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  1. This has got to be one of the simplest yet informative responses on this subject I have ever heard! Thank you Dave for giving this for those of us who sometimes struggle to say what we're thinking or explain what we know. God bless you for your ability and willingness to expound in an understandable way without using big words.
  2. All this discussion is great! I would like to say though that this is something we work on once becoming a Christian. Unfortunately, there are too many preachers in the pulpits blasting their congregation with this. It needs to be preached and taught, but one must remember that there are lost souls present and some will assume that's part of salvation. We must be careful to preach the gospel and not a personal conviction. The whole Bible should be preached, but not used as an occasion to sin. Acts 15:24‭-‬29 Forasmuch as we have heard, that certain which went out from us have trouble
  3. You're absolutely right.
  4. Thank you for the support! The church I pastor is SBC. I'm independent. For now, I'm the interim pastor. Something I've noticed though, most SBC don't know why they are SBC. They were all "raised that way". Funny business this whole denomination thing is. I'm a Bible Believing Baptist.
  5. Brethren, My name is Evan. I am currently the pastor at Singer Baptist Church in Louisiana. I am also active duty military. I love to worship the Lord and study his word. I'm looking forward to the studies and discussions, and most importantly, learning about God. I pray that we all can help each other as we defend and share the gospel. God bless y'all!
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