  

  6. 2 hours ago, MountainChristian said:

    With your infallible Bible could you please tell me who these prophets were and list chapters and verses so I can mark the references?

    Could you clarify that a bit?  At first glance, the bolded words above give the impression that you may not believe in an infallible Bible.  Is that your view or am I misinterpreting that?  Please clarify.

    • Why don’t you ever see a hippopotamus hiding in a tree?
    • Because they’re REALLY good at it.


    • What would George Washington do if he was alive today?
    • Probably scream and scratch at the top of his coffin.


    • What do you call a gay drive by?
    • A fruit roll up.

  7. 2 minutes ago, Ukulelemike said:

    Why do you keep referring to me as "DH"? Just Mike is fine, everyone knows you're my DW, lol. You make me sound like Kim Jong Mike, "Dear Husband". I'll make you call me that at home now.

    I had to look up what "DH" and "DW" meant.  So, whisperingsage is your wife, Brother Michael?

  8. 19 hours ago, RSS Robot said:

    Positive response: "The way I see it, these people are addicted to fleshly music and they respond just like an addict when confronted about their addiction.”


    19 hours ago, RSS Robot said:

    Negative response: “David Cloud, may God strike you dead and send you to hell for condemning another Christian’s music like the Clarks.”

    The negative response above pretty much sums up the rest of the negative responses, even though the others wax on, ad infinitum, and in a way that warrants censorship of foul language, about how much deeply seated hatred they have for Brother Cloud; but out of their superior righteousness and love for Christ.

    I find it very telling when opponents launch vile, hateful and profane rants when a calm, collected and respectful response would suffice.  

  9. By the way,

    • Oliver Hardy, known to strum the ukulele, was a thrice married, twice divorced freemason.  
    • Don Ho was a serial adulterer; having four of his ten children with his mistresses.
    • Sol Ho'opi'i, formerly one of my heroes, was an heretical Pentecostal and followed a woman faith healer, who, herself, was twice divorced.
    • Tiny Tim was a thrice married, twice divorced sodomite ("bisexual").

    When people think ukulele, they think of those people.  The younger generations have more younger players to who they listen and make the above mentioned look like angels.  These are some of the reasons that I have made the decision to separate myself from the ukulele and other instruments.

  10. 1 hour ago, heartstrings said:

    It don't specify brother....The Ukelele was invented long before revolting freaks like "Tiny Tim" came on the scene. It's just an instrument with strings and nothing more. So if Brother Uke wants to play his teenyweenie guitar, I have no problem with it at all.

    Please re-read my post.  It is not only the instrument itself, but the rhythms and associations that the world has with ukuleles, with which I disagree.  Tiny Tim did not invent the rhythms of the ukulele and ukuleles have been associated with half naked Hawaiian women, debaucherous sailors and dirty songs since before the first world war.

    I feel the same way about electric guitars, basses, steel guitars, banjos, kazoos and drum kits as well; and I used to own a company that made many of those things and more.  To my knowledge, there are five stringed instruments in the Bible: the harp, the lyre, the psaltry, the dulcimer and the "instrument of ten strings" (Psalms 33:2).  Just because the Bible says that we are to worship God with stringed instruments, it doesn't mean that every stringed instrument is appropriate with which to worship Him.

    Is this stringed instrument appropriate for the worship of God?  


    How about this ukulele?


    Or perhaps this one?


    or this:


    or even this one?


    "It don't specify," right brother?

    I was asked for my opinion and I gave it.

  11. 11 minutes ago, Ukulelemike said:

    FWIW, no one else in the church attends this site. Otherwise neither of us would mention much of this. The reason we feel comfortable doing it is because I susect we aren't the only ones going through much of these types of things, and are looking for experienced advice and comments. Not to aire dirty laundry.

    I understand and it has not been too specific until the long post by whisperingsage.  It is my opinion that far too much specific information has been divulged regardless of whether of not they see it.  There is a difference between remaining as vague as possible in order to solicit advice/guidance and divulging the information whispering sage has just included.  If a person releases specific information about another person, without their knowledge and that they would not say in that other person's presence, I would consider that gossip.

