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  1. My position on women wearing pants... I prefer skirts because they are distinctly feminine. I do see that culturally modern Americans identify women as feminine in pants. If we agree to disagree on that aspect, what pants are modest and which are not... what determines modesty Biblically? Back when I was growing up tight pants were immodest, now they are the norm. Is modestly culturally dependant?
  2. Thank you! We are going to visit the new church in May. There are some exciting possibilities for our family to serve in, the church has a printing press ministry that sends John Romans, and tracts all over the world literally, how exciting The church also has an orchestra, a nursing home ministry, a childrens choir, and a van ministry (we currently run buses at our home church). I am growing excited for parts of moving, but leaving is going to be really hard. Our home church is the church I got saved in, and my husband had been there since he was 13 years old, and went to school there. It will be hard on all of us. Maybe God will keep us still for the moment, either way He is still in control. Thanks for the prayers.
  3. Our family is considering moving, and our new church would have a school. I overheard my husband talk about that as a blessing, meaning for the first time ever I would not be homeschooling. That breaks my heart, and I sort of feel like a failure if I don't. But after grading today I also feel like I am failing my kids. Prayers needed for direction for my family.
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