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  1. Praise the Lord for his patience with me and for providing a wise pastor. But back to the communion issue. I guess I still need to pray and read a lot more before God grants me enough wisdom that I can see any scripture requiring "membership". I cannot even find a passage that references ANY type of restriction to someone who believes and follows, to the best of their abilities, the teachings of Christ..----UNLESS, the church has a doctrine or following a tradition of exclusion. It seems that this is a perfect example of Matthew 1:1-10, where Jesus teaches about strictly following a rule
  2. Thank you for your response. After two days of prayer, bible reading (KJV) and fasting, I came to the same conclusion. I have contacted the pastor, advised him that my sinful pride of being baptized where Jesus was baptized had been a sticking point which prevented me from asking to join the membership. I also asked to be baptized and offered to destroy the Jordan baptismal certificate, if he believed I should. He accepted me for local baptism and scheduled it for the 13th. He also advised me to keep the certificate and pride of that baptism, but to recognize that it's was meaningful to
  3. I received Christ's salvation only a few months ago while traveling with my wife, a devout Christian, in a three-week Christian themed tour of the near East. Shortly after, I was baptized with full immersion in the Jordan River by a retired pastor who was also in the group. For the past four months, I have spent many hours, every day, studying the bible, attending every gathering of the Baptist church, where my wife is a member, praying often, paying tithes, and giving other offerings. I am even listed in the church directory as "family". The articles of the church that I attend require ba
  4. Hello all, I've had an interesting time in getting connected to the site, but have finally made it. I am a new believer in God and Christ, but my wife has been a devout Baptist all of her life, so I am attending the church with her and have been exploring Baptist v. other denominations on the internet. That search led me to this site which seems Ideal for one looking for a broad range of issues and discussions. I plan on reading a lot, but am too new to know enough to give opinions, so I am thanking the writers, in advance, for sharing their knowledge.
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