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  1. bjshuf

    Absalom-son of King David???

    Thanks. I know nothing about swordsearcher or blue search bible, but if it helps me find the passage I want in my kjv then it serves the purpose I need. Appreciate the info. BJ
  2. bjshuf

    Absalom-son of King David???

    Thank you so much.
  3. Howdy all, I want to know where in the bible Absalom, son of King David is killed. Preacher had us in Psalms in church the other night preaching on David in Psalm 3 but mentioned in passing about Absalom being killed. I'm just wondering how that happened and how David actually felt about it. The old testament is hard for me to read but I'm trying. Personally I don't think my kids could do anything that I would be happy about them getting killed for...even if I would think it justifiable. Thanks in advance BJ
  4. bjshuf


    Our Lord is talking to me y'all!!!! Camp meet at church this week and preacher has us turn to Titus....Amen!! I'm still learning but God is teaching me and helping me every day.....Just as it says....I'm feeling it and my conviction is stronger every day!! I gave a couple of questions. Since Jesus can come at anytime without warning as it says in the bible, is it right for us to look at the world and see "signs" of Him returning soon. Maybe it says somewhere that we will see some signs and I haven't got that far yet. Also, how can I feel so ready for the rapture yet feel burdened by my adult kids not being ready? I want more time for their sake but I'm so ready in my heart. Thank you Alan and everyone for everything you write....it is helping me a great deal.
  5. bjshuf

    saved with questions and concerns

    I was saved as a young person, backslid and accepted Jesus Christ as my savior agian in my early 20's. I have so many excuses....I swing shifts, this got in the way and that got in the way.....I can only look at it one honest way and that is I turned my back on God! I turned away from God! I'm so terribly ashamed of that. I'm so thankful that He has welcomed me with open arms and I'm ready to be used on his behalf. I am a sinner and I struggle every day, but I also get stronger every day. I pray that I will hear when He calls me to work for Him. I pray every day that I will recognize the way that He wants to use me. I know in my heart that something big is happening in my life and I feel that He is working me towards something. I'm not a go getter and I am not organized. I have a lazy bone and I procrastinate habitually. hehe.....Our Lord knows something I don't. I've got so much to learn, but I'm ready and willing, Praise God!!
  6. bjshuf


    Is there a difference between IFB and southern baptist? Maybe I have been away from church for so long that I just don't recognize the termonology. From what I have read on this site about IFB beliefs, it's also what I and the baptist church I attend's beliefs. Just wanting clarification. Thanks in advance.
  7. I'm a 46 year old woman, 3 grown children, divorced. I grew up southern baptist and always believed in God. For many years I quit going to church. The last few years have been extremely horrible for me and my family. I tried to convince myself that God didn't exist so I could commit suicide. Just when I thought it couldn't get any worse, it did. My youngest went to jail accused of molesting my granddaughter (3yo). My family is a wreck. With that being said, I thank God every day. He's been calling me back and I can look back and see the times that He's called me and I refused Him. I finally dragged myself back to church and the preacher said he felt a calling that day. He kept saying how he didn't preach on what he had planned. My sister and I both feel that God was using preacher that day to talk directly to us. It felt like getting a hug from Jesus. I won't turn my back on Him again. I thank God for not turning His back on me after all of my sinning and denying. I'm ashamed and I am so grateful. I can't attend church but every other Sunday due to my work schedule and I've been looking online for more.....well, just more. I stumbled across this site and liked what I see. A little weary that there may be people that steer me wrong but willing to give it a try. I hope that I've found an online home to help me grow with my love for God.