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  1. AdamL


    What law are we supposed to measure ourselves against? Thou shalt not kill? If it doesn't have fins and scales it is an abomination? Not wearing garmets of divers sort? Sin offerings? Temple worship? Sabbath keeping? Not coveting? Or are we to pick and choose which laws we decide are moral laws and follow those? Is there a verse that tells me what laws I am to follow as a born again believer? Are there verses upon verses that tell me to be led by the Spirit? Pastor Markle mentioned Romans 8:4 and said that we would be led to fulfill the righteousness of the law... Christ fufilled the law and His righteousness is applied to us. Verse 4 is a continuation of verse 3. It doesn't say I will be led to fulfill the law it says Christ came to condemn sin in the flesh and fufill righteousness in those that walk after the Spirit because the law could not do that. I have standards and I have personal convictions for myself and my family. But those are mine and not to be forced on anyone else or put up as a test of fellowship for others. If I know a brother chooses to not eat pork and he comes to my house for a meal I won't make pulled pork sandwiches out of respect for him, even though I have no problem eating pork. I wear a suit and tie to church, my wife and daughter always where skirts or dresses unless doing something where it would not be appropriate or safe. I am not going to tell someone else what their wife and daughter should wear, if they want to wear pants that is between them and God, it has nothing to do with me. If a brother has no problem watching R rated action movies that is between him and God it has nothing to do with me. I met a man that was considered one of the best bus captains in my area. He came and preached at my church. He said the entire time he was running his bus route he was not saved and addicted to cocaine. Others came to him for advice and training on how to improve their bus routes. Everyone thought he was the greatest soul winner and Christian the whole while he is snorting massive amounts of cocaine and high as a kite. Praise God that He got ahold of this man's heart and saved him and now uses him in a RU ministry. I believe we should allow people to grow in God's grace and not demand they follow a bunch of made up rules. Is there a verse in the Bible that says you can't go to the movie theater? Since there isn't I can't forbid anyone from going. I could decide that I have a personal conviction for myself and my family that we won't go to the movies and if someone asks I can explain why I hold that conviction and they can take it and make up their own mind about it. Christ fufiled the law. The law brought me to Christ and now I am under Him. I will be a living sacrifice to Him. If he requires me to place myself under the law I will but I don't see anywhere that He has done that. He has told me to love God and love my neighbor and to be a witness for Him. I see multiple places in Scripture where the Holy Spirit inspired the author to tell the people that they are not under the law but under grace. He didn't give them a license to do whatever they wanted but to represent God who saved them.
  2. AdamL


    I am thinking very hard about how to respond to you and ensure I get my point across and use the correct language to do so. In Galatians 3:19-25 Paul explains the purpose of the law. The law cannot bring righteousness only faith in Christ can. The law is a schoolmaster to bring me to Christ, once I am under Christ I am no longer under the schoolmaster. In Acts 15 when the gentiles were told they had to be circumcised and keep the law of Moses Peter responded by asking why they would be put under a yoke that their fathers nor them could bear. It was determined that believers did not need to keep the law. As I stated already if I am loving God with everything and loving my neighbor as myself I have done what Christ what Christ has asked. When we put ourselves under the law we must then ask what law? We then divide the law up into different sections such as ceremonial, sacrificial, dietary, moral, etc. Then say that the moral law applies but the rest doesn't. Then we make following the moral law and whatever else we determine falls under that matters of personal holiness. We have added moral standards of dress and personal conduct to the moral law we have put ourselves under. A Christian cannot go to the movies because Hollywood is evil or because someone may see us and get the idea that we were watching something we shouldn't have been. But many Christians will wait and watch the movies on Netflix or Redbox or by some other means in their home. If women will bring their pants to the church we will exchange them for skirts and burn the pants. We could go on and on. But just because someone looks the part and can act the part for the 2-4 hours you may see them on a Sunday doesn't mean anything. They can still be lost and look like the best Christian we have ever seen. God establishes holiness not us. God makes us holy not us. God keeps us holy not us. The Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death. I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me. I do not frustrate the grace of God: for if righteousness come by the law, then Christ is dead in vain.
  3. AdamL


