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  1. King James did order to keep congregation and assembly out of the Bible and favored 'church' to support the church of England. He didn't want the puritans words for church.
  2. Oh yeah.. this meaning. I had overlooked Revelation in favour of looking at Genesis. This is really good.
  3. I was a methodist mainly from being bought up in it and then through till my early 20s. I remember seeing a methodist newsletter called Touchstone here in NZ and they had a piece where they were incorporating the Dalai lamas teachings into their doctrine. Being open to mystism. That was back in around late 90s to early 2000s
  4. Seems to be 'This is my life, my choice, and YOU can't stop me in any way from doing what I want.' You could almost get away with that thinking as an adult, (i say almost) because then you are expected to make your own choices. But toddler age kids are now getting taught to think this way too.
  5. Yeah I understand that. I know people who post in another site who promote it and feel tempted to comment on it, but know it would lead to all kinds of trouble.
  6. I heard someone say that if we got a cap or t-shirt with the real meaning, we would be playing into the lgbtq crowds hands. Because it would be a war of ideas, and then I guess we would be flooded again with rainbows of the other meaning... again..
  7. That's true, God will always have His meaning of it that can't be taken away. Guess the problem here in NZ is that some churches use it that want to be affirming to the lgbtq crowd.
  8. This has been covered a little before. The rainbow has had its meaning hijacked in the past several years with the lgbtq agenda. How would we restore its meaning of God's promise to never flood the world again?
  9. Yeah, turning from sin isn't having to give up smoking, or alcohol addiction etc.. it's knowing you can't do it without Jesus first delivering you from sin!
  10. This is similar to my experience also. I was presented with some biblical teaching and over time I realized it matched doctrine taught in many churches with the ifb (or independent missionary baptist) label. I think though someone could have a church without the label but believe very similar things.
  11. I know what the terms mean.. independent, fundamental, baptist.. And I know those terms I'd be comfortable sitting with.. but I think there is a danger in making it like methodist.. Anglican.. catholic etc... in the sense of attaching a name and making that the priority rather than the Bible. I don't think people are really doing it here... but the denominational name can be what people attach to rather than the biblical content and teaching that leads to the labels.
  12. I think another alarm is the teaching of the lgbtq rights and sexuality to toddlers. I saw Nikelodeon advertising all the different kinds of orientations in the 'rainbow' through a song from a drag queen. You've also got preschool teachers indoctrinated by this and spouting their views probably at the expense of numbers and literacy learning. Oh... I was 360watt.
  13. Yea I get that 1 Corinthians 13 alone isn't enough to support cessationism, but when you look closely at the early churches and the book of Acts with the process of Gods revelation it becomes obvious the sign gifts at least are not needed anymore.
  14. I wouldn't call all in the aforementioned title a cult.. but from what I've encountered it's some of the most aggressive Christian's I know. Not only are they saying that someone has been prechosen for eternal life , but this person WILL do good works, will speak in tongues, WILL cast out demons etc.. So if you aren't charismatic or continuously doing good works.. they will say never saved. Its loading all sorts of other things onto receiving eternal life as requirements to 'prove' you got it.
  15. I've got a book from J.M.Moody.. My Church.. He was talking to the SBC about their convention and said an interesting thing.. where they could RECOMMEND something to his church.. but they could not enforce it. He could respect and consider their advice.. but it was the authority of the that local church.. bought through Jesus' blood that the decision and executive authority lies. But it is an interesting thing.. if a church is starting to off beam, how does it get back to the Word if it's the pastor leading the turning away? Guess the congregation confronts him and elects him out? Of course not meaning particularly any specific pastor, but as a general rule of thumb.
  16. I've tried the bible on my phone, but find it difficult to easily get to wider context. With the paper version, I can flick around .. scan chapters etc.. it's also far easier on the eyesight
  17. Okay. My experience was from visiting an open brethren church, but there is probably some differences within them, as there was a seperation from the exclusive brethren. And then different types within open brethren also.
  18. This site looks like good info on them: https://www.cob-net.org/docs/groups.htm
  19. I have wondered about open brethren churches. They have seemed close to IFB churches in a lot of things. I'd probably have a look at one of them if there was no ifb church within cooee
  20. What would you say to people who would call 'the perfect thing' or 'that which is perfect'.. in 1 co 13.. Firstly... Jesus' coming back Secondly... the perfected state of the believer after this event. I dont really believe it is either of these things but find it hard to counter arguments for these. I know Jesus' second coming... the perfect is neuter gender so it isn't Jesus.. but they would counter that it is the event of the coming .. the perfected state..rather than person of Jesus
  21. Thanks for your input everyone. I'll go back to me bible
  22. Yeah, I tried for reconciliation, but she didn't want a bar of it. I was part of the problem in being a bit aloof and struggling to change my living habits from being single for a long time. She claims to be christian, but she did have things that make me now wonder if she was saved. During the time I was looking at her through rose coloured spectacles and it is in my nature not to 'rock the boat'.. being a peace loving and compliant person. I thought she was saved because of some things she believed about Jesus. She did though find it hard to understand and read scripture, had different partners before me and was an alcoholic. But yeah.. I'm on the same line of thinking of having to wait for her to remarry or sleep with another before I could pursue anyone. Thing though is.. in today's world.. maybe it is better I don't. I can't imagine being able to raise kids well in this society as it is today.
  23. Oh yeah.. the one part so far the didnt look like proper inspiration for the bible writers is the way they wrote their accounts of their walks with Jesus. Matthew writing his gospel didnt look like he was being 'borne along by the Holy Spirit' but just writing out of his own experience what he saw. But in regards to Matthew.. he is attracted to Mary Magdalene and is portrayed as aspergers like.
  24. Yeah I've seen both seasons and it's high quality with good acting and use of actors who mostly look and sound (except the Romans) like people from the time. When taken as 'what it might have been' look, rather than.. 'this is what went on truly ' it comes across as a well made series that is clean and doesn't dishonor Christ and helps give background to the disciples and other characters. But I think it gets a bit close to making Jesus possibly sin.. like Jesus saying He doesn't know where some one has gone or being unsure of himself. I enjoy watching it as something you dont take as the truth but as a what might have been
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