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  1. Unfortunately, some (perhaps even most) Christians are too lazy to take the time to understand why they believe something, and they end up being swayed by smooth-talking people who come along with false doctrine.
  2. I used to be a contributor for a small conservative website, and in late 2011 or early 2012, I wrote a column about exactly that. Between starting the campaign in moderate states (of the four states holding their primary/caucus before election day, only South Carolina could be described as being anything of a Republican or conservative stronghold) and having multiple conservatives for the (usually) one establishment candidate, conservatives have virtually no voice in the process. I will say that I was surprised by the number of establishment candidates in the field for 2016, but I expect that all but one will be out early on (or even before Iowa).
  3. I agree, but I don't see that in any of the candidates right now.
  4. I don't think Trump would make a good President. In business, the man at the top makes the decisions, passes on the decision to subordinates, and the people below him carry out the actions. Government doesn't work that way. (Fortunately! I shudder to think about the mess our country would be in if the last few presidents we have had were able to exercise total control over the government.) If Trump is elected, he will face pushback from almost everyone in the government. I doubt politicians who have been in Washington for 20+ years are going to want to take orders from a political newcomer. Even if Trump does get his way, he will be more concerned about what is good for businesses than for what is good for the American people. This is by design in the education system, to force us to accept a one-world government. Schools are teaching that we are not American citizens (or British, French, etc. citizens), we are "global" citizens who need to do what is best for the world, even if it harms us.
  5. 92% Ted Cruz, 88% Rand Paul I have no idea how I ended up at 36% agreement with Hillary Clinton...
  6. Praying for your brother's health and salvation, and for you and your family.
  7. I received an evaluation copy of Windows 10 pretty early on in the process (before it was officially announced). I have been using it on my desktop for a little under a year now, and I've loved it (much better than Windows 8, and I think it is probably even better than Windows 7.) However, the upgrade process has been nothing but a pain. Ever since it was released, I have received numerous requests for help to fix problems that have come up. If you are going to upgrade, make sure you back up all your information before you begin. Also, I have been recommending using the media creator tool to create a flash drive and do a fresh installation instead of going through the upgrade process. (This will wipe all your files and programs, so make sure you have backups before doing this.) It seems like the computers with a fresh install are usually completely stable, and most of the ones that I have upgraded end up coming back in for problems within a week or two. Most of the privacy issues are presented as options when you install it. If you read through and turn all of the sharing off, then you shouldn't have too many issues. If you just click next to be done with it, then it will share a lot of data.
  8. John, Nice to see a name I recognize from before! Musician4God, I have attended Northern Kentucky University and Hyles-Anderson College.
  9. Hi everyone! I was a member here a long time ago before I went off to college, but I don't even know if my account still exists or how to access it if it does. (I tried every email I thought I might have had at the time and it said I didn't have an account.) Anyway, I have thought of this site from time to time but have never come back to see if it was still around. Anyway, about myself...I am currently attending a Baptist church in Kentucky. I work part-time driving a school bus for the local public school district (because they have excellent insurance benefits for just a few hours of work), and I have my own business doing work in cybersecurity. Between those two things, I stay plenty busy!
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