    Jim and Pastor Markle, I appreciate both your posts. I do not believe I have mis defined or mis combined anything here. The Bible is clear that the law and the commandement is good, holy, and just (Rom 7:12). But the purpose of the law is not to make one righteous, the law cannot bring life only death. The law shows you where you fail. Galatians 3 clearly shows that the law is not of faith and the things we should be doing are by faith not by the law. If you want to go under the law you are bound to it in it's entirety. You can't pick and choose which parts of the law you will apply and which parts you will ignore. You are bound to all of the law. If you think you can live up to it, good luck, I know I can't. I never said that being under grace meant you are free to do anything you want. I Corinthians 6:19-20 clearly say we were bought with a price and I belong to God so I am to glorify Him in my body and spirit. I owe absolutely everything to Christ. Romans 12:1-2 says I am to be a living sacrifice because it is my reasonable service. The entire chapter of Romans 6 talks about sinning willing after we have received grace and how ridiculous it is. But nowhere in any of that does it say you now need to keep the law or have certain man made standards to stay right with God. In John 14:15 Jesus said if ye love me, keep my commandments. I think Jesus explained exactly what those commandments are in Matthew 22:36-40 on those two things (Loving God with all your heart, soul, and mind and loving your neighbor (everyone) as your self) hang all the law and the prophets. If you can love God with everything in you and love ever person you come in contact with as yourself you will have done what Jesus asked you to do. That is something a lost person cannot do. They cannot love God. I can get a lost person to wear a suit and tie to church, I can get a lost person to go soulwinning, I can get a lost person to not drink alcohol or look at pornography, but a lost person will never love God. A lost person will not understand the Scriptures. And a lost person cannot be led by the Holy Spirit or discern the voice of God. But they can most certainly do all those other "standards" that we hold ourselves to. This may be a poor example but I am going to use it anyway. The Bible talks a lot about vessels. So for arguments sake say before I got saved I was a clay cup. When God saved me he made me a golden chalice. He changed the very being if who I am and but Himself in me to make me something completely different. When that happened it could never be improved upon. The only thing I can do now is make the cup dirty or try to improve it myself. I can sin and fill the cup with sewer water and muddy the outside but only God can clean it and make it what it is supposed to be again. I can try to improve upon it by putting bedazzled jewels on it or coloring a pretty picture on it but all I can do is make it look cheap and gaudy. God made it perfect and He can continue to cleanse it and purify it but when He saved me He made me holy. So how do we be that city on the hill and the light of the world? Share Christ with everyone. Share the joy of our salvation with everyone. Share the fact that we actually have a life worth living with everyone. There is finally a purpose. Never hide or be ashamed of who you are. You are an ambassador for Christ. You are His representative here on Earth and He is living through you leading and guiding you.
  4. AdamL


    This is my personal opinion on the subject for whatever that is worth... I believe you would be hard pressed to find an IFB church that teaches any other plan of salvation besides by grace through faith. I believe many in the IFB fall in the ditch after that. Galatians 3:3 comes to mind. Standards become a point of personal holiness bring us closer to God and make us better Christians. If I wear a suit and tie for every service I get a point, if my wife wears skirts or dresses to church as well throughout the week I get a point. If I own no other Bibles except a KJV I get a point. If I don't drink I get a point. We can go on and on. Our lives can be a complete mess but because we are doing visable things that everyone can see we can convince ourselves and others that we are super spiritual, godly, and holy. It is a very phariseical mindset because our personal holiness is established by God and maintained by God not by what we do. It's a trap and many have fallen in and do not even realize they are caught. Christ brings freedom not bondage. I couldn't get saved by following a set of rules and I also can't make myself closer to God by following a set of rules. Many are good at checklist Christianity but being a Christian is not following a checklist
  5. Has anyone ever embarked on a thorough study of the early church and it's leaders in the post Apostle period? Although none of their writing gs are inspired did you find valuable insight into the manner in which the early church conducted itself? If you have done a study like this what resources did you find useful or informative? Do you think it is valuable time know what those who were discipled by the Apostles themselves said about their teaching and actions? What about how these early disciples taught the Scriptures to those in their assemblies?
  6. AdamL

