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    360watt got a reaction from BrotherTony in Do members still carry their bibles to church   
    I've tried the bible on my phone, but find it difficult to easily get to wider context.   
    With the paper version, I can flick around .. scan chapters etc..  it's also far easier on the eyesight 😀
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    360watt reacted to Jerry in Eternal Security   
    Yes, the only salvation Jesus gives is eternal life. 😉
    John 10:27-29 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me: And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand. My Father, which gave them me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father's hand.
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    360watt reacted to Jerry in Remarriage   
    The best passage to look at is 1 Corinthians 7. And no, the Bible does not say you are automatically free to remarry. The verse posted above does not apply in this issue. The Bible teaches that you cannot remarry until your spouse dies or you are guilty of committing adultery.
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    360watt got a reaction from Disciple.Luke in The Chosen   
    Oh yeah.. the one part so far the didnt look like proper inspiration for the bible writers is the way they wrote their accounts of their walks with Jesus.  Matthew writing his gospel didnt look like he was being 'borne along by the Holy Spirit' but just writing out of his own experience what he saw.
    But in regards to Matthew.. he is attracted to Mary Magdalene and is portrayed as aspergers like.
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    360watt got a reaction from Disciple.Luke in The Chosen   
    Yeah I've seen both seasons and it's high quality with good acting and use of actors who mostly look and sound (except the Romans) like people from the time.
    When taken as 'what it might have been' look, rather than.. 'this is what went on truly ' it comes across as a well made series that is clean and doesn't dishonor Christ and helps give background to the disciples and other characters. 
    But I think it gets a bit close to making Jesus possibly sin.. like Jesus saying He doesn't know where some one has gone or being unsure of himself.
    I enjoy watching it as something you dont take as the truth but as a what might have been
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    360watt got a reaction from Napsterdad in The Gift Of God   
    There is of course the spiritual gift of faith,  with hope and love also.. as seen in Corinthians.
    Ththis though I think would be an outcome of being saved first rather than being given the gift of faith and then being converted 
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    360watt reacted to Pastor Scott Markle in Understanding   
    I have NO problem with the "sinner's prayer" of faith in Christ asking him for his gift of eternal forgiveness and eternal salvation.  Such most certainly IS a Biblical concept and practice.  On the other hand, I DO have a problem with the philosophy and practice of "easy prayerism," wherein repeating a set of prayer-words is made equal to heart-faith in Christ.  Such most certainly is a corruption of Biblical concepts and practices.
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    360watt got a reaction from Jerry in Understanding   
    Yeah I've had a similar experience myself of hearing bits and pieces and then coming to a point where I was convinced to call out to Christ for salvation. 
    The sinners prayer i believe if someone is sincere in it.. would be salvation, but yes I agree it's the sinners heart, rather than the words that matter.  
    I think many see the sinners prayer as a kind of get out of jail free card, where someone who has just parroted back words to someone,  goes off and lives whatever they like and then claims later they were saved by the sinners prayer.
    I don't mean that kind of situation but someone who us genuine.. praying under conviction from the Holy Spirit to receive Christ as their Saviour
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    360watt reacted to SureWord in Understanding   
    Whatever works.
    Some people have been saved when praying that prayer and it seems some haven't.
    It's all about the sinners heart.
    I think the "sinners prayer" is more of a tool for the soul winner in guiding a person to Christ.
    I was saved when I kneeled at my bathroom sink and prayed, "Lord, please help me".
    Was it a "sinners prayer"? Not technically but Jesus knew where my heart was at and he saved me. I really had no idea what to pray.
    Honestly, I never even heard a precise, clear presentation of the gospel that I recall, nor went to a service and heard the gospel, hit the sawdust trail or any such thing.
    I seemed to pick up bits and pieces of the gospel along the way throughout my life.
    Once when someone gave me a Children's Bible for Christmas when I was in 1st grade. I can't remember who but I think it was my babysitter.
    Once when I was 7 or 8 when I went to an Assemblies of God service with my father and stepmother who were looking for a church (they ended up Mormons). I vaguely recalled Jesus being taught in Sunday School.
    Once when I asked my mother, who herself was not saved, what sin was when I was about 12. She was not saved but did attend a Methodist church occasionally as a child. 
    Once when I was 17 when I went to a Bible study with my brother and his wife. I have no memory of what was taught but I do know my brother's wife was just recently saved and has been a strong Christian ever since.
    Once when I was 17 and a friend of mine told me his Roman Catholic mother had been born again and he explained to me what she said it was but he himself wasn't born again.
    Then the sign at the World Series.
