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  1. What's the radio station's number?
  2. One song I like is Mezase One Piece
  3. I've been hoping to watch the movie with my family.
  4. I feel bad that I don't rebuke everyone when they do something bad. I just feel scared about doing it.
  5. Two songs in mind are from an anime soundtrack. This sounds nice.
  6. Hey I need to talk to someone. I've been having a rough time letting go of Disney.

  7. I find it hard to let go of Disney. I feel tempted to think that as long as I don't sin watching it then I'm fine.
  8. It's sad how something as well-known as Disney can be so dangerous for Christians. Though I feel that this sadness maybe more of a selfish kind since I feel like I'm more depressed that I can't watch the stuff anymore.
  9. Is it alright if I listen to orchestral or instrumental music?
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