    Jacksonville Florida

    If things change or someone else is looking Victory Baptist Church is a great church that has a fantastic school. My children used to attend there and we loved it. They are on the Northside of Jacksonville.
  7. AdamL

    A Church In Jacksonville

    I live near Jacksonville and am a member of a church in Jacksonville. My church is Heavenly Heights Baptist Church. I know a few folks that go to West Shores Baptist. I knew they had recently gotten a new pastor but I know nothing about him. If someone is looking for a church in the Jacksonville area feel free to let me know. My church Heavenly Heights is a great church and our Pastor really loves and cares for people and desperately wants to see souls saved.
  8. AdamL

    Is the KJVO "movement" dying?

    I believe there is a big difference between preaching a sermon from I Timothy chapter 2 on modest dress or Titus chapter 2 on worldliness and reading 1 or 2 verses of Scripture and then screaming about women wearing pants. That was my point. Both my wife and my daughter only wear skirts and dresses. I threw away all of my rock and roll and worldly music about 8 months after I got saved. These changes happened because through studying the Scriptures the Holy Spirit taught me and I brought these things to my wife and we studies them together and made a decision to obey. I am in the Navy so I do quite a bit of traveling. Whenever I am traveling for work or on vacation I find a local church to go to wherever I am. I also have been recommended many preachers and watched and listened to sermons online. There are some very good preachers from the samplings I have had but there is also a great number that will read a passage and never reference it again and scream about their pet peeves or tell stories for 45 minutes. That is not preaching and it is certainly not doing anything for the Body of Christ.
  9. AdamL

    Is the KJVO "movement" dying?

    I apologise if the term "ifb movement" is offensive to you. I certainly agree that that is not the way it is supposed to be at all. However when the vast majority of pastors of IFB churches are influenced and taught through the Jack Hyles method of ministry, through the college or his Pastor's school, that is what we have ended up with. I think the question is how do we get out of the mess that has been created?
  10. AdamL

    Is the KJVO "movement" dying?

