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  1. Maybe when he first herd this it was in a hoten' and holleren' preaching conference and the guy preaching said " Jesus got his disciples 6 months IN TO JOHN's ministry" but he was in the back the preacher was in a preachen' fit and so he heard END OF JESUS' ministry....
  2. Does that mean they believe the virus is the mark of Christ? after all you can't have one with out the other first.
  3. Sen. Cruz: CDC Making Decisions Based on Politics, Not Science My view is similar to that expressed by Sen. Ted Cruz.
  4. While we all have strong opinions, and its fine to express them, at the end of the day we need to keep our perspective on how Christ wants us to express those things to each other. Thankyou for the reminder. As for your conversations, I prefer direct and blunt. It saves time. Regardless (while we can be our own worst critic and know the areas we need to improve in) I've not not felt your conversations were at all rude or condescending even when being blunt or disagreeable and felt they were always seasoned with a bit of care for who you were speaking to and I respect that in you. Thanks for having that grace in your conversations.
  5. That's true however we know exceptions are not the rule and that there are also things that still hold true for all such as we all need to breath air and drink water. We may excuse sizes or amounts but we can't excuse the thing itself.
  6. Sound good but not true. We know salvation is free and that the Christian life works but there is a lot of opposition because of Satan and lovers of sin. Same thing with health, proper diet and exercise is better than any medicine but just look and see how many people are fat. The list could go on and on.
  7. While churches should never try to make an "online virtual church" (not a real church) they also shouldn't exclude any type of media because the great commission compels us to use all mediums to reach the world for Christ. To exclude TV radio, tracts news papers, online video, or audio podcast, etc. just to protest a part of the modern world would be a mistake. In the world but not of the world includes being salt and light online as well as at the door step.
  8. I could ask the same for government officials who think they can intrude on individual liberty. Sure I think everyone should get the vaccine who are advised by there doctor and those who don't can bare the responsibility for their own health and the ability or inability to receive care based on what is available but the government should not be allowed to force vacine upon them.
  9. A dangerous precedent for government officials to be thinking in these terms. borders on newspeak and a precursor terminology that dictators use to justify division and deadly force against the populace.
  10. Trump and Pence are pro-vaccine by the way.... so the Anti-Vac movement is not their fault. (unless someone thinks he is promoting the Anti-Vac movement by not forcing it on people and allowing freedom of choice.) "I would recommend it, and I would recommend it to a lot of people that don't want to get it. And a lot of those people voted for me, frankly. But, you know, again, we have our freedoms and we have to live by that, and I agree with that also," Trump said during an interview with Fox News on Tuesday. "But it's a great vaccine, it's a safe vaccine, and it's something that works." https://www.npr.org/2021/03/16/978008056/trump-encourages-his-supporters-to-get-covid-19-vaccine-within-limits-of-freedom
  11. Today in congress Rand Paul challenged Fauci on the "natural virus" claim and is narrowing in on the claim that it may not be natural as evidence is starting to reveal. WHO, CDC, Fauci and the communist government claim it was from nature but more and more evidence is coming out to support the US intelligence and chinese defectors and wisleblower claims that it is not natural and came from the lab.
  12. Okay I'll forgive the skepticism. I didn't make my offer to help based on trying to promote the main line view but to help with basic fundamental facts as people consider the issues. I have no interest in parroting stuff or giving details about the people and places I work with to justify my statement because this is an online public form. If you are not interested in the practical science and logistics and preferer the sensationalism of speculative conspiracy then that's up to you. I have no interest in it and won't spend the time to justify my offer of practical conversation on the subject based on my real experience and recourses. Believe what and who you want. It won't effect me one way or another. I'm willing to discus the practical if anyone has questions on that side of things.
  13. Not looking to fight or argue with you. I'm just looking to help those who want practical information on the subject rather than speculation on "what could be possible".