    Like individual seeds sown but the most notable was during the 1986 World Series someone behind home plate kept holding up a sign  that said "John 3:16". I wondered what it was then it occured to me, I do not know why since I never read the Bible, that it was a Bible verse. I looked it up in my mother's old KJV bible she received for Christmas when she was a child and four months later Jesus saved my soul.
    I guess this is what Jesus meant in John 3:8 when he said:
    "The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh, and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit."
    Getting saved isn't always the result of a "salvation plan" or "3 Steps of Salvation" or "Romans Road" or praying the Sinner's Prayer. Mine was the sowing of seeds over time and the patience of the Spirit of God.
    So, I think the Sinner's Prayer works as a method of giving the sinner guidance to the Lord and also a memory of a specific date and time they were saved. I don't have an exact, specific memory of the day or hour since I never wrote it down but I do know I was at that moment through the blood of Jesus Christ.
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    360watt got a reaction from BrotherTony in Why do some believe that the earth is 20K + years old?   
    Bombardment by general news and other media always speaking of long ages is a factor. Its saturation. 
    Then you have famous Christians who adhere to God using evolution and they are trusted by many.
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    360watt got a reaction from Disciple.Luke in Demon posession   
    I remember in the early 90s,  wasnt part of any baptist church and was going to a charismatic Methodist youth group. We all went to a big event in town that was part of the Toronto blessing thing. 
    It had all that laughing,  crying, repetitive rocking,  etc.. at 
    At the time it seemed weird and then when I got more involved in the youth group it became accepted. 
    When I did find the truth through some Godly men teaching me, I saw a pattern in the way services like these were run,  that has been repeated, copied and pasted over and over and over for 30 plus years among Pentecostals and charismatics
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    360watt got a reaction from BrotherTony in Church fathers beliefs   
    Yeah, 'church fathers' ..I realise is too broad. 
    There the thing of Catholicism and their main teachers. And also reformed church teachers. 
    Early on there was already false teachers,  pagan practices,  idol worship and bishops taking power over multiple congregations.
    I guess I get to feeling a bit alone in my beliefs at times.
    Going back to the bible is the thing
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    360watt reacted to Pastor Scott Markle in Church fathers beliefs   
    As far as I am aware, it is true that SOME of them did; but NOT necessarily that all of them did.
    On the other hand, in my own opinion the "church fathers" are NOT a good source of authority for true doctrine.  In truth, the ONLY Biblically defined "church fathers" would be the original "apostles and prophets" of the first century church, with our Lord Jesus Christ himself being "the chief corner stone" (as per Ephesians 2:20).  In my opinion the rest of the so-called "church fathers" were simply commentators and teachers of their respective time, just as we have in our time; and I believe that among them you will find an array of DIFFERENT belief systems.  At best, I myself might grant some "extra" credibility to the earliest of the "church fathers;" but even then I would recognize that false teachers were already in abundance within the first century of the church.  So then, when it comes to true doctrine, the ONLY source of authority that really matters to me is -- the precise teaching of God's OWN Word.
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    360watt reacted to Pastor Scott Markle in Holy Spirit baptism and eternal salvation   
    Now, to give a more direct answer to question of the opening post.
    Whether the baptism of the Holy Spirit does or does not relate to the matter of eternal life will be determined wholly based upon a given individual's or teacher's definition for "the baptism of the Holy Spirit." 
    For those who hold that the baptism of the Holy Spirit occurred one time only, on the Day of Pentecost, and that that occurrence was the complete fulfillment of that baptism - they certainly will NOT relate the baptism of the Holy Spirit to eternal eternal. Commonly such individuals are very, VERY strong "local church ONLY" individuals; and commonly such individuals WILL teach that 1 Corinthians 12:13 is talking about water baptism into a local body of believers.  (Note: Although this is the position which I was taught in my upbringing, it is NOT the position that I myself presently hold.)
    For those who hold that the baptism of the Holy Spirit is to be equated with the work of the Holy Spirit in regeneration (as if they are different Biblical phrases for the same Biblical truth) - they most certainly WILL relate the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the reception of eternal life.  Commonly such individuals will hold some type of view concerning a "spiritual" body of Christ, and commonly such individuals will hold some type of view that Old Testament believers did NOT experience regeneration (since the baptism of the Holy Spirit did not begin until the New Testament).  (Note:  I believe that this is pretty close to the view that Brother SureWord holds.  However, although this position is closer than the previous unto that which I hold, it is still NOT quite the position that I myself hold concerning the matter).