    It reminds me of a few women I worked with at a Church years ago.  They would say things to me like, "I think we need to pray for Cindy Johnson.  I just found out that she has been cheating on her husband and has gotten pregnant by her lover.  I don't know about you, but I think we should pray for her."

    They want to gossip, but know that they shouldn't, so they hide their gossip in the guise of prayerful concern.  I am not claiming that this is what is being done here, but it just reminds me of it.  We don't need to publicly get into nitty-gritty specifics in order to know enough to give counsel.  If a solution really requires the nitty-gritty specifics in order to come to a resolution, I believe it should be taken out of a public forum and into private counsel.

    It is my opinion that it is a bad practice and is also bad taste to do so.

  12. 3 minutes ago, Ukulelemike said:

    So you don't figure ukulele is a proper instrument for singing hymns with? And no, I'm not offended if you do, just curious, or is it my playing? Because I am always interested in honest, constructive criticism. Otherwise we never grow.

    Because of the associations of ukuleles with certain types of music and lifestyles, I don't believe that it is appropriate to use that instrument with the things of God.  It is typically seen as a novelty and a silly instrument and God deserves fear and reverence:

    • (Psalms 33:8) "Let all the earth fear the LORD: let all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of him."
    • (Luke 1:50) "And his mercy is on them that fear him from generation to generation."
    • (Hebrews 12:28-29) "Wherefore we receiving a kingdom which cannot be moved, let us have grace, whereby we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear: {29} For our God is a consuming fire."

    I am also of the belief that the type of rhythm associated with ukuleles, including the rhythm shown in the video, is not a godly rhythm. More on that here.

    @Jim_Alaska Perhaps you can move this part of the conversation to the music area, so as not to derail your thread.

  13. @Jim_Alaska @Salyan Do you think it would be better to close this thread and remove the above long post by whisperingsage?  It seems like there has been quite a bit more personal and specific information has been added and may be turning into a gossip thread.  If anyone else from that church were to read it, they would certainly know about whom this is being written.

  14. 24 minutes ago, heartstrings said:

    Man, you need to get into town a little more often...... :D


    (Ephesians 5:15-16) "See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, {16} Redeeming the time, because the days are evil."

  15. On 3/14/2017 at 11:19 PM, Roselove said:

    I don't understand why there would be no writings that i can find anywhere at all, talking about being eternally secure. I just find that a bit, odd. 

    There are early writings; there are many of them in the King James Bible and the fragments that make up the texts from which the KJV was derived.  

    • John 3:16
    • John 6:37
    • John 10:27-29
    • 2 Corinthians 1:22
    • 1 John 5:13
    • And most clearly: Romans 8:38-39

    Correct me if I am wrong, but you don't seem to be considering the KJV, and its sources, valid historical writings.  

  16. 20 minutes ago, Alimantado said:

    You're not allowed to carry any weapons at all in UK--nothing that's designed to cause injury or that you're carrying for the purpose of causing injury. For example if someone mugs you and flees and you chase them with a brick, the police would consider the brick to be a weapon.

    Let's not go there... the UK sounds like a silly place.

  17. 48 minutes ago, 1611mac said:

    Something simple to think about....  If something is known to be true and it is accepted fact then it usually doesn't get written about (and thus there is no "controversy" untill later when some apostate starts pushing false doctrine.   So silence on ANY subject MAY simply mean that it was generally accepted as truth.

    Although I agree that there is truth in this theory, I believe it can only be used to support a stronger argument.  Just because something is not mentioned, it does not necessarily follow that it is commonly believed.

  18. 17 minutes ago, 1611mac said:

    I used to be certified to teach NRA "Refuse to Be a Victim"... but it is not current. Haven't taught the course for a couple of years...

    LOL!  Something is wrong with my eyes.  At first glance, I thought it said, "Refruit to be a vitamin."  LOL!

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