  14. Thanks Bro. Matt. As part of my security job I deal with a lot of the government covid regulations and securing pharmaceuticals here in MI and the vaccine process. I'm Pro-mRNA Vaccines and social distancing/quarantining but Anti-Lockdown. A lot of miss-information is being passed around on both sides who don't understand the science and the mechanics of actually researching, producing, marketing, logistics, and regulations of pharmaceuticals. I deal with the business end of this stuff everyday so if anyone has technical questions I can probably answer a lot of them.
  15. There like merit badges for participating in the forum! I heard if we earn them all we win a pony! Not sure how many there are tho. Lol
  16. I don't doubt that they are researching its possibilities but that's all it is right now. Graphene has amazing possibilities to be used in many capacities and products. However it is no where near production phase for what they are trying to claim in regards to mass producing biochips in vaccines. That's fictional technology cobbled tether from a few partial truths of what could be to make it seem possible for those who don't understand the products and mechanisms involved.
  17. Fake news. The person who proposed that was a psychologist Jane Ruby who gets sadistic pleasurer out of the fact that her myth is going viral. People need to be very leery of psychologist who make up rumors in order to mess with people's minds. She's crafting a story and trying to get people to believe it. (A similar thing happened with QAnon election myths that features several obscure psychologist that came out as experts and crafted fake rammers and stories to manipulate trump voters and state legislators.) These types are growing more and more because there is a market for them. Back in the day they were called charlatans but now they are today's viral "experts" whos only expertise is their online backstory and their ability to play on our mistrust of government.
  18. Technically today's "wealthy family" is in charge of a cooperation that is not actually run as a family but as a corporation that gives the family money but is not family based. If the family all passed away the corp. would continue on without them. A true family business continues only with the family and is the family doing the work.
  19. I'm not suggesting, I'm saying! And for anyone reading, I'm NOT saying Communisim is the solution as they are even more desperate to break up the family and make people into slave workers. The only difference is the government is the only corporation allowed to control production. Biblically The family is supposed to be the strongest unit that controls their means of wealth through inherited land. Corporations and governments need to be checked by a nation of strong wealthy families or you will end op with governments (communism) or corporations (crony capitalism) oppressing them.
  20. I agree. The new order is about producing workers for corporations and not about producing and protecting the Family household. Its in the corporation's best interest for workers not to be independently wealthy, so lobby government to incentivize renting and loans vs personal land ownership and family business. Government likes it because they can get more money and power over poor workers vs wealthy families.
  21. Just like in the civil ware and great depression, etc the corporations always go after the land while its cheap. he who holds the land holds the power of the nation. Far fewer families are passing down the farm because of the oppressive government land and estate taxes and tend to sell them to corp. if they corp. doesn't just buy it for the taxes. The corp. can do that and turn around and get tax breaks the individual family can't get.
  22. You know your family best. Some need a continual silent and soft approach and others may need a direct to the point reality check but all need it done in love. Praying God will give you wisdom to when and how to minister as he leads you.
  23. Agreed its good to be reserved on most things especially when you have current medical issues that need to be monitored by a doctor. In my opinion those who social distance and keep away from others during a pandemic while consulting with their doctor on best practices for their condition, can wait until the long term trials are over before deciding to take it. Unfortunately, so many were hyped up by their respective "sides" that many either intentionally spread it by holding COVID parties or got so fearful that their initiated dangerous lockdown rules that were worse then the virus and that made it all but impossible to NOT get it. Not to mention the many people who were driven to fear that they went against medical waning not to take it because of their condition (or even hid their condition so they could) that they harmed themselves or even died from it As for the old style yearly Pneumonia or flu vaccines, I'm pretty healthy so I have no interest in getting them because of their toxic chemicals, side effects, ethical issues ect. Its interesting to note though, that the issues people had with the old style of vaccines are essentially eliminated by the new mRNA method of vaccine production which is safer, more natural, and effective.
  24. I don't see us as enemies either though were not necessarily on opposite sides. I don't trust the government on everything either. I'm very patriotic and liberty mined but I do understand a lot of the science behind the mRNA vaccines and a lot of the medical issues involved. The fundamentals of biological science are not the same as the politics of Fauci, a pharmaceutical corp. or the flavor of the day politician.
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