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    1Timothy115 reacted to Salyan in Bible Belt and the Pandemic. Not a smart response.   
    Exactly. A virus with a (in my county) 99.96% survival rate is not worth the title of ‘pandemic’, no matter how much they try to redefine the word. 😠
    Also, real pandemics don’t require marketing campaigns. 
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    1Timothy115 reacted to BrotherTony in Bible Belt and the Pandemic. Not a smart response.   
    This was found to be true here in the Nashville area. Someone was hit by a car and killed near Nashville, and one of the things listed as "cause of death" was the coronavirus. It was horrifying to my wife and me. We also have heard of others who have had family members dying of cancer or a heart attack who have gotten the death certificate stating that the coronavirus is a contributing cause. They are threatening legal action against the county coroner, the doctor and the hospital for allowing this lie to go unchecked. 
    I know here in the Middle Tennessee area, many people refused to wear masks and many didn't go along with the "social distancing" guidelines set forth by each county. I have to say that after the first few weeks and seeing all the evidence to the contrary of what Fauci and others were telling us, I threw away my mask. I found that when my wife and I went grocery shopping that many of the stores employees weren't even complying by wearing their mask correctly, and I pointed it out to their manager. He was upset because I wasn't wearing a mask, but he wasn't even wearing HIS mask correctly. I took pictures and sent them to corporate headquarters for the store. I also sent a text saying that I DID NOT wear a mask inside the store, nor would I. If they wanted to escort me out, they could. But, if they did, our business would go elsewhere. 
    Now, I say all that to say this, we have had MANY family members who have had the virus, and all but one recovered. But, the one who didn't recover had been released from the VA in Columbus, OH as clear of the virus, and had two heart attacks two days after he was released and sent home. He had been on a ventilator for a couple of weeks in the VA, but had apparently recovered from the virus. When he was readmitted to the hospital for the region instead of the VA hospital, he was said to have the coronavirus again. I don't see how he could have had it again after being cleared by the VA hospital. They say you can't get it again that quickly. So, either the government has been lying to us all along and have proven that this is about the transfer of wealth and testing the limits of how much power they have over people, or the "pandemic" is true and we're at risk. The recovery rate is much too high for this to be named as a true "pandemic."  People die all the time from the flu, pneumonia, etc. I've tried not to be political about this, but, it boils down to the fact that things like this happened right before or around the time of the Russian Revolution, during or around the time that Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany, etc. There's a pattern there, and I'm on who learns better from history than one who trust the government. If they want to be honest, then I will relent. Until then, I can't. I don't feel that there's proof enough to follow those mandates. Most of the police I know won't arrest people for not following the mandates because they know that this is nothing more than a transfer of wealth and power, denigrating the Mom and Pop stores, forcing many out of work and into dependence upon the government for help, and a chance for the government to destroy the centers of worship. Of course, this is my humble opinion, but, I'm still alive, and I've been exposed MANY times, especially since my wife is a front-line worker in logistics. She hasn't gotten it either, though she's been exposed hundreds of times. I can tell you that I won't debate the cause, but I have to say that I will put my faith in God almighty over the word of our government any day.
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    1Timothy115 reacted to Martyr_4_FutureJoy in Bible Belt and the Pandemic. Not a smart response.   
    A lot of news/ media/ science/ governments/ under control of pharmakeia have published endless body counts - how many died, in each city, country, hospital, from what (what they say),   etc etc etc ....
    So ?
    Death is not new.
    Dying needlessly is not new.
    Years ago I read the end of the BOOK.....   billions die.   Billions refuse to stop serving (worshiping) demons.    It's not a "pretty picture", is it ?
    A few survive.  A few are saved.  Maybe millions,  maybe even a billion ? .....
    With no worry.  No anxiety.  No fear of death at all. - ready any time to go.
    A few know what to do (it has been this way since Moses and the Israelites were slaves in Egypt,  and likely before then) ....
    So , then, what ?   Believe the system that is corrupt ?
    Or believe God ?   Trust God ?   YES! HE IS FAITHFUL and TRUE!
    Jesus was sent to heal, to save, those who were lost. 
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    1Timothy115 reacted to SureWord in Bible Belt and the Pandemic. Not a smart response.   
    Was one of them killed in a motorcycle accident because of Covid? 
    Don't you understand they are putting Corona Virus on all the death certificates because the hospitals get more federal funding because of this?
    And if what you posted is true NOBODY believes the media anymore because of the incessant lying they do and the hypocrisy of politicians who don't follow their own edicts and made excuses for the riots.
