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  1. While I'm against denominationalism. I'm not opposed to a church using titles to show what they believe, their church tradition, and who they fellowship with, and anything else that is important to them. So far it is the best and fastest way to know generally what a church believes and practices.
  2. I'm vaccinated an I felt it was the right choice for my family after much research and speaking with our family Doctors. I'm 100% opposed to the socialist approach to health and oppose forced vaccination. It needs to remain a personal health choice. The vaccine did cause a normal immune response for about a day where we ran a slight fever but were fine the next day. My company under pressure to comply with the illegal mandates so is now asking for a copy of my card as they are considering implementing biweekly testing for the un vaccinated. I told them I'm vaccinated but wont be providing any medical documents as proof. We'll see how that goes. I may decline their possible future request to do testing but haven't decided yet.
  3. The Four Stage return of Christ - A Basic Revelation Outline, Part – 3 The return for Righteous Israel, Led by the two witnesses and 144,000 sealed and elect saints of God. -Chapters 8-14 The return For His Nation (Saving Sealed Israel, 7 Trumpets) Time: Last half of the week Chapter 8-9: Christ opens 7th seal initiating Prayer of Slaughtered Saints from 6:10-11, 7:13-15 and Psalm 79. and Six angels sound the coming Judgment of God. Chapter 10: John is shown the Seven Thunders that will come just after the seventh angel sounds but before the vial judgments. They will reveal God's eternal plans. Chapter 11: Two temple prophets described. Called away just before 7th angel sounds. Chapter 12: New's Israel's Spiritual struggle with The Devil is shown. Chapter 13: The earth's Struggle with the Beast and False Prophet is shown. Chapter 14: Christ gathers Israel to Mt. ZION and gathers the World to be judged. After the 144,000 flee Jerusalem and are safely out of anti-Christ/devil's reach (Rev 12:6,17) and with the two witnesses defending and proclaiming at the Jerusalem temple (Rev 11:2-3) they turn their focus on the world's remaining believers and attempts to slaughter them all in a world wide Great Tribulation Purge (Rev 6:11, 7:9-14, 13:5-8). Their arrival and prayers in heaven causes Christ to open the Seventh seal which initiates the 7 trumpets which sound the coming of Christ to earth to rescue Israel and judge Babylon for the slaughter. They are meant as clear and visible warnings for all to repent. (Rev 9:20-21) During this end times slaughter the vail between heaven and earth is removed and can be seen by earth (Rev 6:12-17, Mat24:27). Heavenly destruction and signs are shown by the trumpets but the anti-Christ/ false Prophet manipulates many to follow them instead of repenting, by deceiving them in seeing heaven as the enemy of man and the signs as their own (Rev 13:5-7). This continues for 42 months/1260 days until the 7th trumpet sounds and Christ physically steps foot on Mt. of Olives (Zech 14:1-11, Acts 1:6-12) and Gathers his elect 144,000 to Mt. Zion from the wilderness (Rev 14:1, Mat 24:30-31). In his arrival and just after the angels gather New Israel, he sends forth one last call to surviving nations to repent before reaping and poring out the vials of judgments on Babylon (Rev 14:6-12, Joel 2:30-32). Trumpets: 1st: Hail and fire mingled with blood falls on earth, 2nd: As it were a great mountain burning with fire falls on earth, 3rd: A great star from heaven (wormwood) falls on earth, 4th: Third part of the sun, moon stars are smitten, and an angel giving warning of three more woes to come, 5th: A star falls from heaven (opening the pit releasing locust and the angel leader Abaddon to torment men for 5 months), 6th: Releases 4 angels from Euphrates which initiates an army of 200k horsemen (Joel 2:1-11) prepared to kill men (starting a year, day and hour before the last trumpet), 7th: the mystery of God as he declared to the prophets, is finished. And announces the arrival of Israel's Christ on earth. Notes: The timeline for the end time is given by the following verses: Church age: Now till the rapture. Rev 1:10, 4:1-2, Acts 1:6-8 (and possibly Ten days tribulation just before the rapture as referenced in Rev 2:10) Tribulation (seals broken): Rapture till the desolation, 1290 days. Dan 8:13-14;12:11 Great tribulation: 35/45 days of intense killing after desolation and cleansing of the temple. Dan 12:12 Trumpets of Wrath: Desolation till Christ return 1260 days. Rev 11:1-3 Vial Judgments: When Christ returns, One day and an hour. Rev 18:8;10,17,19
  4. Also current medical gender transition therapies do irreversible harm while not providing the mental peace and transition they promise to their victims. In the linked article they show the same faulty science that came up with lobotomy (trying to change mental issues with inept physical procedures) is currently being done with gender dysphoria. https://inspiredteentherapy.com/parallels-between-lobotomy-and-childhood-gender-transition/
  5. The book each one holds makes all the difference.
  6. Gen2:1-7 are concluding and transitioning verses from creation of the world as the subject to man and the garden being the subject.
