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  1. My wife left me almost a year and a half ago. I've struggled between knowing the marriage wasnt working but also knowing the commitment I made to God to stay with her. I didn't want to split, but knew she wasn't happy. I've sort to reconcile but each time come to the point that the marriage just won't work. Anyway, she doesn't seem to be following God now and it's been over a year separated. There is the thought of 'sweeping her off her feet' .. but that isn't how I operate.
  2. I wonder... when people go online to worship together.. are they assembled? I would have thought physical assembly would be a church assembly. Not dismissing that conference calling online is a good way to still talk to and teach each-other still- but I don't think that is actually assembling.
  3. I say I'm neither. My impression of calvinisim is they do not call out for salvation.. they are chosen before they believe. I believe a sinner does call out for salvation. Akin to Romans 10. My impression of Arminianism is they believe salvation can be lossed. I don't believe it can. According to the likes of John 3:16, 5:24, 3:36 among many other verses. So neither
  4. Sounds a bit like the bahai faith
  5. I support the local church. I am just trying to get clarity from scripture about what the bride is. Still looking to post scripture in reply
  6. I'm linking it to the local church as the bride being the church in heaven. Still local and visible.
  7. To those who believe the church is always a local, visible assembly in scripture.. What then is the bride of Christ?
  8. My understanding of this passage is that it is speaking of the local church body. So it is full immersion in water baptism as a pre requirement to join a church.
  9. Well I have put my trust in Jesus Christ.. believing in His life, death and resurrection. If it wasn't at 13 years old it would have been at university when I believed for sure. I'm 100 percent sure I am saved. Because of what Jesus has done for me. I am just not sure how receiving the Holy Spirit at salvation is also Holy Spirit baptism
  10. Well, when I was 13 years old, I got an understanding that I needed to ask God to forgive me of my sins. Before that I didn't really understand.. thought I had to say 'I forgive you' to God! So I called out for salvation out of that conviction I needed to ask for forgiveness of sins. It was while I was at our families holiday home.. called a bach here in New Zealand :)
  11. Thanks for the reply. I get that it is meant to be receiving salvation but I don't see the Holy Spirit baptism in there. Are you saying when some one receives Christ they are figuratively baptized by the Holy Spirit?
  12. What is the biblical basis for the Holy Spirit baptizing some one at salvation? When Jesus said to the disciples he would baptize them with the Holy Spirit and fire... 1 they were already saved 2 they were a group.. not as an individual being saved 3 when they are at pentecost and the church gets empowered to me seems what this Holy Spirit baptism was
  13. The trail of blood book is generally accurate but not very detailed. There are other books that expand on its history like The Battle for Baptist History by I.k.cross or My Church by J.M.Moody
  14. You've also got missionary baptist churches that are pentecostal with mainly African American people. I go to independent missionary baptist but they believe all gifts have ceased aside from faith hope and love. So yeah best to see what a church actually believes rather than its designated label
  15. Not so much music as 'guided meditation'. Given a tape to listen to that is meant to assist you in being 'one' with the universe or a animal or object. Although there was atmospheric music in the background - similar to the alpha brain wave sleep music you can get on you tube. We didn't call what we were doing 'New Age' or 'Mystic' either, we called it 'mutli-level healing' We used to go out into a village near a ski field and meditate among the rocks and forest in the area. Felt good... but the foundation? Shifting sands! It is the bible that never shifts and stands firm.. the Word of God.

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