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  1. You may think what you like. If you would have taken the time to read the book, instead of just the introduction you would realize that my focus is moving into the freedom of Christ. I do apologize about the title. I did not hold that back for any reason. You have succeeded. I will get out of this forum. While some are kind and helping me with scriptures and view. Alan you seem just like what I am talking about in my book. I am NOT going to take anymore of my time dealing with angry people. Thank you to those who made comments about how many Independent Baptist are out there that have stayed with the Word. I hope and pray our area will get some of those churches. If all you see is bad, you tend to think they are all that way. Thank you for correcting me on that insight. There is really nothing else for me to say. Thanks especially to John who really gave some good comments. Alan, not to be called a brother is harsh. I will not respond to anymore of your comments, or even read them. You can not pass judgement without reading the book. Wait, you are not supposed to pass judgement on me if I am a brother or not. It is you and your anger I will pray about. Hey, I bet you are angry right now.
  2. Alan, I want you to understand. I am not angry at Independent Baptist. Chill Brother. I am expressing what went on in some churches in central North Carolina. As far as names of pastors or churches. Sorry. I do not think that would be wise. As far as more witnesses to the legalism. Yes. The son of one of the pastors had to leave his dad's church because of the legalism. I did not write the book to express anger. You have missed the point. Maybe I should have expressed it better. One prOBlem I have with anyone is to get so angry that someone else has a different point of view. That was also very prevalent in the churches. What happened to love your brother. I love the former pastors of the legalistic churches. I just know that they are not teaching God's Word as it is. I will wipe off the dust and move on. I do have the right to warn others. Alan, I hope you get my point. You seem very angry. You should take some points from John's comments.
  3. Alan, I am not going to name names. It would not be the proper thing to do. What benefit would that be to you? I do not want to hurt brothers in Christ. Just because they have gone astray does not mean they should be blasted. To answer your question about having another brother to confirm whether the pastor is legalistic, yes. His son! His son confronted him. When the son confronted him his dad would not have anything to do with him or his children. You will just have to take my word for it. If you purchase my book, Breaking the Bondage from Independent Baptist, you will get the full picture. I am not going to go into detail again about the legalistic, bondage ridden church. Again I stress there are a lot of good Independent Baptist Churches. Not many in the central part of North Carolina.
  4. Thank you John. What you have been saying sounds like it comes from your heart. I apologize if I made anyone upset. Thank you again for your comment. I will trust the Lord to guide me to the place where I can worship and serve Him. I wish I was close to your church. You have been very kind and understanding of my hurt.
  5. John, that is hitting the nail on the head. That is exactly what I got caught up in. We had good preachers from around the country preach at our church. Back in the day, Curtis Hudson, Dr. Lee ROBinson, Carl Hatch. My pastor visited Indiana and everything went down hill after that. Changes, preaching style, standards, (not biblical standards) his opinion. A trip to Texas and back did me in. He took the church to a bondage level. If you showed up to a bus meeting without a tie, you got raked over the coals. Just saying. I left and went to two other churches. After being there for awhile I realized it was the same thing going on, just different ways. I even questioned about the guys wearing shorts. Pastor said it was OK. Before you would be dismissed from any church function. Independent is an understatement. It was still legalistic. There is so much that I have experienced. That is why I wrote the book. I Love the Lord, I am not angry, I believe in KJV, Soul winning, Bus Ministry, Godly standards, God honoring music. I just don't like the bondage so many preachers and churches place on it's members that does not come from God's Word. Example No singing specials without being a member of the choir. (It did not matter that I was running sound board for choir and could not be in it) No saying Amen if you are not living a perfect life. White Shirt required if you go on the platform, not to mention a tie always. Ladies must wear dresses, of course that is not a bad idea, but if you came in medical scrubs from work, you could not do anything. Hair, no facial hair, hair must not touch ears. Ladies could not have short hair. Miss going out Soul winning, you were confronted and made to feel guilty. Bible, if you had tabs, you were made fun of. You were told you did not know where the books of the bible were. There are so many things I could write a book, wait....I did.
  6. John, you are pretty much right. You have expressed what I may have had a hard time doing. I want folks to open their eyes. I have been hurt so much by the legalistic church that I felt folks needed to hear my story to be aware of what is out there. Thanks for your comment.
  7. I understand everyone's point. Except for what Alan posted. Really, a legalistic church is better than what? I am not angry. I am just putting my personal story out there. I realize there are good IBC in America. In my location, most of them are what I spoke about. It is very dangerous to ignore the prOBlems. I believe in the Baptist doctrine. I believe more in the Word of God. I do use the KJV, I believe in reaching others and sowing the seed. I am not convinced that I must wear a tie and never miss a church service. If I did in every IBC I ever was a part of, guilt was poured out like water. I am not advertising my book. I am not making any money on it. I just want people to be informed. On another note, If you are angry, feel like your way is the only way, you fall into the category I was speaking of. Are you saying some Baptists teach other modes of salvation? Yes to that question. Saved by grace, going to Heaven, but work or have guilt preached to you. That is what I have experienced. If you don't like what has happened in the Independent Baptist Church, change it. Help others realize that their are good church's. Where I am at, not so much. North Carolina
  8. I am a new member. I was an Independent Baptist for many years. Very involved, bus ministry, proper dress, teacher. Now, the church has become so legalistic I had to write a book on my experiences. Breaking the Bondage from Independent Baptist, Phil COBle. Amazon. If you would like to discuss this in the future you can send me a reply. I would like to be convinced that I am wrong. In my book I explain my prOBlems. I know this, I am saved! I am free in Christ.

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