  7. That's the order of things brought to the garden of Eden and not the order of created things in the greater world or the universe. Genesis 1 God makes the universe. Genesis 2 the LORD God makes a garden within that same universe with the same first beings and then brings it all there to make the garden. They were not created at that moment but rather brought there.
  8. The Adam and Eve of Gen 2 are the same and first Man and Woman of Genesis 1.
  9. There is only one of Creation. The second is is specifically of the Garden of Eden, not all of creation. God gave the broad picture in chapter 1 and then narrowed down in chapter 2 to what happened in that specific location.
  10. And yet when it does makes scientific statements it is always completely true and accurate and are meant to be accepted by believers as such even when we may not completely understand how it can be reconciled with current secular theories. We must remember as believers, the bible is written with the Spiritual as a distinct and tangible reality. Secular science however must by design start its observation on the lower material realm. God starts with all knowledge of both Material and Spiritual but man's knowledge without God's help can only start in that material observations that are often inconsistent and have to be rethought when new and ever complex concepts are discovered. Its foolish to try to redefine what scripter means by the meagerly and inept theories when the Devine has clearly explained to us. “For the scientist who has lived by his faith in the power of reason, the story ends like a bad dream. He has scaled the mountains of ignorance, he is about to conquer the highest peak; as he pulls himself over the final rock, he is greeted by a band of theologians who have been sitting there for centuries.” ~ Robert Jastrow, "God and the Astronomers"
  11. Regeneron's Anti-body therapy (REGEN-COV) for Post corvid patents (the therapy that President Trump took when he had COVID) has now been approved for those who can't take the vaccine. This means that if you took the vaccine or couldn't and for some reason you got infected, then you can be infused with antigens to help reduce or eliminate the symptoms, depending on the viral load or aggressiveness of the infection. So if you declined the vaccine and get infected you may want to remember this drug name for later... https://www.fda.gov/drugs/drug-safety-and-availability/fda-authorizes-regen-cov-monoclonal-antibody-therapy-post-exposure-prophylaxis-prevention-covid-19
  12. We can beat this together! Lets do it! LOL umm No thanks...
  13. Literal virgin males on earth were sealed. 12,000 from each tribe, just as it was told to him. The Multitude he saw in heaven was a different group of slaughtered saints that came to heaven after the 144,000 were sealed on earth. The 144,00 are sealed on earth then go into the wilderness, where they are protected from death, for the last half of the tribulation. They don't go to heaven after being sealed but are gathered back to Jerusalem after the tribulation week is over.
  14. Men without faith, without Holy Spirit power to win souls; defeated men who bear little or no fruit say there will be no more great revivals. But God didn't say it! ~ Dr. John R. Rice
  15. The concept seems interesting and the way you are doing it is pretty professional. Good job! As a kid I liked these sorts oft things and a nice uncle (like uncle charley on kids corner) helping out with life lessons for youngsters seem pretty neat. While you want to be accurate and moral for the listeners, a character with small failings is more approachable than one who seems perfect.
  16. Granted you can have people try to mix doctrines from various teachers but that doesn't mean it's what others believe. There doctrine would then be their own doctrine and not the groups they got bits from. Also, simply stating the fact that the Book of John doesn't say "repent" or "repentance" isn't mid-Acts doctrine. The point is to show that when John says "Believe" it is the SAME act of Repentance that ALL of the Gospel books and Apostles teach.
  17. He clarified his position on repentance, stating he always held to repentance and that acknowledgement of sin was important in repentance to salvation. What he has always disagreed with was promising not to sin for salvation and works salvation.
