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  1. Want an eye opener on just how evil MacArthur and his schools are? Read this! http://www.brentdetwiler.com/brentdetwilercom/the-account-of-john-macarthur-rick-hollands-horrific-handlin.html
  2. Both Calvinism and Arminianism are heresy! Calvinism teaches that if a person walks away from the faith and rejects Christianity they were not saved to begin with and Arminianism teaches that if a person walks away from the faith and rejects Christianity that they lost their salvation. Both are absolutely false! The Holy Spirit seals us once we are saved and no one can pluck a believer out of God's hand. The moment you believe and trust the gospel, you are saved and have eternal life which can never be lost! Calvinism and Arminianism are both from the pit of hell and must be avoided!!!
  3. I am a former Calvinist and Lordship Salvationist as well. I was for five years. I was finally excommunicated and shunned from my former church, GraceLife Church of Edmonton. It is a cult and is to be avoided!
  4. Oh yeah you are! Do you understand what the doctrine of the Perseverance of the Saints is? They will tell you it is eternal security but it is not. One must persevere in GOOD WORKS to prove that they are one of the elect. If a person backslides or falls away it proves they were never saved to begin with according to Calvinism. So you my friend if you do believe you are one of the "elect", you cannot know if you are saved until after you die! How many good works must a person do to prove they are one of the elect? This is where Calvinists become fruit inspectors and judge other people on whethe
  5. Again outsourcing your sense-making to men instead of Scripture! I don't care what those men said. What does the plain reading of Scripture say? And yes those men were heretics! If they preached and taught Calvinism, which they did, they are heretics because Calvinism is a false gospel of works. None of the five points of the TULIP are supported by Scripture!
  6. Doesn't make it right! The Calvinist's authority is NOT Scripture but IS Calvinism! Calvinists have outsourced their sense-making to "giants of the faith" like Luther, Edwards, Knox, Gill, and even Calvin himself instead of Scripture! Calvinists don't think for themselves and say "well John Knox says, or Calvin Says, or Jonathan Edwards says" instead of saying exactly what Scripture says! I don't care about what those men said. They were all heretics!
  7. @DaChaser take your heresy of Calvinism elsewhere!
  8. My wife and I had two still-born daughters and I know they are in heaven! Calvinism is pure evil!!! It is from the pit of hell!!!
  9. Predestination has nothing to do with God predetermining who goes to heaven or who goes to hell! It has nothing to do with salvation at all! It is about believers being predestined for adoption, for an inheritance, and to be conformed into the image of Christ. All future events. Calvinism is heresy and must be rejected!!!
  10. That is what Calvinists do. They cherrypick scripture and take it out of context. They have to to support their man made philosophy and paradigm.
  11. Jesus died for every single person who will ever live! His atonement is UNLIMITED! And no I am not an Arminian! 1 John 2:2 (KJV) reads: "And he is the propitiation for our sins: and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the whole world." It is up to unbelievers to respond to the gospel and trust that Christ died for them!
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