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  1. Brother Stafford

    The Sinner's Prayer/ Asking Jesus into your heart

    David Cloud addresses this subject specifically in his latest video series, "Steps to a Stronger Church." The videos that address this issue are, "Salvation," and "Salvation Evidence." I cannot stress how important this new video series is.
  2. Brother Stafford

    Freemasonary in the midst of the brethren

    I know that I can do research myself. I was asking you where you got your information. Your answer seems to be that you're friend told you and a generic claim that the information is out there and commonly believed. Are you saying that all drug addicts are the same thing and vice versa or are you making an unkind joke at the expense of both of them? I ask this because I used to be a drug addict and was unaware that, according to you, I was also a witch at the same time.
  3. Brother Stafford

    Freemasonary in the midst of the brethren

    Did you read this somewhere or is that what your "witnessing compadre" told you? It's not meant to be a confrontation; I'm just wondering where you got that information.
  4. Brother Stafford

    Stop Lying About It!

    Just adding my opinion here. Unless profanity has been used, I'm not a big fan of editing posts to remove things to which people have taken offense. I much prefer clarification, retraction and apology and leaving the original posts the way they were. Returning to past posts to remove content disrupts continuity and makes it difficult for others to follow. Also, I believe it is a good example to others to leave the original content and apologize/clarify/retract in a later post. This allows others to see how appropriate and courteous resolution is to be conducted.
  5. Brother Stafford

    The Mysteries of Life and the Questions They Pose

    If you're cross-eyed and dyslexic, can you see ok?
  6. Brother Stafford

    The big four - oh (40)

    I thought your beard showed a bit more age than that, but I didn't want to say something and hurt your feelings. :)
  7. Brother Stafford

    The Mysteries of Life and the Questions They Pose

    Why do they call them apartments when they're all stuck together?
  8. Brother Stafford

    Freemasonary in the midst of the brethren

    My father has been pretty absorbed with genealogy for the past fifty years or so and I help him with research from time to time. Tonight, I just found out that my paternal great-grandfather, all of his brothers and several others in our paternal line, were high ranking Masons out of Louisville, Kentucky.
  9. Brother Stafford

    Stop Lying About It!

    Could you clarify that a bit? At first glance, the bolded words above give the impression that you may not believe in an infallible Bible. Is that your view or am I misinterpreting that? Please clarify.
  10. Brother Stafford

    Put Your Bad Jokes Here...

    Why don’t you ever see a hippopotamus hiding in a tree? Because they’re REALLY good at it. What would George Washington do if he was alive today? Probably scream and scratch at the top of his coffin. What do you call a gay drive by? A fruit roll up.
  11. Amen! The negative response above pretty much sums up the rest of the negative responses, even though the others wax on, ad infinitum, and in a way that warrants censorship of foul language, about how much deeply seated hatred they have for Brother Cloud; but out of their superior righteousness and love for Christ. I find it very telling when opponents launch vile, hateful and profane rants when a calm, collected and respectful response would suffice.
  12. Brother Stafford


    By the way, Oliver Hardy, known to strum the ukulele, was a thrice married, twice divorced freemason. Don Ho was a serial adulterer; having four of his ten children with his mistresses. Sol Ho'opi'i, formerly one of my heroes, was an heretical Pentecostal and followed a woman faith healer, who, herself, was twice divorced. Tiny Tim was a thrice married, twice divorced sodomite ("bisexual"). When people think ukulele, they think of those people. The younger generations have more younger players to who they listen and make the above mentioned look like angels. These are some of the reasons that I have made the decision to separate myself from the ukulele and other instruments.
  13. Brother Stafford


    Please re-read my post. It is not only the instrument itself, but the rhythms and associations that the world has with ukuleles, with which I disagree. Tiny Tim did not invent the rhythms of the ukulele and ukuleles have been associated with half naked Hawaiian women, debaucherous sailors and dirty songs since before the first world war. I feel the same way about electric guitars, basses, steel guitars, banjos, kazoos and drum kits as well; and I used to own a company that made many of those things and more. To my knowledge, there are five stringed instruments in the Bible: the harp, the lyre, the psaltry, the dulcimer and the "instrument of ten strings" (Psalms 33:2). Just because the Bible says that we are to worship God with stringed instruments, it doesn't mean that every stringed instrument is appropriate with which to worship Him. Is this stringed instrument appropriate for the worship of God? How about this ukulele? Or perhaps this one? or this: or even this one? "It don't specify," right brother? I was asked for my opinion and I gave it.
  14. Brother Stafford


    Because of the associations of ukuleles with certain types of music and lifestyles, I don't believe that it is appropriate to use that instrument with the things of God. It is typically seen as a novelty and a silly instrument and God deserves fear and reverence: (Psalms 33:8) "Let all the earth fear the LORD: let all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of him." (Luke 1:50) "And his mercy is on them that fear him from generation to generation." (Hebrews 12:28-29) "Wherefore we receiving a kingdom which cannot be moved, let us have grace, whereby we may serve God acceptably with reverence and godly fear: {29} For our God is a consuming fire." I am also of the belief that the type of rhythm associated with ukuleles, including the rhythm shown in the video, is not a godly rhythm. More on that here. @Jim_Alaska Perhaps you can move this part of the conversation to the music area, so as not to derail your thread.
  15. Brother Stafford


    Yes. I mean that kind of music.