    For those who hold that the baptism of the Holy Spirit is to be equated with the filling of the Holy Spirit in sanctification - they also will NOT relate the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the reception of eternal life, although they might present it as an evidence that an individual possesses eternal life.  Commonly such individuals will present the baptism of the Holy Spirit as something may occur some time after an individual's salvation for empowerment in holiness before God and for empowerment in service to God, and commonly such individual will hold the baptism of the Holy Spirit could possibly be lost and then repeated more than once throughout a believer's Christian walk.  Commonly such individuals will equate each time in the book of Acts that the Holy Spirit filled, came upon, etc. a believer as another case of Holy Spirit baptism.  (Note: This is NOT the position that I myself hold concerning the matter.)
    The position that I hold would be as follows:
    1.  The baptism of the Holy Spirit is NOT to be equated with the Holy Spirit's work of regeneration, although it IS to be viewed as occurring in very close relation with the Holy Spirit's work of regeneration for the New Testament believer.
    2.  The baptism of the Holy Spirit (as well as the permanent indwelling of the Holy Spirit) IS a New Testament work of the Lord, and thus Old Testament believers did NOT experience it.
    3.  While Old Testament believers did not experience the baptism (or permanent indwelling) of the Holy Spirit, they DID experience the Holy Spirit's work of regeneration (the removal of their spiritually dead spirit, and the creation of a spiritually alive spirit within them) at the moment of saving faith; and they could experience the filling work of the Holy Spirit at times.  As such, although I would hold that the Holy Spirit's work of regeneration and of baptism (and permanent indwelling) are very closely related for the New Testament believer, I would still contend that they are actually DIFFERENT works of the Holy Spirit.  (Note: If I understand correctly, this is the point about which Brother SureWord and I would stand in disagreement.)
    4.  The baptism of the Holy Spirit places the New Testament believer into the "spiritual" body of Christ, "the general assembly and church of the firstborn" (as per Hebrews 12:23).  (Note: I hold to a local church only position with regard to this earth, but also hold that there is a "universal, spiritual" church that exists STRICTLY in heaven at this present time, and in which EVERY New Testament believer is a "spiritual" part.)
    5.  "The general assembly and church of the firstborn" did NOT exist during the time of the Old Testament, but is God's "new" work in this time of the New Testament church.  Thus NO Old Testament believer ever was a part of "the general assembly and church of the firstborn."
    6.  The baptism of the Holy Spirit is NOT to be equated with the filling work of the Holy Spirit, although on the Day of Pentecost both happened together when the first baptism of the Holy Spirit occurred.  However, for all other New Testament believers the baptism of the Holy Spirit occurs at the moment of salvation, whereas the filling influence of the Holy Spirit occurs again and again throughout the believer's Christian walk (based upon the individual believer's daily submission to walk in the Spirit).
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    360watt got a reaction from 1Timothy115 in Scripture - what was the effect on you?   
    Reading through Jeremiah,  I got a renewed perspective on the judgment God was giving Israel.
    Before I was thinking worldly, looking at the judgment as too harsh and to much punishment being repeated..
    Then I realised first.. since God is doing something about Israel's idolatry, He is showing He cares for Israel.
    Second, God was forewarning what would happen to Israel/Judah. He didn't just wipe them out, do the judgment. Even though they were doing evil God gave them many chances to turn to Him.
    Third, the forewarning can be read as God crying out to Israel with a broken heart... as Jeremiah was in that state of broken hearted ness.
    So Jeremiah,  despite the judgment and warnings can be read as  a love letter
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    360watt reacted to SureWord in Scripture - what was the effect on you?   
    I heard a preacher once say that Jeremiah is a good book to study for the man of God in the latter days or who is laboring in a very hard area. This is because despite all his preaching and crying over souls Jeremiah only had one convert and that was Baruch. 
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    360watt got a reaction from wretched in end of prophecy, tongues, knowledge   
    If the perfect is not the completed revelation of Gods Word, then these gifts should surely be more obviously apparent among Christian churches. 
    Most of what I hear is charismatic or Pentecostal emotionalism, with little reliance on the Word.
    But in regards to seeing 'face to face' ..
    The bible is like a mirror to us. It shows who we truly are by its teachings, inspired by God. 
    Also the 1 corinthians 13 context is about incomplete to complete , partial to whole, progressing to finishing. 
    So whatever is perfect , was incomplete, partial, progressing when Paul was writing to the church at Corinth.
    Jesus doesn't really fit here. 
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    360watt got a reaction from Jim_Alaska in Is there the concept of ther Unversal Church in the Bible?   
    Yeah, a church is the baptized believers that are members. The unsaved that go to be with that church aren't members of it until they they are converted , baptized and voted in to join. 
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    360watt reacted to Jim_Alaska in Is there the concept of ther Unversal Church in the Bible?   