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    1Timothy115 reacted to BrotherTony in Hello, I'm BrotherTony   
    I don't know if I know anyone on this board or not, but I thought I would give it a try to get away from the toxicity of Facebook. I'll tell a little about myself. I was raised as an IFB from the age of nine until I was well into my 30s. My wife and I left the IFB movement after moving here to the Middle Tennessee area. We became members of a local SBC church soon after leaving our last IFB church. I am a lay-preacher, though I haven't preached in over 15 years because of a church split. This was in a small, country SBC church where I was one of the preachers who filled in while the pastor and/or assistant were doing other thing. After several years of searching for where the Lord wanted us, we were pointed to a small SBC church about seven miles from our home. We have been there since 2016 as members. We also have become involved to some degree with the AFCC (American Fellowship of Cowboy Churches) out of Waxahachie, TX. I attend the Tuesday night men's Bible study there. We have visited the Cowboy Church in the area, and found that I had worked with the Pastor's father until I became disabled in early 2000. Though many believe them to be a "theme church," I have found them to be quite theologically sound and working to spread the Word of God and disciple people. I'm a Christian first, then a Baptist. Blessings.
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    1Timothy115 got a reaction from BrotherTony in Hate Crimes Against Asians?   
    I had been using both or all three terms. I have had mixed opinions about what to call it. I also have friends who have adopted Chinese children and attend our church and I would never want to cause an offense. The fact remains, Jesus warned us against offending His children [Mt. 18:6-7] and Paul [Ephesians 4:29] admonished us, as well as James [3:10]. Altogether the principle is layed out in God's word very well. So, I'll take your comments seasoned with God's Word "that 'I ' may grow thereby:" paraphrase of 1 Peter 2:2. Thanks and I hope I have natural immunity to COVID-19. 
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    1Timothy115 reacted to PastorMatt in The Rapture in the Bible   
    Thank you Brother, I see no error in how you view the event in 1 Thess., as the terminology is more of a preferential difference.  If I'm going to use the the the words Trinity and Bible (They are not called those names in the Word of God), then I see no reason why I should not use the word Rapture.  I appreciate your explanation.
    I am, I believe that is the clearest answer in Scripture. I'm getting ready to start work now so I really cant explain in detail. Hopefully this weekend. Have a great day. 
    Like was already mentioned earlier, we all have preferences on this subject, to me the important aspect is the fact that He IS coming back like He promised. 
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    1Timothy115 reacted to BrotherTony in Hate Crimes Against Asians?   
    I'm in the Middle Tennessee area between Nashville and Chattanooga. I used to say "Wuhan Flu" or the "China Virus" but stopped using those phrases because I have several friends who are Asian, and our barbers both have daughter's they adopted from China years ago who are wonderful young ladies. I wasn't intentionally trying to be offensive, but I'm glad that someone who I know who is Chinese, but whose family has been in this country for hundreds of years, told me that it was somewhat offensive to him and that he believed others I knew would try to blame he and his family for something he had nothing to do with. I've stopped. It was also part of the toxic atmosphere on FB with the supporters of Trump. We, though we didn't find him the particular candidate we wanted to run the country, voted for him anyhow...both times. It was better than the alternative. But, now we HAVE that alternative in office. Anyhow, I digress. The term should be the coronavirus or Covid 19. I have had several relatives who have had it. In fact, my BIL was just released from the hospital in Peoria, IL after having been hospitalized for having the "Covid flu." I truly don't think we need to be protecting another set of American citizens with legislation like this. Pelosi knows it's divisive, but she's doing everything she can to offend the sensibilities of the Conservatives, Christians and moderate independents. May her term be short.
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    1Timothy115 reacted to SureWord in Hate Crimes Against Asians?   
    These hate crime legislations are a slippery slope. They usually are  used to target only one group of people for punishment, infringe on free speech, lead to thought police and the unequal application of justice. 
    That man who shot up those Asian massage parlors should he do more time because he killed some Asians as opposed to killing only whites (he killed both but the Asian casualties were only focused upon)? Did he shoot them because they were Asian? He says that wasn't the reason as did the cops but the media still insists it was. Should it really matter what his reason was or just that he murdered people regardless of race?
    These laws seem to be leading to more "Balkanization" of America.
    Tony Timpa, a white man who had schizophrenia, was choked to death by the police after calling for their help. Dead within 20 minutes after their arrival. He never resisted. He never held a gun to a pregnant woman's belly. He begged for them to stop. The police laughed about it afterwards (you can watch the video on YouTube). No riots, no mention in the media, no arrests, no policemen jailed, not even a loss of a paycheck. Nobody cares. A Bush appointed judge dismissed all charges against the cops. No equal application of the law and that is the danger of hate legislation. They are racist laws.
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    1Timothy115 reacted to Jim_Alaska in The Rapture in the Bible   
    Yes, I do have that belief; but coupled with it is the fact that in 1Thess. when He comes for us, He in fact "comes". That, to me, is a part of His "coming".
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    1Timothy115 reacted to Ukulelemike in The Rapture in the Bible   
    I doubt any of our theology on this subject are absolutely correct-the Bible says actually quite a bit, but things like timing, and time periods between events, are very vague. I hold to the post-trib/pre-wrath rapture position, and have quite a few reasons for it, but I'm not dogmatic about it, either, because the Bile doesn't really lay out the timing clearly, so I have never considered it a 'fundamental', timing-wise, nor anything to separate over, though I know some who do separate over the timing of the rapture. 
    By the way, I don't hold to it due to any Anderson teachings, as I have never heard his teaching on it.   I think the fact that it WILL occur is abundantly clear, and that it is yet future, but as for much more than that, all we can reasonably do is speculate, maybe strongly, but still, I give myself space to be wrong.
