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  1. Correct but lol your talking to a guy that has a street ministry. Its not just him but the people that claim to be Christian that bought into his Marxist theology. These are Bible believing Christians that confess Jesus. Yet they honor this guy and and his social ideals. Nothing one can do but many Christians find it hard to separate this all out when the Bible believing Christians that think this guy is swell. Refuse to separate or even say what you just said. He was a heretic. I have never heard that out of any black church or mouth they should be shouting it to the heavens. In my opinion. So they know the difference between a heretic and WHAT WE ALL BELIEVE IN AS BORN AGAIN BIBLE BELIEVING CHRISTIANS. Come out from among them and be separate and no one is setting the example and thats not good for these people that believe one and all that MLK was sent from God. Or was some kind of prophet the Catholic church wanted to make him a saint I read. He led a lot of people down a really dark road and they still believe in that guy
  2. I understand that particularly the drug abuse. Which keep reaching worse and worse levels. Its like even Christians get swallowed up in this we should all love one and accept one another. True people have their rights which is Biblical. People that say they are solid Bibles Christians yet they have no problem with communism and abortion and sodomites. That think everything is social justice. I am purposely separating those people out. Because they seem to be society's norm and measuring line. If your for them hey your a good person and that's what Jesus was about equal rights. For the black, sodomite, Hindu and Buddhist and the Jew. When really those people are wicked if they aren't saved. I think what I am saying is Martin Luther King was an evil heretic that has the praise of all men basically (especially the msm) and sucked a lot of people into his heresy which a great many follow today and don't even realize it. Offend someone about him its worse than offending God with a lot of people that say they are Christian. MLK was basically the start of the social gospel in America potentially
  3. Seems like the social gospel of Christianity promoted by heretics and the media. Is winning America over. If i support equal rights and sodomites and even the kind of Communism that Martin Luther King infused into the black community. I am accepted then. Whats wrong with those people. Something is wrong with them. They support abortion which is legal thru all 9 months right up until the day of birth. They support sodomite rights. They by proxy support atheists who love the social gospel. I'm not going to call anyone that calls themselves Christian black white or other that stand for that kind of evil my brother. MLK thats Hebrew I guess for Molech those letters. The God they sacrificed children too. Somethings way, way, off with this social gospel. I start to wonder about Babylon and Nimord just why people calling themselves Christian don't have Christian righteousness about a lot of things they should have...
  4. I didn't know they had 3 grades of heaven. That second one is a new one on me. The gospel saves in my opinion. I guess you can contend the facts. I like it when preacher gets on TV say in a secular interview and slips bible verses about salvation into the conversation. Debating is interesting but tiring to me in many ways its goes round and round with this misnomer and that one until the words of the gospel are added.
  5. Study the bible and about narcotics pharmakeia I believe its called and freemasonry. None of that fascinates me. The web is great for research and youtube also. Several people mentioned sources in this thread. If you read back. Its all there in the research when you find credible sources.
  6. Knowing what I know about them I wouldn't come within a country mile of that place lol. Nor would I knowing associate with one on a personal level. Weather they know whats going on or not. Christ and salvation is the priority in my life.
  7. Simple facts. Of course me and my witnessing brother discussed it. His uncle was one of the top guys in his state with the Freemasons. Do some research and you'll find out thats exactly what they believe. All Gods are lesser gods thats in the lower levels and the ultimate revelation that Lucifer is their most high. Reveled in the higher Mason degrees. The other gods do his bidding. Basically its witchcraft in my opinion again. Lucifer most certainly has a place with the governments of the earth. Hard to dispute that also. I would not play with it for certain. I make no judgements. I am only interested with salvation of the individual weather it be a witch or drug addict (same deal lol) Killer or polygamist. In arguing anything other than salvation. Sometimes its necessary to have a working knowledge of what they are trapped in. However Salvation in my opinion is sufficient in all situations. People don't always say............. I would never have anything to do with freemasons on a personal level and would avoid it. I like being with saved wholly dedicated to Christ Christians and nothing else. I do like preaching the Gospel however.....
  8. My witnessing compadres Uncle was a big shot Mason who accepted Christ on his death bed. Basically what you find out in the highest degrees is they believe that Christ and the God of the Bible are the subordinate "lower" Gods and the highest is Lucifer. What you get is the revelation at the very highest levels that Lucifer is God the lower levels you just are taught that all other gods are subordinate gods. But you have to learn in the lower levels before that can be reveled to you. In the highest degrees you get the secrets and that they believe Lucifer is God. In a way its Biblical IN THAT LUCIFER DOES LEAD THE NATIONS ASTRAY. What is meant by that is he's in the game for certain. Basically in my opinion its witchcraft.
  9. I dunno thats what an ex Jehovah's witness was saying on the internet. They don't advertise it on their outdoor racks that i can see.
  10. I encounter these people at train stations. Subways. They get a permit and set up in the train station. I'm usually going thru the station pretty quick so I let them have it lol. A nice rebuke and I'm on. They are suckers for those higher ups. Millions in real estate holdings and printed material one guy pointed out hey why not just put all the Jehovah's Witness material on the internet and www on the racks they use uhuh no money that way it would seem. The "witnesses" are suckers and little profit centers for the 144k in my opinion. For some reason it really bothers me when they set up in the hispanic neighborhoods. Door to door to I guess. They don't do much at the train stations just stand there
  11. Simply rebuking them spreading their error. If it was a Hindu I probably would not do that. Nothing wrong with pointing out common sense things either. Like they are suckers for the higher ups. These people are actively out there like Catholics aren't. Also recruiting lol on my turf too. The KJV leaves them without much answer also. I don't use those other versions.
  12. I know that. My point is there is hardly anything said about Pakistan's nuclear program compared to say NK or Iran's. Since its funded by the Saudi's (which came as a real shock to me). They donate heavily to American politicians say in the form of the Clinton foundation. The Bushes sided with the Clintons last election a brother from another mother George calls Bill? Why? They need to shut the loopholes that let foreign governments use conduits like the Clinton foundation and similar. In some countries if you take outside money they execute you as a traitor. It's illegal for American officials to take outside money. In my opinion Pakistan getting nukes is outrageous, glaring and egregious. Given the fact it's one of Osama's hideouts and he recruited there also. Can anyone forget 9/11?
  13. Sometimes I get pretty blunt with them. Telling them they belong to a cult and are suckers for working for the exclusive group of leaders. Their real estate holdings are vast. Asked once I guess Ray Kroc of McDonald's fame said lol I'm not in the hamburger game but real estate. Mcdonald's has vast real estate holdings. That gives you an idea in addition to the publishing fees how well that gang of thieves makes out that run the Jehovah's witnesses. No one is nice like that all the time a lot of that is feigned in my opinion.
  14. I dunno maybe its just my town I don't run into a lot of the witness people for some reason.
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