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  1. So I got a bible that I really like. Its perfect for me except that it doesn't have a topic guide. I know I can always look up my "topic" online for bible references, but I'd like to have a physical topic guide to keep in my bible case for when I need guidence. Does anyone know of a topics book that is sold seperatly for a bible? For anyone who doesn't know what I mean, I use to have a teen study bible and in the back I could look up any word for example, fear, and it would give me a list of bible verses to help conquer fear, or anything I might be feeling. I have a bit of a struggle finding what I need in my bible and would like a help guide to my bible. Do they make anything like that? This is a site I use often, but would like something like this in hard copy. http://www.kingjamesbibleonline.org/Bible-Verses/
  2. So I need help selecting the perfect bible. I've been looking but haven't found my one yet. I want it to be sturdy, large, normal sized print. Not the really tiny print. Words of god in red. I would really like to have the reference topics in the back but I would be ok if someone knew of a bible topics book separate I'd really appreaciate it, please when you reply send link too.
  3. You hit the nail on the head, trapperhoney, he says he's a Christian but he doesn't live his life like it. 1 Corinthians 7:12 "To the others I say (I, myself, not the Lord): if a Christian man has a wife who is an unbeliever and she agrees to go on living with him, he must not divorce her." I love him completely but he isn't big on the actual marriage in today's society. His belief is that we are already married in every way possible, why do we need the paper to prove it. I can understand his feelings and see the truth in it, because it really us true. There really wouldn't be much difference between us know and us married except having it blessed by the Lord and legalized for the world to accept. I'm torn though. I really want to honor the Lord and I know being with a man outside marriage is a no no, but I also know I love my man and am not willing to give him up either.
  4. <1) Why a Baptist (or how does one become a Baptist?)> I was raised Baptist, I have always thought of myself as Baptist. I believe that the bible is God's instruction and life guide and that we shouldn't change it to fit our needs. My Baptist families have always stuck by that and have been supportive in my belief. <2) What made you decide to be baptized?> I was a teenager when I decided to get baptised. I was regularly going to church but not living a "God Approved" life. I use to drink a LOT of energy drink. For those who knows what it means, me and my friends would drink 3 or 4 BFC monster energy drinks a day. On Thanksgiving, my best friend died of heart failure. He was a senior and about to graduate. I was scared, I drank way more than he did. I did end up having seizures and I had one while driving; I missed a semi truck by inches. That was when I decided that I would trust God with my life and he would take care of me. I got baptised a few months later. <3) If you stood before God today and He asked, "Why should I allow you into Heaven?", what do you think you would tell Him?> Honestly, I have no idea what I would tell him. Ivr been a poor Christian these last few years and don't deserve a place in heaven; I only hope that I can redeem myself and put my life and faith in his hands and through him earn a place in his glory. For those who wondered, I'm a Lovebird lover. I have one male peach faced lovebird who spends almost no time in his cage.
  5. I have been feeling this pull lately to change my life to be more appropriate for a follower of the Lord and have been browsing the bible. One verse I came along is 1 Timothy 2:9. "In like manner also, that the woman adorn themselves in modest apparel, with propriety and moderation, not with braided hair or gold or pearls or costly clothing." I have very long hair and find that braiding my hair is convenient and helpful in doing daily activities and work. Is this wrong? or is it more on fancy braids that are meant to be showy? I don't wear gold, pearls, jewelry, or costly clothing. I'm not braiding my hair to be pretty, just being practical. Another thing that has been bothering me is my personal relationship. My boyfriend and I have been together for 4.5 years, have two children and live together in every way possible. We are married in everyway but having the government legalize it. Is this a problem? We live together, share our money, share responsibility of the kids, we both work but me only part time so I stay home with the kids most of the time. He provides for us almost completely; he could if I didn't work. I choose to work to make it a little easier on him and give me a little time away from the family. I only work 3 days a week and that is when the kids go to see grandma. So what do you think about a simply braid and my relationship
  6. Hi, I'm a new member obviously. I am a Baptist, was baptized in 2006 then fell off the wagon. Have lately been feeling this "pull'' towards my bible and church and I know that is the Lord trying to get me back. I'm ready and willing now and need everyone's help and support to straighten my life out. Thanks.
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