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    Our Lord is talking to me y'all!!!! Camp meet at church this week and preacher has us turn to Titus....Amen!! I'm still learning but God is teaching me and helping me every day.....Just as it says....I'm feeling it and my conviction is stronger every day!! I gave a couple of questions. Since Jesus can come at anytime without warning as it says in the bible, is it right for us to look at the world and see "signs" of Him returning soon. Maybe it says somewhere that we will see some signs and I haven't got that far yet. Also, how can I feel so ready for the rapture yet feel burdened by my adult kids not being ready? I want more time for their sake but I'm so ready in my heart. Thank you Alan and everyone for everything you write....it is helping me a great deal.
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    Is there a difference between IFB and southern baptist? Maybe I have been away from church for so long that I just don't recognize the termonology. From what I have read on this site about IFB beliefs, it's also what I and the baptist church I attend's beliefs. Just wanting clarification. Thanks in advance.
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