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  1. dianabrooks

    Recently converted back to Jesus

    Thanks Alan. Wow I just really love that hymn.
  2. dianabrooks

    After the Tribulation

    I liked this documentary. I watched it almost a month ago. i actually enjoy listening to him (although I don't agree with everything he says) but his "America Great Babylon" movie on youtube is what started me back to reading and listening to the scriptures online and pulled me out of practicing paganism (Thank you Jesus that's over). I know that he offends many but I enjoy his sermons.
  3. dianabrooks

    Recently converted back to Jesus

    Thanks everyone. I'm looking forward to meeting you all and learning and growing together until Jesus returns. I've been humming "Blessed be the ties that bind" for the past hour or so, lol.
  4. Hello all. I'm on here to meet and discuss the word of God with other Christians who read the KJV Bible. After being pagan for years and backsliding I'm now stronger than ever in my faith and I want to meet others who are following the same path as me. I'm so excited to be back in Christ and back in the word. I love my Jesus now and I want to please him. This time I won't allow persecution to cause me to backslide because I truly believe his word. May the God of heaven bless you all