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    Without a doubt, God can make any trial a blessing! Amen?!!
    And it is also without any doubt that God will NEVER bless sin no matter what others may say!! Amen?!!

    Just remember this... There's always a price to pay somewhere down the line when "bitter seeds" come to fruition even though many years may have passed by with any effect unnoticed. They certainly will come to fruition when you probably least expect it.

    To the born-again, repentant child of God there is chastisement. To the lost in his sins "rebellious hellion", there is impending judgment with damnation unless he puts his faith in Jesus Christ as the propitiation for all of the sins in his life.

    Now, would it not be so much better if we strived to live as the Word Of God commands and instructs us? Going your own way, using your own carnal mind to guide you is never worth it in the long run. Yes, there truly may be pleasure in sin so it seems, but as the Bible clearly teaches us it is "only for a season". Most times, a very "short" season at that.

    Be filled with the Spirit and do not fulfill the lusts of the flesh...

    HOLINESS UNTO THE LORD! AMEN!! ~ Phil. 4:13 <"////><Floor_Sign_Yield_Caution_Sign_Creative_S

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