    The word "church", by definition is an assembly of people. How do you assemble people from all over the world? You can't.
    If you say, as you did "all the redeemed from various local churches", then you are talking about universal church. 
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    360watt reacted to Ukulelemike in Is there the concept of ther Unversal Church in the Bible?   
    I believe the concept of the "universal" church is present in scripture, BUT, I do not believe it will be actually realized until the end, when we are all assembled together under Christ, directly. Since a church must be assembled to BE a church, with order and leadership, the universal church will not fully exist until that time.
  21. Praying
    360watt got a reaction from wretched in Divorce, Re-Marriage, Adultery, and the Ministry   
    My wife left me almost a year and a half ago. I've struggled between knowing the marriage wasnt working but also knowing the commitment I made to God to stay with her. I didn't want to split, but knew she wasn't happy. 
    I've sort to reconcile but each time come to the point that the marriage just won't work.
    Anyway, she doesn't seem to be following God now and it's been over a year separated.  
    There is the thought of 'sweeping her off her feet' .. but that isn't how I operate.  
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    360watt reacted to HappyChristian in Is it possible to renounce salvation?   
    Exactly. None of us is more powerful than God. Not accepting the idea that oneself can renounce Christ is not Calvinism. It is (the not accepting, I mean) a belief consistent with the scriptural teaching of eternal security (once we are saved, it is God's responsibility to keep us so, not ours). God never gave a caveat when He said the life He gives is eternal/everlasting. He never says "unless you renounce me." Now, to be honest, I have my doubts that someone who actually renounces Christ was ever saved. However, I do know that people get hurt and allow bitterness to creep in for various reasons, and they turn away from Christianity. That isn't actually renouncing Christ so much as it is renouncing those who represent Him.

    The Bible tells us we are sealed by the Holy Spirit until the day of redemption. John 10:29 tells us NO MAN is able to pluck those who have turned to Christ out of the Father's hand. No man means no man. Including oneself.

    Kita was right: if we can renounce our salvation, then we personally are responsible for maintaining it. And that would make it a salvation of works - based on ourselves. Salvation is a gift from God, with nothing we can do to keep ourselves saved.
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    360watt got a reaction from Alan in How to Be the Church When We Can’t Meet at Church   
    I wonder... when people go online to worship together.. are they assembled?  
    I would have thought physical assembly would be a church assembly.  Not dismissing that conference calling online is a good way to still talk to and teach each-other still- but I don't think that is actually assembling.
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    360watt got a reaction from heartstrings in Calvinism or Arminianism? How do you answer?   
    I say I'm neither. 
    My impression of calvinisim is they do not call out for salvation.. they are chosen before they believe. I believe a sinner does call out for salvation. Akin to Romans 10.
    My impression of Arminianism is they believe salvation can be lossed. I don't believe it can. According to the likes of John 3:16, 5:24, 3:36 among many other verses. 
    So neither 
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    360watt reacted to DaveW in Local Church   
    "Salvation adds to His Church"
    in respect to this one single portion, can I ask you to consider something?
    Act 2:41
    (41)  Then they that gladly received his word were baptized: and the same day there were added unto them about three thousand souls.
    Act 2:47
    (47)  Praising God, and having favour with all the people. And the Lord added to the church daily such as should be saved.
    verse 47 clarifies exactly what they were added to - I think there is little debate about that point - added to the church.
    However, in considering this passage, what is the order of events here?
    Is it not "received his word" (saved), then "baptised", then "added unto them" (the church: see vs 47)?
    It is very clear that baptism comes before being added to the church - so if we believe that baptism is not part of salvation (and I certainly believe that baptism is not part of salvation), then we have to understand a couple of things from this passage.
    These people were added not to the group of all believers, for that is salvation, and they were clearly baptised BEFORE being added. The church being spoken of here MUST be a local church, or else you MUST follow after baptism being a part of salvation.
    The order is clearly noted -  "received his word" (saved), then "baptised", then "added unto them" (the church: see vs 47).
    And before someone tries to make this baptism something other than water baptism:
    Act 2:38
    (38)  Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.
    Peter, in this verse is clearly noting that "baptism" in this context is a separate thing to the "receiving of the Holy Spirit". This baptism IS NOT HOLY SPIRIT BAPTISM, because Peter say it is not......
    (And I don't believe that Peter is teaching baptism is part of salvation either, but if we go down that trail we will simply be adding confusion - one passage at a time folks.)
    Funny isn't it, that my use of these passages seems to support baptismal regeneration - but ONLY if you accept the idea of a universal church - if the Bible is speaking of a local church ONLY in this passage, then it absolutely defies the concept of baptismal regeneration...….
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