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    Alan reacted to Jerry in What Happened to my Church?   
    Sad article and testimonies.
    But it does go to show how each generation in a church - each family and individual - needs to be faithful and walk with the Lord today, not just rest where they or their church once stood.
    There is no coasting in the Christian life - not for an individual, and not for the church they are part of.
    Coasting is like sitting on the fence when temptation to compromise comes your way. I think it was my webpartner, Angela Trenholm, who once said, “The Devil owns the fence,” and I know the fence is greased! It is a slippery slope, for sure.
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    Alan reacted to Miss Daisy in Using Technology In a Traditional Church Service   
    Our Sunday services are live on YouTube. We have a facebook page and a screen behind pastor with messages and reminders. I think it needs to be shut off during the sermon. I don't think it's needed either. All the news, etc. is in the paper bulletin. Thankfully, people viewing online can't see the screen from the lights hanging above. 
    I'm also one who would prefer everyone use a paper Bible. No one is going to learn the order of books on an e-book. We have one lady who specifically uses an e-bible because she has very bad vision, which is fine. But teens and new believers need to learn the basic placings of the Books of the Bible. Which is not possible if all you have to do is enter the verse and it just pops up.
    But my pastor puts his sermons on a pad and if the pad's not working, he's lost.  And we have to wait for it to load, etc. This is the first church where the preacher doesn't go from an actual book. He should print out his highlights and reference so he's not totally dependent on technology.
    Nothing better to hear when pastor says "please go to such and such" and you hear the ruffling of pages.:)
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    Alan got a reaction from Miss Daisy in What Happened to my Church?   
    The article is excellent and the testimony by Miss Daisy breaks my heart.
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    Alan got a reaction from Jim_Alaska in What Happened to my Church?   
    The article is excellent and the testimony by Miss Daisy breaks my heart.
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    Alan reacted to Miss Daisy in What Happened to my Church?   
    That’s exactly what happened to my old church. I’d left the area for about 15 years when I returned my old church was replaced by black curtains so it was dark as night in there. Rock concert music, fog machines and singers in mini skirts rocking out with a pastor with punk hair and ripped jeans. I still attended because they had a great youth pastor, who was in his forties and my daughter loved going to all the activities. Then the pastor decided the youth pastor  wasnt as hip and cool as he wanted the new image of the church to be and fired him. That caused a split from the older core members from the young crowd. We and a lot of the older crowd left. Discouraged by church politics I didn’t go for a few years until I went to my church now. The church I left has been plagued with infidelity rumors about new pastors and singing directors and the young girls singing on stage. But it remains the same rock concert appealing to the flesh and lust of lost sheep.
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    Alan reacted to swathdiver in Using Technology In a Traditional Church Service   
    As for my church, every way you mentioned.  Sermons are posted to Vimeo and linked to our website and they also live stream on Facebook.  This is done to accommodate our infirm members, those too sick to attend.  We started with one screen and then later added two more above the choir loft.  No rock and roll stage, a piano on one side and an organ on the other.
    I think it a great mistake for believers to trade the bible in a book format for one in electronic format.  It's hard to grow intimate with the pages when you have none, with the leather when all you have is glass and plastic dependent on electricity.
    Don't remove the ancient landmarks!

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