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  1. no, these are verses that show of sinful man, not people making a choice, remember, all have sinned and there are NO GOD SEEKERS!! the focus isn't on whosoever ; but rather the one who believes, the one preordained will come to repentance because God has for ordained it
  2. And how many times have I said that sin emanates from man? Again I ask, if I missed the answer I'm sorry, but did Pharaoh harden is own heart? Who hardened his heart?. So Pharaoh was already sinful. It wasn't from God. But yet God used it for His purpose. Rom 9:19-24 and way did God raise up the Assyrians only to judge them for what they did to Israel? You see Gods way are above our ways, I don't think you comprehend that. That's why your theology fits into a nice little box that you pushed God into so you can explain everything away. Sometimes God does things that I have no answer for. It d
  3. Mike you have asked often, now let me ask you, can you find free will in Scripture?
  4. To be honest, I kind of lost track of our other conversations, with real life going on. I'm sorry you think that I am avoiding you, or your questions. that is not my intention. From my perspective, I have to answer many people hear, you all just have to focus on me.
  5. I don't see how you are doing damage. But I think it's evident that you don't fully understand the concept of God sovereignty, or you don't fully give God credit for his work in man's life. I don't understand how anyone cannot give God glory fully, where He deserves it. Rather than give man partial credit for something that God clearly has done.
  6. your welcome! I think you are not giving God enough credit for how sovereign He really is. by the verses I provided so far, I see it as God in total control of man in all aspects of life and beyond. How can God tell Moses what he was going to do to the Egyptians, especially about them going to find favor with Isreal and would give them things on their way out,..and actually did it in ch 12! It wasn't the Egyptians free will to give it away, It was God moving among them.
  7. first off, this is God giving man dominion over the Earth, This has nothing really to do with Man having free will against God's sovereignty. God ordains all the actions of man (Proverbs 20:24). I read the thread and it appears that differing viewpoints are not tolerated. That's what I took away from it. Some of the things that you oppose I would be for. I have said before, I don't know anybody who are of a dispensationslist viewpoint so I wanted to come here and interact. So far, sadly, it has been disappointing.
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