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  1. Critical Mass

    If Only the Mods' Work Output Matched Their Pay

    You are about 10 years too late.
  2. Critical Mass

    Why are Christians voting for Donald Trump?

    Cruz is a dishonest man. Even Carson has recognized this. Cruz has also asked the party delegates to put aside the vote of the people and nominate him. Who cares what the voters say.
  3. Critical Mass

    Why are Christians voting for Donald Trump?

    Horseradish! I love how some of you are so in tuned to the motives of Christians. I'll tell you why I'm voting for Trump. Its because he's the only one who isn't another phony politician, except for maybe Carson, out of the bunch. And now that Carson has dropped out Trump has my vote.
  4. Critical Mass

    A city whose builder and maker is God

    Notice the writer of Hebrews is addressing the Jews as another group outside the church of the firstborn? This verse is speaking to a group of Jews "in the last days" who are ready to meet the church of the firstborn which is already in heaven on mount Sion. This verse has yet to be fulfilled.
  5. Critical Mass

    Rapture and Anti-Christ

    Some of the writings "church fathers" were scriptural and some were based on North African and Gnostic heresies. Origen (an Arian) wrote the Hexapla which in reality is the phony Septuagint (aka LXX). There was no Seputagint before or during Christ's days. Origen made it up based on what he thought it would read like. The only evidence of it prior to him was a fable written within the Letter of Aristeas who was an Alexandrian Jew. Of course, all the scholars were suckered into believing it to be true.
  6. Critical Mass

    The Two Witnesses of Revelation 11

    Yup. The same two who met Jesus and the disciples on the mount of transfiguration. Also, the miracles performed in Revelation by the "two candlesticks" are like those Moses and Elijah performed. The two represent "the law and the prophets" which will be back into play during the Great Tribulation.
  7. Critical Mass

    Parable of the sower

    This passage is another proof that there's a difference between the kingdom of heaven and the kingdom of God seeing there are tares in the kingdom of heaven but not in the kingdom of God. In its precise application it's about the millennial kingdom though a general application can be applied to how people receive the word of God. Notice the harvest is "the end of the world" not the rapture.
  8. Critical Mass

    Sword of the Lord

    Hey, why don't you get yourself a subscription to Peter Ruckman's Bible Baptist Bulletin. You might get off the baby bottle.
  9. Critical Mass

    "Mark Them"

    Ruckman, Ruckman, Ruckman, Ruckman.... There have actually been a few contributors to this forum in the past who were trained at Peter Ruckman's school. The majority of them were gracious and did no name calling. It's the baby bottler's that remain in this forum that do all the name calling. They are so spiritual.
  10. Critical Mass

    The Kingdom

    Anything but believe the simple English, right pastor?
  11. Critical Mass

    "Mark Them"

    You people will never change. It's time to put away the baby bottle for the meat of the word. No wonder this forum is dead.
  12. Critical Mass

    Preaching the Kingdom of God with the Gospel

    If I'm unsaved then it's pretty sad that I'm one of the few in here that actually believes what the bible ( KJV) says and doesn't toss out entire passages that I either don't understand or that goes against what my favorite IFB preacher teaches.
  13. Critical Mass

    The Kingdom

    Yes, they are not the same. What cause the confusion is that both share some of the same characteristics. But, the kingdom of God cannot be taken with violence (Matthew 11:12).
  14. Critical Mass

    Preaching the Kingdom of God with the Gospel

    I haven't been ignoring you. I just haven't been reading any of your responses. Nothing in any of my posts has been gameplay. All has been sound doctrine.
  15. Critical Mass

    What was Jesus' mission?

    You are correct. Under the New Covenant during the Millennium the temple and sacrifices will be reinstituted. When did this become hard to believe? These people just toss out any verses that go against IFB teachings or just spiritualize them away. Forget literal fulfillment. Just observe above poster. He's straight out saying Ezekiel 40-48 is wrong because Paul said this over here. No attempt to reconcile the two perceived contradictions is attempted. No need to because his IFB school or church taught differently and no way can they be wrong. I honestly believe most in here don't actually read the bible. They just read portions of the bible that back IFB teachings. Or spend most of their time doing word studies of the "original languages" which are dead for a reason.