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  1. Exodus 9:20 He that feared the word of the Lord among the servants of Pharaoh made his servants and his cattle flee into the houses:
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    Jim-Alaska, Alan, and John81 ,I agree 100%. While we are NOT doing "anything wrong", what if (and possibly in the very near future) a governmental decree declares it illegal to give a tract to someone or to try to witness to someone? (say they use words such as harrassment or some-such "hate crime" nonsense), it would then be illegal to mention the plan of salvation to others, and let's speculate that since they are tracking people, they notice in my posts anywhere on the internet I posted a bible verse pertaining to salvation. I would then be in legal trouble. Don't think it CAN'T happen here, sadly, I believe it will. Obama has already stated that "fundamental Christians need to CHANGE their viewpoints regarding same sex marriages" (he doesn't CARE what the bible says and he doesn't CARE what God says, and he sure doesn't CARE what a minority of people who didn't vote for him say either), and so what if I tried to witness to an LGBT person? In the near future there may be legal ramifications. I think it's coming soon! While Christian values USED to play a big part in the way this country "did business" and made laws, we are now in the minority. Just look at the unconstitutional "laws" put into place by the current administration over the last several years. Things we once thought we'd not see in our lifetimes are happening right before our eyes and not only are they given applause by the majority of Americans... some things are now laws! Did you or I get to vote on same sex marriage? No, it was decreed by APPOINTED judges who rule by international law now and not US precedence anymore. I'm sure those judges get their pockets filled as much as the other greedy politicians do. Even if we had gotten the opportunity to vote on such issues, since we are now a minority, I doubt the outcome would have been much different. You may think I am being an "alarmist", yet I think there are quite a lot of things we should get alarmed about. Don't get me wrong... I do hold to the pre-trib rapture of the church (bride/saved), and I know we are not appointed to wrath. I know we are not going to go through THE tribulation (Jacob's trouble), but I do know in life we will have tribulation (Romans 5:3 et al) and I cannot speculate just how much we will have to go through before He comes in the clouds for us. We've enjoyed a relatively nice long period of no persecution towards us for our belief. Now that our country doesn't stand with Israel (even though many of us personally do) I wonder if that blessing we formerly enjoyed will become a curse? Yes, I do believe things are going to get bad here... I don't know how bad, I'm not going to stock up on food, etc. because I trust God to see me through, and I know He will never leave me nor forsake me (as Hebrews 13:5 teaches). But to think things CAN'T get bad here as far as persecution on Christians, would be sticking your head in the sand.
  3. Exodus 9:15 For now I will stretch out my hand, that I may smite thee and thy people with pestilence; and thou shalt be cut off from the earth.
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    Trapperhoney: re: your husband's friend: You hit the nail on the head... it depends on how he FEELS that week. Many people try to find a church which matches with what they "feel" instead of what God SAYS in His written word. Thus, wanting to elevate themselves into God's position by determining what is right/wrong, etc. You also made some excellent points about the televangelists who basically tell people what they want to hear instead of what the scripture says, oh they may throw a verse or two in here and there but generally they take it out of context and do not have sound doctrine, applying Israel's promises to the church, etc. Yes, I agree it is sad Alan: I agree about the falling away and apostasy of churches. Yes, sadly, even some IFB chruches have departed from sound doctrine. Matthew 6:24 tells us: "Ye cannot serve God and mammon". And any church of any denomination who wants to please man instead of please God has their priorities backwards. P.S.Great study also!!!! Jim-Alaska: I agree that many of the so-called churches never had sound doctrine to begin with. Alimantado: Thanks for your help, I understand that a person doesn't have to be IFB to join here, I was upset about certain persons who specifically were attempting to teach against IFB beliefs and cause disruption. I don't want to get any more specific or name names publicly, etc. I just felt compelled to mention it since if a "newbie" were to come to this site searching for the truth and run across some of the things I was referring to, they might get confused about IFB doctrine. I also wanted to say, this study has been excellent so far and I'm enjoying partaking, learning, growing, and having fellowship here
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    Very good study! I've enjoyed many of your forum posts on bible study, Alan. I joined this site to have fellowship with other Independent Fundamental Baptists. I've heard MANY other denominations and other teachings on the word of God, however, I believe the IFB teachings are those which match the scripture... taken literally, and rightly divided (as 2 Timothy 2:15 tells us to do). There is much confusion in other denominations about this (rightly dividing), and yet if you can realize which dispensation the speaker was speaking to and what time period the speaker was referencing, the bible makes perfect sense!!! Without knowing these things, a person would just apply (wrongly) everything to themselves. Now I know ALL scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness (as 2 Timothy 3:16 states). So we can learn from all parts of the bible, however, it's important to note which parts of the bible are speaking directly to the church age and which parts are not. How do we learn that? By STUDY! (once again 2 Timothy 2:15). Like I said I joined to have fellowship with other believers of the IFB. However, I have noticed that there are any others here refuting IFB teachings. For instance, I wholeheartedly agree with your above statements in regard to "sound doctrine", and one being #12 (above): the literal restoration of the nation of Israel. God has not cast away Israel! The church does not replace Israel! Romans 11 clearly teaches this! I can't even see how someone could "spiritualize" or "twist" Roamsn 11 to say anything else!!! We (the saved by grace through Jesus Christ) are grafted in. Verse 28 states: "but as touching the election, they are beloved". God isn't done with the Jews and the bible clearly teaches this! We (the church) are grafted in (and thankful for it!) This is also taught in every IFB church I've ever attended as well as any sermon I've heard on sermon audio and other sites from IFB churches. However, I've seen several people here on this site trying to refute this obvious truth, and MANY other teachings which