  18. Getting vaccinated is important but our Freedom is more important. It is possible to have both health and safety but not if we allow communists to dictate our health choices as a nation. I agree with how Rand Paul puts it here:
  19. Was it actually members of their churches or non-member YouTube junkies who watch a few NIFB videos and then think they have a right to correct everyone else? As far as I know their official position has always been to respect the local church pastor and to keep quiet and respectful at any church they happen to visit. When I was pastoring in WA we would have a few from Sure Foundation Baptist Church come through on vacation or work trips and that was always the experience. I do know of one case where the pastor of a small town church in WA invited that church in to help theirs with some soulwinning outreach and things, which they were always willing to do for small churches that needed help, but in reality had done it to pull them into a church split that was going on. I don't know much more than that though.
  20. No I wouldn't call them a cult in the modern sense of the word. Its best just to consider them their own Baptist camp. We all do things a bit differently and they more so in certain areas. Just because one group of Baptist has different practices or doctrines than ours or another group doesn't automatically make them a cult.
  21. Andersonites aren't Dispensationalist (They teach a type of Reformed Covenant Theology) nor do they believe in multiple Gospels for salvation (they teach faith in Christ alone).
  22. The Four Stage return of Christ - A Basic Revelation Outline, Part - 2 (See Part 1 and Book outline here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6s_Q...) The Return for His house the Temple. And the restarting of Israelite prophesy. Chapters 5-7 The Return for His House (Cleansing the Temple, 7 Seals) Time: Rapture til Midweek Chapter 5: Christ is found worthy to open the book and start Daniel’s 70th week (D.9). Chapter 6: Christ opens six seals, which initiates the first half of Daniel’s 70th week. Chapter 7: Christ re-initiates events of Ezekiel and Matt 23-24 leading to desolation of Anti-Christ Israel, The great tribulation, and the birth of righteous Israel. Christ, reunited with his Spiritual body, now claims his role as Head of Israel (5:5-6) and in order to restart Daniel’s 7th Week (Dan 9:24) as a judgment upon Israel (1 Peter 4:17, 1 Cor 11:31, Matt 23:29-39, Heb 10:5-10, Psalm 40:4-10, Acts 7:34-60) which had been indefinably delayed until the gospel was preached (Luke 16:16, Rom 11:11,25, Acts1:6-8, Matthew 24:14, Dan 12:8-13, Rev 10:1,5-7, Rom 8:21-23). The scroll is the delayed prophesy and seals are things needed to be put in place to initiate his coming judgment and to reclaim his earthly throne (The ark ), as shown in the visions of Ezekiel 7-11. This throne will be transported to Israel’s desolate house (the Temple in Israel), in which the Ani-Christ will attempt to claim by placing his image in it (2 Thess 2:1-12, Ez 8:1-4) midweek. This act cause God's glory to appear upon the throne, who then directs seven angels judge the wicked and seal the righteous in the temple and in Jerusalem (Ez 8:17-18, Ez 9). This event will anger the Anti-Christ who will then retaliate by initiating war against the saints who flee Jerusalem and enter the wilderness (Matthew 24:15-22, Rev 12:14). The anti-Christ will then initiate the “Great tribulation purge” by slaughtering any non-sealed but repentant people he can find and will reclaim the city (Psalm 79, Reva 6:9-11, 7:9-12) but not the temple or the inner court which will be divinely protected so that he two prophets God chooses can witness in the inner court before the temple doors to the world (Revelation 11:2-3, Zech 4:14, 9:8). Of note is the contrast of Christ in Revelation 1 and in Revelation 5: 1. midst of the seven candlesticks vs in the midst of the throne, four beasts, and elders 2. like unto the Son of man vs a Lamb as it had been slain (Heb 9:26), Lion of Judah, Root of David 3. had in his right hand seven stars vs seven horns and seven eyes/ Spirits of God (Zech 3:8, 4:10) 4. have the keys of hell and of death vs prevailed to open book, and to loose the seven seals Summery Notes: Scroll represents the prophetic events promised to Israel that have been sealed until the Great Commission is completed (Dan 12:9). Christ being the initiator and author of all prophetic events has chosen to stop and seal up Israeli (and by default the word's) end time events so that in the church age only our commission is known (Acts 1:6-8). Breaking the seals causes forces to go forth and initiate the events leading up to the abomination of desolation which will cause Israel and the world to be judged. Seals: Horses: (1) War, (2) Famine, (3) Pestilence, (4) Death. (5) Prayer of Slaughtered saints, (6) earth quaking and heaven revealed and the abomination in the temple destroyed, (7) Silence in heaven for half an hour then incense representing prayer of the Saints is offered, just before trumpets sound.
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