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  1. Right, it's written to the believers who are under persecution. And in Jeremiah 31 is when God brings about the final covenant, Which will extend through the church age. Many of God's moral laws are still active today.
  2. We don't know the timing of his return. And I don't think the millennial reign will be a long period of time, after the millennial kingdom is final judgement.
  3. In a nutshell. A partial preterits, is a beleive that Matt 24 and Rev 1 is and indication that the tribulation was for the first century church, hence no rapture, Jesus comes to set up his millennial kingdom
  4. Actually, the harlot is Isreal under the old covenant,Who does God constantly referred to as a Harley in the Old Testament? Braden dying on m Who does God constantly referred to as a harlot in the Old Testament?
  5. In Thayers Greek Lexicon it has "signified" as sēmainō as "to give a sign, to signify, to indicate". Context would be crucial then in interpretation. I am a partial preterits, historical pre-mil. Not dispensational, so I know my veiw will differ greatly from others in here
  6. To an extant I agree. But much of Revelation is symbolic. I think the harlot is symbolic of Isreal, the dragon is Rome.
  7. Actually, the Scriptures themselves prove otherwise. In Rev 1 we are told that Jesus is walking amongst the lamp stands and stars are in His hands. Then we are told that they signify that the lamp stands are the churches and that stars are angels of the church's. also we are told later that the incense is the prayers of the saints. If you go, literally, looking for seven headed dragons and harlots drinking blood, you will be looking for absurdity.
  8. Can you show, according the the passage cited where "free-will" is talked about?
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