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  1. Faithful Word accidentally gives the gospel to more homos than the people that say hes wrong for hating them. Romans 1 clearly says that God made them that way. I could say that the preachers that the preachers who love homos hate hindu's and muslims, because they are destroying their testimony to them. It is still illegal in many places. Do you think its a coincidence that we just now started siding with the world on this issue? Like, christians of the past didnt understand, but now we finally understand that we should love them.
  2. Youre correct I am a fan. I, like 1000's of others, was saved by his youtube videos.
  3. I am sure not everyone that goes out is thorough with presenting the gospel, but that isnt because Anderson isnt teaching a thorough presentation. None of this is the reason that he is hated. I mean more than half of IFB preachers dont even go soul winning and I dont see anyone hating on them. It's really ridiculous.
  4. So I guess Anderson is supposed to force people to come to church, get baptized, and teach them. The numbers of people that truly get saved is irrelevant, the point is they are putting in the work that most are failing to do. Only criticism comes from the brethren and accusing them of not presenting the gospel correctly...like they just walk up quote john 3:16 and ask them to pray.
  5. Idk...I think he has 300-350 that come on sunday. Obviously,.most people that get saved dont automatically start coming to church and living a christian life.
  6. Anderson isn't only hated by the world, but he is hated by the brethren. Why? IMO even if one disagrees with his stance on Israel or the rapture, you would have to see his love for the lost. What is the true measure of love? FWBC is winning like 100 per week, why would any christian want him to go away?
  7. I think there is probably 2 different ways we can judge if a person is saved? 1. Their works, but we have to realize that there are many people that do good things that aren't saved and if someone doesn't do work it may only prove how much faith they have. "oh ye of little faith". If you don't go to church, don't read your bible, you may just be a bad christian. 2. We can ask them. Their words will tell you what they are trusting in.
  8. Point me to the verses you use to say that you will automatically change your entire life once you become saved. Honestly, if a drunkard told me that he believe in Christ alone for his salvation I would think he is saved. I wouldn't question his salvation. On the other hand, Ned Flanders that goes to church every Sunday told me he is a "pretty good person", I would think he is damned because he doesn't get it. Matt 12: 37 For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned. The drunk is justified by his words, knowing he is a sinner but saved by Jesus. Ned is condemned for not putting all of his trust on Jesus. Honestly, I think this topic probably isn't as cut and dry as anyone would like it to be...but I can't get over the thinking that we aren't justified by our works, nor do i believe, we do works, therefor we are saved.
  9. But the facts are you can't know if anyone is saved or not without talking to them. There probably is some alcoholics that live at the bar and can tell you they are saved by Jesus alone. You can also find some "Ned Flanders" at church that can tell you they are saved because they are a "pretty good person".
  10. Thanks Old-Pilgrim. I think i agree with you mostly....and love Ralph Yankee Arnold. I think it is possible for people to be saved and them not necessarily believe it. As for us, we shouldn't assume anyone is saved...but help christians grow. I think in many peoples case it comes down to confusing preaching. Telling people that we must make jesus the master of our lives. All of the lordship salvation and do you bear the fruit of a good tree talk confuses and preaches a works based salvation. One thing the fruity people always forget to mention is that a bad tree can't produce any good, and a good tree produces zero bad.....comparing this to someones works...as if saved people never do anything bad....and unsaved can't do anything good is a false teaching. There are many unsaved people who feed the homeless and quit drinking. I'm sorry but these self righteous fruit cakes are annoying and think they have no bad fruit....proud, arrogant, and haughty is not of God.
  11. I have a question regarding salvation. I believe we are saved when we believe in the gospel....the moment. BUT, when I got saved I didn't really feel saved until I grew more as a christian, my faith grew, strengthened, and confirmed that i was indeed a child of God. Sometimes I doubt that I was saved at that moment, because I didn't feel like it. On the other hand, I don't believe we are saved on confidence, but all faith we have on Jesus and 0 on everything else. In other words, it doesn't matter how much faith we have, just that it all must be on him. Thoughts?
  12. Well then....GOOD! lol. We must not mix service with salvation. There are many bad examples who live ungodly, live a life unpleasing to God, I think they will be unhappier than any unsaved person. There are some very good christians that repent daily, pray daily, read their bibles daily, win souls every week, and then there's the rest of us. lol. Not sure where I am exactly, but I know I'm growing....so I guess i'm not going backwards! THIS IS ALL SERVICE. Salvation is all based on if we place 100% of our trust on Christ for eternal life. I believe it helps once we realize we aren't in bondage to sin. We have the power to overcome. GB
  13. I say the bible is my authority for this reason. Some seem to be denying "turning from sin" is works. Jonah 3:10 proves this without question. Besides that...we are talking about the definition of repent, correct? i submit it is merely a change of mind. To say it is something about sin is A) God is a sinner or B: it has several different definitions. God repents more than anyone in the KJV, the NIV and NKJV take out everytime God repents...so in those bibles case...the definition of repent is changed based on the context in which the word is found.
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