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  1. Hey big shot. Next time you ban someone have the guts to tell them why Trump 2016!

    1. OLD fashioned preacher

      OLD fashioned preacher

      Hi (how do I convey a dumb blond smile and side to side waving hand?),

      Do you have an objection to the idea of tell of the hope that lies within you, or are you one who has no hope?

      Ban you? I didn't ban HoneyBear. If you are one and the same with a real live, flesh and blood individual that was banned (regardless of which staff member at whatever juncture of time) then you are permanently banner under ANY fictitious or real name you choose. If you would like to return, plead your cause with Bro.Matt -NO mod will take your case.

      IF you were CriticalMass then you have yet to explain your email connection with Wilchbla (or its coincident). IF you are Ian Day (which I seriously doubt, for he exhibited more civility than you do), I already explained myself.

      If you were looking to waste the moderator's time by giving us something as insigniificant to discuss as yourself - you managed.

      If you were not CriticalMass then identify your previous persona and I will apologize for the tirade (subject to the nature of said persona's online nature) and offer an appropriate exploitation.

    2. HoneyBear


      You banned me because I said you were about ten years too late on laying down some rules about "civility" including some of YOUR crowd tagging everyone as a "heretic" or "Ruckmanite" if they didn't agree with their point of view. It's your crowd that's not civil. But since you agree with it you don't see it as such. You see it as "preaching the truth". All this takes place while you have allowed Preterist heretics to spew their nonsense for years. I've been a member at various times on OnlineBaptist under various names ( I can't recall them all) and I can tell you that for the last 10 plus years this has been the modus operandi. Your forum has allowed many great men and women of God go with the label of heretic while allowing the real heretics to be imbedded like blood sucking ticks within OnlineBaptist for years now who are their for no other reason then to convert other to their reformed heresies (they've been successful with John). As long as they are nicey nice it's all OK though. Every time I come back I think it HAS to be different but nope, it's even worse. To the point that your beloved John is now having sweet fellowship with one of the preterists on a "Reformed" website. They never do join sites such as OnlineBaptist to learn anything but only convert Christians to their heresies.

      Bill Blackford

      Born again by the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ in Feburary of 1987 at the age of 19.

      Never attended bible college but did serve six years without pay at an Independent, Fundamental Baptist , KJV bible believing camp for troubled youth.

      Will be voting for Donald Trump. 

  2. Why? I must not be saved since I'm voting for Trump.
  3. Honey Bear say Trump is the man. Trump 2016!
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