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  1. Yeah, that is a key comparison with latter days too.
  2. Reading through Jeremiah, I got a renewed perspective on the judgment God was giving Israel. Before I was thinking worldly, looking at the judgment as too harsh and to much punishment being repeated.. Then I realised first.. since God is doing something about Israel's idolatry, He is showing He cares for Israel. Second, God was forewarning what would happen to Israel/Judah. He didn't just wipe them out, do the judgment. Even though they were doing evil God gave them many chances to turn to Him. Third, the forewarning can be read as God crying out to Israel wi
  3. If the perfect is not the completed revelation of Gods Word, then these gifts should surely be more obviously apparent among Christian churches. Most of what I hear is charismatic or Pentecostal emotionalism, with little reliance on the Word. But in regards to seeing 'face to face' .. The bible is like a mirror to us. It shows who we truly are by its teachings, inspired by God. Also the 1 corinthians 13 context is about incomplete to complete , partial to whole, progressing to finishing. So whatever is perfect , was incomplete, partial, progressing when Paul
  4. Yeah, a church is the baptized believers that are members. The unsaved that go to be with that church aren't members of it until they they are converted , baptized and voted in to join.
  5. Widest circle = Kingdom of God Circle within that= Family of God- the triune God, His angels and His redeemed children past present and future Circle within that= Local body of Christ- an assembly of saved, baptised believers covenanted together to carry out the great commandment and commission with Jesus as the Head. Local and visible. A believer could have membership to the Kingdom and Family.. but not the body. If they join a local body- they have membership to all 3. When all believers are gathered in the Heavenly Jerusalem.. it will be a local body of all believers in
  6. Through the bible their is two kinds of church.. The local body of Christ. .. which is a community of saved baptized believers.. does not include all redeemed. Then their is the all redeemed body. What we have at the moment is only the local body. All believers are not yet assembled in the heavenly Jerusalem. That is yet future
  7. Paul being baptized by immersion in reference to the local body he joined as well as the Corinthians who were baptized by immersion into the body at Corinth. So 'we were all baptized into one body..' Paul to the body he joined.. the Corinthians to the body they joined. Body as in assembly/congregation.
  8. We have had a lot of immigration. Especially pre-covid. Not really illegal though as I far as I know, because we dont have as large a place for people to get in unawares. Yeah that is the main reason. But itll be different when the covid 19 is less of a factor. Pro abortion.. legalise cannabis and supporting euthanasia are the next things being pushed
  9. Hi all.. at a similar time to the US we've had our election. We got a re election of the same Labour party, but it won even more convincingly. So labour here is middle left leaning .. but because we have multiple parties in govt.. they could invite in a more far left party. .. the green party So pray for us here.. its getting bit rough for the conservative leaning types. NZ is becoming VERY pc.
  10. You guys should see the NZ baptist church teachings. Mainly charismatic or Pentecostal, often teach eternal salvation is undoable, most often the sermons are topical rather than scriptural. There is a big congregation in a church in my city that used to be Spreydon Baptist church, we called them 'Sprayed on' baptist church. They may as well just be vineyard or new life churches, there isn't much distinctively Baptist about them
  11. Alright, so if it is a spiritual baptism, then I'm guessing you mean that at Pentecost the Holy Spirit began baptising people into the universal body of believers? If this is so, what about believers in the Old Testament, looking forward to Christ's coming? They would not be part of the body of Christ, if it began at Pentecost. So how would it consist of all believers, or all believers?
  12. I've looked at the context of this verse before and come to the conclusion it is referring to the local church. In looking at this verse in its context what do you see?
  13. That is truly great, thank God these people did come through . It is truly awesome what God does The thought I have is though, does this fit a biblical miracle? Think about that in the bible the healing is 100 percent, and instant or over a very short period of time. Look at Jesus' miracles. And what the disciples and apostles performed. I'm not saying the healing that happened wasn't from God. But was God tipping the scales to help them live through or was it 100 percent biblical miracles?
  14. I remember looking at Walter Martin's Kingdom of the Cults book about 7th day Adventism. He wrote there are 2 branches of it. One has tried to reform the teaching and it resembles mainline Christian denominations teaching. The other line is pretty much a cult. That emphasizes Ellen White's teaching much more and is more hooked on works for salvation.
  15. I don't know for sure about her. I am not with another woman though. But it has been something I have questioned myself alot about..is whether I want to be married to her.
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