are scripturally sound doctrine. I honestly wonder about the motivations of those people???? I joined this group because it's called the IFB and I expected to see IFB doctrine followed here. I can't say in all honesty that's the case here. I've followed several bible studies here (and they were GOOD and biblically sound bible studies such as the ones you post, Alan) and noticed a few "members" who continually try to tear down others who are actually trying to study God's word... I've seen a few "members" who claim to be IFB and yet they are trying to teach things contrary to IFB teachings and beliefs. I wonder what they are doing here? Obviously they are NOT here for fellowship and are here to attempt to cause discord among Independent Fundamental Baptists and try to "persuade" some to join their way of thinking. I wonder WHY they don't just go form another forum for whatever denomination they truly are? My opinion is if they joined an IFB group should they not also be IFB??? Is sowing discord and tearing others down glorifying the name of the Lord??? Does it save any souls or spread the gospel??? I think not! If a person or persons is/are getting satisfaction from trying to disrupt a bible study don't you have to wonder what their motivation is? Is that what the Lord would have us do? I understand that honest discussions and disagreements can arise from time to time, and I also understand that a person who misunderstands certain scriptures may need to be shown why they are in error, and new Christians may need the help of those who have studied the word of God for many years, and honest discussion and even debate can arise. But when certain "members" who claim to be independent fundamental baptists are trying to teach things contrary to doctrine and trying to interfere with bible study on a continuous basis we need to be asking what the motivations are? If that person would spend even HALF of their time and effort trying to win LOST souls to Christ as they do trying to sow discord, imagine what might be done for the Lord! Imagine how many might be saved!!! I also have to say I've seen several posting comments using other bibles. I also believe the KJV is the best and true translation of God's word, and is not corrupted. Many other versions have been corrupted (on a side note: do you know they now have an abomination called the "queen james version" specifically tailored to the LGBT community? What a horrible thing!). Using other corrupted bibles can only lead to confusion and chaos, and we know God is not the author of confusion nor of chaos. This may not be the place or time to make this post, I'm not sure where the right place might be, lol. I just wanted to say I enjoy the studies here very much (those which are scripturally sound and follow IFB doctrine), and have made a few IFB friends here for fellowship. I hope to make more friends and enjoy more studies here. Sorry to have made such a long post... I just thought it was time someone said something about the continual non-IFB views being spouted on just aout every bible study. Thank you for your faithfulness in posting studies for those of us who are truly here for fellowship and growth! God bless!!!
  6. Ronda


    Hi! I'm joining in on the study a few days late (sorry). I wanted to say it's been an excellent study so far, Alan! As far as the first thread of conversation went, my 2 cents is: 1. I'm thankful Paul was an apostle because although he did spread the gospel to the Jews, but he was also called to spread the gospel to the gentiles! In 2nd Timothy 1:11 it tells us that Paul is: " appointed a preacher, and an apostle, and a teacher of the Gentiles." 2. I used the words "called to spread the gospel" above because the account of how Paul came to be an apostle is quite interesting! In Acts chapter 9 Paul was on his way to Damascus, and the Lord basically knocked him to the ground and temporarily blinded him! Talk about a "wake-up call"! 3. Paul had in the past persecuted believers and delivered them up to be killed, and other disciples were a bit wary of him... why wouldn't they be, right? But God makes it clear he CHOSE Paul in Acts 9 verse 15 the lord said of Paul: "he is a chosen vessel unto me to bear my name before the Gentiles, and kings, and the children of Israel" 4. I tend to agree with the above interpretations about bishops being the leaders of churches, whether called pastors or other names meaning the same as the head of the church (not above the Lord, of course), that they should adhere to the biblical teachings, not to add or take anything away from the word of God. I also agree that the bible clearly teaches that women should not be the head of a church. I think many of the problems of today's churches stemmed from adding to or taking away from the words the bible states and after they dip their toes into the "gray areas", it then leads further and further away from the word of God. 5. Now as to the current topic of study: false teachers and false doctrines: Paul was talking about certain people back then spreading false doctrines and he gave some characteristics of those people. That topic is VERY relevant today... there are a slew of false teachers and false doctrines, teaching the "commandments of men" (as verse 14 states) and gullible people are following right behind them saying "Amen"!!!! There is no substitute for READING the word of God yourself and studying. I know we are in Titus in this study, however I have to say that each one of us should be able to follow 2nd Timothy 2:15 "Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." God expects us to read and study His word and not just "take someone's word" for the doctrine they teach. I agree with Alan (and more importantly, the bible... GOD's word) that we should call out and expose those who are teaching false doctrine. Thanks for including me in on this study and I hope to "get to know" others here for fellowship and study.
  7. What a blessing this site is already! I agree with your posting... let me add... "2nd TImothy 4:2 Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all long suffering and doctrine." Now-days it seems to be "out of season" and more and more people not only see the gospel as foolishness but are downright offended. But even though they may not seem "open" to the word of God, only God knows each heart and mind. We plant the seed, and if there is to be any increase... that is up to God. Only he knows what type of ground it is planted in...Every time I share the gospel I pray and ask for God's will in in how the message is received. I also ask for His strength to hold me up to continue to spread His word... even if it makes me feel as though no-one is listening, I must trust the Lord, for only He knows who will or will not be receptive. He didn't say... preach only to those who you think might like to hear... He makes it clear, whether or not it's the "in thing" or the "out of season" thing... do it always! So glad to have found this site as it seems the world is really crumbling, and I lack true Christian friends to converse with. Hoping to meet some here.
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