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  1. Hello and good evening everyone! I understand that this is a forum in which one can share prayer requests, so I humbly ask you to pray for the church I started here in Mexico. The name is Iglesia Bautista La Gracia. We are currently in the process of saving for a new building property, but the church is very poor. I understand many can become fed up with requests for donations, and that many missionaries probably push it too much. I hope to not come across as that kind of missionary. I believe God listens to His children's prayers and answers them! With that in mind, would you please pray for God to touch folks' hearts to give towards the mission field! Anyone interested in specifics can find them at http://www.gofundme.com/wa9jx4 God bless! Brandon Long Phillipians 2:5-11
  2. Greetings everyone. I found this site and thought it was neat. It is interesting to see various opinions on the plethora of topics that I have already discovered here. My name is Brandon, I was born and raised in Kentucky. The Lord called me to mission work and I am currently in the most dangerous city in Mexico and have been working at a church I started about 6 months ago. I am 23 years old (I know, I'm young). I went through some bible college in Louisville, Kentucky (before you ask, it was NOT the Southern Baptist Seminary), went to school for a semester in Mexico, but most of my theological training took place at my local church under my pastor (as I believe the Bible teaches). I learned Spanish at a very early age and started working with missionaries when I was about 13. I'm glad to be on here and hope to see some helpful topics and discussions.
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