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  1. Thank you for your thoughts on this and for providing Pastor Markle's study in 2 and 3 John. I will definitely take a look.
  2. I get what you are saying. I have had the same thought as well. So would you say it is probably just a Christian lady being addressed and the Apostle John also knows her sister?
  3. I was wondering if anyone had thoughts as to who the elect lady and her children are in II John. At the end of the book the Apostle John also mentions her elect sister and her children. I have two thoughts.... 1. A Christian woman and her children and her biological sister that is also saved or another sister in Christ and her children. 2. Both local churches with their respective congregations. A strictly literal reading would lead more towards option 1. However, Christians are often referred to as children in Scripture, and the church is referred to as a woman, although
  4. Please pray for people lost and deceived by the Mormon cult. My wife and I just finished witnessing to 3 mormons, 2 are their female missionaries and the other was a male member of their congregation they brought along with them. My wife and I met with the 2 girls last week as well. During the conversation we had the girls were getting noticably upset when I would ask them to show me what they believed in the Scriptures. When a topic would come up and I would turn and read a passage from Scripture they would recoil from it. The guy they brought with them, who was a former missionary,
  5. Thank you for your thoughts. So if a man in your church came to you and he desired to plant churches in Zimbabwe but he was married to a divorced woman how would you advise him? Would the circumstances of the divorce matter?
  6. Do you believe that a missionary needs to meet the qualifications listed in I Timothy 3 and Titus 1? If the missionary is not going to be a church planter but work in a support role (pilot, Bible institute instructor, etc) would that make a difference? If a missionary was married to a divorced woman but had never been divorced himself how would you handle that? Would that disqualify him according to I Timothy 3 and Titus? If so how? Would the circumstances behind the wife's divorce matter?
  7. Unfortunately that is what happens when parents do not take the education of their children seriously. When our children are turned over to the state for indoctrination what else do we expect? I went to public school. I didn't get saved until I was an adult. Evolution was ingrained in my mind as a fact. Even though I didn't really understand it I just accepted it as true. After I got saved the first time I heard a pastor preach about young earth creationism I was looking around the auditorium wondering if anyone else was as confused and shocked as I was. It took a lot of time for the Word
  8. I appreciate your response Pastor Markle. I agree with what you said and as you continue to point out that those issues are not exclusive to Millennials but have been an issue for humanity for generations. Men have been leaving God in pursuit of the world for as long as we have existed. I was trying to share something from my personal experience that may effect Millennials specifically as opposed to everyone. As you stated I do not know you personally and no very very little about the ministry Christ has given you. All I can ask of each of us, myself included, is that we live for the Lord
  9. I have thought about if/how I should respond to this post. I have decided that I will. I have to respectfully disagree with what you have said here Pastor Markle. While what you say is true it is not exclusive to the Millennial generation. Christian's of all ages groups act this way, senior citizens to children. Although I hate to admit it but depending on what source you consult I am often found belonging to the Millennial generation. I was born in 1984. My answer is my opinion so you can take it or leave it but this is what I believe... This generation is one of the first gene
  10. I have been teaching through Mark for the last 2 years. We just finished chapter 12 this past Sunday. Unfortunately because of my duties in the Navy I will be starting work ups for deployment in a few weeks so the class is being passed off to another teacher. With the couple weeks I have left I didn't want to start chapter 13 and not be able to finish so I am going to use my remaining time to go through Philemon. If I get the opportunity to teach again on a regular basis I would like to do I and II Thessalonians.
  11. I go to church with the Vice President of Baptist Missions to Forgotten People. I have asked him many many questions about the board he is a part of and about missions in general. I personally think it is a very personal choice and something you must pray about and decide what works best for you. I have another friend that is a missionary in Papua New Guinea and he didn't use a board at all. He is sent out of his local church and Central Missionary Clearinghouse handles his support. That is what works best for him and his family. I don't think there is any one right way to do deputation a
  12. I am assisting my Pastor with organizing a missions conference at our church for October of 2019. We do not have an exact date in October yet but I will update when more information comes available. The church is Heavenly Heights Baptist Church in Jacksonville, FL. We are looking at doing a Wednesday through Sunday Conference. My pastor is communicating with Dr. Burge the President of Baptist Missions to Forgotten People to be the keynote speaker. I am looking to see if anyone here is or can recommend missionaries that are interested in being a part of the conference. I am looking for mi
  13. What law are we supposed to measure ourselves against? Thou shalt not kill? If it doesn't have fins and scales it is an abomination? Not wearing garmets of divers sort? Sin offerings? Temple worship? Sabbath keeping? Not coveting? Or are we to pick and choose which laws we decide are moral laws and follow those? Is there a verse that tells me what laws I am to follow as a born again believer? Are there verses upon verses that tell me to be led by the Spirit? Pastor Markle mentioned Romans 8:4 and said that we would be led to fulfill the righteousness of the law... Christ fufilled th
  14. I am thinking very hard about how to respond to you and ensure I get my point across and use the correct language to do so. In Galatians 3:19-25 Paul explains the purpose of the law. The law cannot bring righteousness only faith in Christ can. The law is a schoolmaster to bring me to Christ, once I am under Christ I am no longer under the schoolmaster. In Acts 15 when the gentiles were told they had to be circumcised and keep the law of Moses Peter responded by asking why they would be put under a yoke that their fathers nor them could bear. It was determined that believers did not n
  15. Jim and Pastor Markle, I appreciate both your posts. I do not believe I have mis defined or mis combined anything here. The Bible is clear that the law and the commandement is good, holy, and just (Rom 7:12). But the purpose of the law is not to make one righteous, the law cannot bring life only death. The law shows you where you fail. Galatians 3 clearly shows that the law is not of faith and the things we should be doing are by faith not by the law. If you want to go under the law you are bound to it in it's entirety. You can't pick and choose which parts of the law you will apply and w
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