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  1. I received an evaluation copy of Windows 10 pretty early on in the process (before it was officially announced). I have been using it on my desktop for a little under a year now, and I've loved it (much better than Windows 8, and I think it is probably even better than Windows 7.) However, the upgrade process has been nothing but a pain. Ever since it was released, I have received numerous requests for help to fix problems that have come up. If you are going to upgrade, make sure you back up all your information before you begin. Also, I have been recommending using the media creator tool to create a flash drive and do a fresh installation instead of going through the upgrade process. (This will wipe all your files and programs, so make sure you have backups before doing this.) It seems like the computers with a fresh install are usually completely stable, and most of the ones that I have upgraded end up coming back in for problems within a week or two. Most of the privacy issues are presented as options when you install it. If you read through and turn all of the sharing off, then you shouldn't have too many issues. If you just click next to be done with it, then it will share a lot of data.
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