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    1Timothy115 reacted to PastorMatt in Hate Crimes Against Asians?   
    Whenever you deal with humans you will have deal with all sins. With that being said, none of the churches I have been a part of have I seen any hatred toward Asians, but I'm sure that it is out there somewhere in some IFB and other churches. It's sad if it does exist. 
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    1Timothy115 reacted to SureWord in Hate Crimes Against Asians?   
    Every race, nationality and etnic-religious group has experienced hate at one time or another. Right now it's white people on the receiving end of most of it from the media and academia. You'll find that most hate towards minorities actually come from leftists despite how the try to portray it. I live out in the country and everyone gets along.
    As far as from IFBers I have never heard of hate towards Asians but I'm sure it occurs just like with any other group. 
    P.S. I love Dr. Gene Kim
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    1Timothy115 got a reaction from BrotherTony in Who wrote this?   
    I use the 1769 Cambridge KJV and like you and your TCR I wouldn't have another until my eyesight requires one. I can not and will not support 'double inspiration. I do fully support God preserving HIS Word in my KJV. 
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    1Timothy115 reacted to PastorMatt in The Rapture in the Bible   
    @jeff_student_of_Jesus Could you please expound on your following quote bellow from a status update reply from you?
    I guess I'm asking if the rapture is "made up"  from worldly people then please expound on the verses in the Bible that talks about the church meeting Christ in the Air?
    I'm not concerned about the Word Rapture, but rather the Rapture principle. 
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    1Timothy115 reacted to SureWord in Quotations Anyone?   
    "Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do." 
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    1Timothy115 reacted to PastorMatt in Christophobia - An Anti-Christian sentiment   
    All throughout the news you hear things about people being homophobic and so forth. Of course the term homophobic seems to have changed definitions from the meaning "having or showing a dislike of or prejudice against gay people" to disagreeing with the gay lifestyle.
    Anyway, this topic is not about that, but the term Christophobic. Would that mean someone who is against Christians mean they are Christophobic? 
    It seems that now every group is protected except Christians.  I heard the term Christophobic the other day and it got me thinking. Anyone else hear this term before?
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    1Timothy115 reacted to Ukulelemike in Who wrote this?   
    Yes, they weren't there, because they didn't need to be there in the original language-it was added for clarification, because it didn't translate directly into English the way it read in the Greek. So yes, it was added, but the thought was there, it just didn't translate. Some thing. Like Spanish has certain word that are in the female sense, and some in the male sense, Hermano and hermana, both of which translate as friend, but one, we would write as male friend, the other as female friend, because English doesn't have all the words words to specify male and female that way; (those we had, like actress and actor, have been dispensed with, as people think them sexist.) Same idea.
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    1Timothy115 reacted to SureWord in Who wrote this?   
    No, "the liberal belief system" would say that Genesis was made up of five different textual sources all compiled and edited together as one with some Babylonian mythology thrown in for good measure probably around the time of king Cyrus or the building of the 2nd Temple.
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    1Timothy115 reacted to SureWord in Who wrote this?   
    No, the italicized words in I John 2:23 were not there. 
    Would Moses refers to himself in the third person? Because there's plenty of times he would have if he wrote the books himself.
    I don't see the problem with the Pentateuch being written by one of his scribes as Jeremiah had Baruch, Paul had his writers, the four gospels of Jesus Christ not being written by Jesus.
    Yes, but then why not write, "Therefore I wrote this song..." if he wrote Genesis.
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    1Timothy115 reacted to Jerry in Who wrote this?   
    There are several places within the book of Deuteronomy itself that relate God directly telling Moses what to write, including the account of his death - that means it was written by him, during his lifetime - not hundreds of years later. That philosophy just creates doubt and uncertainty about the Word of God.
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    1Timothy115 got a reaction from HappyChristian in Alan has gone on to be with the Lord   
    Alan has been a blessing to me on many occasions in the past and recently as well, both privately and publicly. His insight will be missed but, the Lord has need of Him.
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    1Timothy115 reacted to Pastor Scott Markle in Alan has gone on to be with the Lord   
    I counted Brother Alan to be a faithful servant of our Lord and a valued online friend.  I thank the Lord for the past number of years wherein I was able to experience Brother Alan's friendship and spiritual edification through Online Baptist.  I am certainly praying for his wife and family, concerning comfort in their grief and help with their needs.  I will miss him here.
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    1Timothy115 reacted to John Young in Alan has gone on to be with the Lord   
    This short but powerful message of Alan's sums up his life's mission. He lived it to the very end for the Glory of God. 
    Another classic sermon of his was about heaven and the New Jerusalem. He loved the topic and now he is living it. 
    These two messages from Alan will be a blessing to hear. Though he is gone we will meet him again!
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    1Timothy115 reacted to 1Timothy115 in Alan has gone on to be with the Lord   
    Alan has been a blessing to me on many occasions in the past and recently as well, both privately and publicly. His insight will be missed but, the Lord has need of Him.
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