    I may get ostracized for this but I am going to share my opinion anyway... The King James Only Movement is tied to Independent Fundamental Baptists. Other than some snake handling type charismatics and Mormons I cannot think of any other groups that exclusively use the KJV (although I would feel confident in saying they do not believe the KJV is the word of God). Because the two are tied together what effects 1 will effect the other. It is my personal opinion that the IFB movement is floundering. In my opinion the movement was supported by strong personalities that were able to rally large followings behind them. Men like Jack Hyles, Tom Malone, Lester Roloff, etc. These men had huge ministries, many with large Bible colleges. These men are gone and what happened to their ministries? They are gone as well. Midwestern is now basically an online correspondence school, Tennessee Temple is gone, First Baptist Hammond (Hyles-Anderson) is a shell of what it used to be. Scandals that followed some of these men did not help matters any. This leads me to a glaring conclusion, these ministries were built upon men, not upon Jesus Christ. Now that these Giants in the movement are gone those that learned under them are for the most part unwilling to adapt to changing cultures and instead parrot what they have been taught without being able to attract followers the way their predecessors did. Adapting does not mean compromising. In order to adapt we don't have to change the Bible version we use, we don't have to bring in guitars and drums and huge electronic screens. We might want to consider changing the way we are reaching people. We might want to consider leaving behind shallow topical preaching that is just screaming about women wearing pants or that the movie theater is the devil's playground. We might want to consider actually teaching the Bible and engaging people that have questions and are searching for answers. We might want to consider actually presenting who God is and what the Gospel is to people instead of rushing through the Romans Road and trying to get the person you just woke up on a Saturday morning to pray a prayer. Shallow preaching, weak evangelism, and refusal to change our methods will finish off what is left of the IFB movement. When we send missionaries out to foreign lands do we expect them to do things exactly the same way we do them here in America? I surely hope not. We have seen evidence from this board that knocking on doors is not culturally acceptable in certain countries, in some places it may even be illegal. So our missionaries find different ways to reach people. Why can't we do that here? Why must we continue to go door knocking every Saturday morning at 10 am regardless of the fact that only 1 out of 10 people answer the door and that 1 doesn't care what you have to say? I will tell you that with this Millennial Generation that is coming up the only way you will reach them is to be able to answer their questions. Answers like this is the way it is or do it because I said so is not going to go anywhere with them. They are not going to listen to someone read a passage from the Bible and then scream about women wearing pants and rock music for 45 minutes never referencing the biblical passage again. You can say well then forget them we don't need them. But that is not going to work for the church in America. If the church in America is to continue then we must reach them or we will go the way the church in Europe has gone. Would anyone have thought 400 years ago that missionaries would be going into Europe? Well if we keep up the way we are going missionaries are going to be coming to America instead of being sent from her. If the IFB movement dies or floats off into obscurity the kjvo movement will as well. God's word will still be preserved and available but who will carry it forward? To continue to give God's word to a lost and dying world we must find new ways to reach people and teach them the Bible. Once we reach them God and the Gospel will do the work like He has for 2,000 years. The Romans Road is not the Gospel and very few to any new creatures in Christ will be made using it. And to present the Gospel you have to actually engage lost people. Our churches have to quit swapping members but convert the lost and disciple them in sound doctrine. All of this is my opinion. I am an Independent Fundamental Baptist. I believe the King James Bible is God's word. I am disgruntled and frustrated. I want to see a stop to a reliance on man's way and a revival of God's way.
  11. God is the Trinity. Godhead does not mean Trinity it means divine. The general revelation of God to man does not reveal the Trinity but it does reveal that there is a God. Special revelation (the Bible) reveals the Trinity. The person of the Son was manifested in the flesh. He is fully Divine The Father and the Spirit were not manifested in the flesh but they also are fully Divine. Colossians 2:9 says that the Son of God in the flesh was fully Divine.
  12. I am aware of that image. I do not display any images like that or pictures of Jesus. Like you stated I also do not believe it is appropriate to do so. I believe you are creating your own definition for the use of the word in Colossians 2:9. The verse means that Jesus Christ is fully God. He is Deity. As far as what exactly Paul preached in Acts 17:18 we don't have all the details. He certainly could have been preaching the Trinity, it mentions specifically that he preached Jesus and His resurrection. Again I believe you are inserting a definition you like into Acts 17:29. I have already gone over what I believe the verse is teaching. Carrying on your logic you would have to say that in Romans 1:20 that the general revelation of God to man through the creation clearly reveals that not only does God exist but He is a Trinity. I don't think the Trinity is clearly revealed without the special revelation of the Bible. General revelation clearly reveals that their is a God and because of that men are accountable to Him. That verse is clearly talking about the general revelation of God. The word Godhead is translated from a different Greek word in each if these three instances. Each of those three words either convey a divine being, a divine nature, or being divine/deity. They do not specifically reveal that God is Triune. Like you previously mentioned the word Trinity is not in the Bible. So in order to teach it we must find it in Scripture. 1 John 5:7 is obviously the clearest description, however it is not the only one. We cannot create our own definitions for a word to teach a doctrine we believe in though.
  13. I have no problem whatsoever with the Trinity. I believe it, I support it, I teach it. There are many many things in the Bible that come in threes and you have listed a plethora. What I am saying is that the word Godhead does not mean Trinity. It is talking about Divinity. Romans 1:20 is talking about the power and divine nature of God. That from the creation those things are fully evident and mankind is without excuse. Colossians 2:9 is talking about the full Divine nature that was in Christ. The Father, Son, and Spirit were not walking around on the earth in the flesh, the Son was. But the fullness of Deity and the full Divinity of God was in Christ. I believe in Acts 17:29 Paul is simply saying that God is not gold, silver, or stone. He cannot be made by man. The true and living God is the one that created us not the other way around. And He commands all men to repent. Those are my thoughts. You and anyone else are certainly entitled to disagree. There are examples upon examples that show God is Triune. I just don't think Godhead is a good one to show that.
  14. I reserve the right to be wrong here but I believe that the use of the word Godhead is speaking to the Divine nature/Divinity of God. Not necessarily that God is triune. I believe 100% in the Trinity but I am not sure that the word Godhead is the best way to prove it.
  15. AdamL

    new member here

    Welcome. Thank you for being a witness for Christ. Do you belong to a local church that may have brothers willing to go out and witness with you?