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  1. What is the significance of forty days and nights in scripture? There was Noah and the rain, Moses on the mount, Moses leading the children of Israel in wilderness forty years, Elijah and traveling on one meal for that time and our Lord Jesus Christ fasted forty days and nights in the wilderness . Your thoughts or better yet God's thoughts!
  2. It does have to do with processing centers and the class of mail it was entered into the USPS system. State lines don't dictate where to most economically process it. Think of it this way, could an ant crawling on your ear get to your left hand if it was not touching your head (no matter how close your hand was to your head). If there was a large enough demand to develop a mail route connection those two hundred miles it would still be a process to develop and establish it. If those Gospel of John booklets were sent "media" mail (the cheapest rate available) they do go much more slowly as Firs
  3. I must apologize for the tone of my post. I read most of the posts and it was tiresome to see the tone of some of those. I did not consider the whole matter and skipped past the posts closer to the end. My point was well stated by many others and I did not need to add to them. The last post is very clear.
  4. I read the KJV because of the agenda to minimize major doctrines in all the others. KJV has no copyright. The other versions are based corrupted manuscripts. I have responded the question and subject of this thread. GP you are kibitzing and tempting confusion if you dispute my answer (or others ) . You will stand before God as we all will. Even if you respond to this I will not reply as it is foolish to do so. If you want to start another thread to push your agenda and the moderators allow , go ahead. God is not the author of confusion .
  5. "I chuckled because I find it quite amusing that when you ask a question like this many make the assumption it is an attempted endorsement." What you say is true. The sad part is many Christians base their behavior, thoughts and even doctrinal beliefs on the popular view of others rather than pleasing God and having a clear conscience before Him.
  6. Years ago I was working in a sawmill. I rode to work with three other men. I had been in the military and left the convictions I was taught growing up, that alcohol was not to be used by Christians. After work the men I rode with would stop for a beer and I joined them. I was attending and IFCA (Independent Fundamental Churches or America) church with my wife and kids at the time. One day one of the men said " I didn't think Christians did things like this." I immediately stopped and told him why. I know many Christians struggle with the use of God's view of drinking alcohol and the word
  7. Amen!! I struggle with leading as I should. Being spiritually "lazy" causes many problems for everyone involved. Thank you for this post.
  8. I have a couple of things to add here and couple of questions. I say this as someone who is also in the situation you describe, except I was the perpetrator. I have now for years experienced the wonderful grace, mercy and love of God through my Godly wife. It is not always easy for her and there are consequences of sin but each day is a new gift and an opportunity to 1) obey God and bring glory to Him and 2) strive to be worthy of trust and love offered. I praise God for where we are in our marriage. As humans we cannot forgive and forget like God. We can remember that the offense was forgiv
  9. She is wonder. She has written volumes over the years. I am glad she has OLB as an outlet to share her writings as the Lord leads.
  10. It brings tears to my eyes to read her testimony. She allows the Spirit lead her in her writing as well as her life. I am truly blessed to have her as my helpmeet.
  11. Once again I must say what a blessing it is to have her in my life. God knew just who I needed. Words escape me right now to comment further but I will get some of my testimony down on "paper" to help accentuate hers. Thank you Lord.
  12. No need to apologize. I am proud to say she is my wife of 42 years. She is a wonder.!!!. I have observed many of the attributes of God in her and am learning more all the time.
  13. I especially like this because I reap the blessings of her loving the Lord so much. I will try to add more later and share some of my own testimony. I am grateful God provided her for me. He knew how much I need her.
  14. Galatians1: 8 But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed."
  15. The speed of light is 186,000 miles per second,,,,,,, Genesis 1:3 " And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. " No "gap" there.
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