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  1. My position on women wearing pants... I prefer skirts because they are distinctly feminine. I do see that culturally modern Americans identify women as feminine in pants. If we agree to disagree on that aspect, what pants are modest and which are not... what determines modesty Biblically? Back when I was growing up tight pants were immodest, now they are the norm. Is modestly culturally dependant?
  2. Thank you. Dealing with wordly dress issues in a male teen. I tell you the world dresses ladies so scant it is easy to draw the line.... but teen boys, its a little blury.
  3. Parenting a teenager over here. The long trusted saying is "if you give them an inch they will take a mile".... I am not discrediting that saying at all. I firmly believe it, however I do not know of any verse or principle in scripture that clearly backs that up to show to my teen. Any suggestions? Thanks
  4. Yes that is the intent of word study, but they are used to say abomination is not what the greek word was originally meant to mean.... that is using word studies to twist scripture. If it is in plain english and a word study show a completely different meaning it is likely that the word study has gone wrong.
  5. Completely disagree with the article, find it appalling, it makes me angry and sad. It's the same use of the tactics to attack the KJV. If we don't stand on the inspired Word of God how can we stand on anything? What kind of a church do you attend? Is it Independent Fundamental? If so you would know the doctrinal issues surrounding the KJV. It is the preserved Word of God in the English language. I would be surprised to find differences on that issue with in an IFB church.
  6. This article shows the attack well: Most conservatives would be appaled by the article and flag it immediately, but when the same devises are used to make acceptable something they want acceptable they stay silent.http://religiondispatches.org/does-the-bible-really-call.../
  7. I have heard of it only this way since I was saved. I haven't heard this preached for about 5 years now, and my church is currently changing in culture. Never put the two together until I read this question. I am a KJV, local church only, specifically local New Testament church believer; sorry if that isn't accepted on an IFB forum???? I am also pro life, and against gay marriage, is that also something we no longer agree on? What is happening to the saints?????
  8. Just a note, there are non hormonal contraceptive options available that do not have any effects, and would never be able to cause this. I personally struggle with whether or not to have as many children as God allows or not.
  9. This has been coming up recently and it really has bothered me. Some IFB's are using word studies and unknowingly tearing apart the plain english of the KJV just to appeal to their desire to prove an issue. If it says it in plain english and you show me a complicated word study that says it really meant something else you are attacking the validity of the KJV, you are saying the translators got it wrong. Error enters in subtly. We need to be sure to check our hearts with these word studies, is it done to prove MY desires correct, or is it done to affirm GODS desires for me? Word studies that c
  10. I got this; The year 777 AD is most know for: The event of Charlemage defeating the Saxons, and the births of Pippin of Italy, Queen Bertha of Toulouse, Yuhanna Ibn Masawaiyh, St. Barnard and Hildegard, the daughter of Emperor Charlemagne I recognize the name Charlemage, but I do not know the event, nor its significance. Thanks I will have to read more about it. Loving history now as an adult, hated it as a teen.
  11. I decided to write my own memory sentences for studying the Middle Ages, and Biology as a family this year. This is what I wrote up for memory work. Feel free to share. HIStory Sentences Adapted from Mystery of History Volume 2; The Early Church and the Middle Ages Kingfishers History Encyclopedia Trail of Blood Everything you need to know about History homework by scholastic publishers 1. Jesus organizes His church; ‘And Simon Peter answered and said, Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God. And Jesus answered and said unto him, Blessed art thou, Simon Barjona: for flesh
  12. Alan thank you so much for your time and effort in looking this through! Such a blessing. I hope this produces fruit in my children to prepare them for these last days. I have a keen awareness that I may be raising the last generation to serve the Lord before He returns. Error is rampant, blending and compromise is prevalent everywhere we go. I want my children to have a precious heart for lost and misguided souls while still remaining firm on their separation from error. I hope that knowing when and how error was introduced will help them. Thank you! Blessings
  13. Covenanter: Here is what I have so far; The first 3 are the ones I know are really important and I do not want to teach wrong. I was hoping for dates on those events but not sure if I can find an accurate source. I come from a Lutheran background, so many false doctrines I list here were taught as truth to me as a child. I want my children to be clear on the truth, I very appreciate your double checking this for me HIStory Sentences Adapted from Mystery of History Volume 2; The Early Church and the Middle Ages Kingfischers History Encyclopedia Trail of Blood 1. Jesus organize
  14. Thank you! This was perfect, I also love the shepherding analogy. You all blessed my heart with this. Sometimes I read the Bible and I know there is more than what I can gather out of the passage, but I am not able to always see it for myself. Gods Word is so good
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