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  1. WellWithMySoul, I would like to recommend to you a book, 'One Book Stands Alone,' by Dr. Douglas Stauffer to help you deal with the situation with your pastor using the NKJV. The book gives one complete chapter, with examples, of the corruptness found in the NKJV. Some Christian bookstores either sell the book or they can order it for you. Here is the website address if you want to order it yourself. www.mccowenmills.com Alan Here is a quote from the book. Concerning the NKJV Dr. Stauffer states, “The changes found in the NKJV are too numerous to list completely. Some signi
  2. I will be adding the following information on Radio Telescopes to the lesson on Psalm 115:16, Genesis 1:2 & 14. Radio Telescopes and the Search for Alien Life in the Universe In an effort to find life, at least intelligent life, in outer space in the distant solar systems, galaxy’s and the planets contained therein, NASA, and non-governmental SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), organizations have spent vast amounts of money, time, effort, land, in an effort to find alien life forms in outer space by the construction of huge Radio Telescopes. Deep Space Network R
  3. Just thought a give a little update on how a civilized country, and a country that follows its CONSTITUTION, Taiwan, conducts "Home Quarantine" for : (1) Individuals with COVID-19 ; (2) Persons recently entering Taiwan. Please take careful note. A civilized country, or a government that does not have an hidden agenda, quarantines those with THE DISEASE or those WHO ARE SUSPECTED on having the disease. For your information, due to our just recent travel from a country, the US, that has a high incident of COVID-19 we are under a mandatory 14-day quarantine. By the way, Taiwan has one
  4. Also, in the Psalm 115:16 study on, "The Lack of Sustaining Human Life on other Planets," I will be adding an observation by Scott Huse. Quote: "In spite of the scientific community, using every conceivable technological instrument made, Scott Huse, in his work, The Collapse of Evolution, brings out this scientific observation, “After spending billions of dollars, countless man-hours, and utilizing the most advanced technology known to man, all indications at the present time are that life appears to be unique to planet Earth.”1 Brethren, If there is any discussion concerning th
  5. Here is a link to an article concerning what an Executive Order is, the constitutional right and limitations, of the President to issue Executive Orders, and some examples of presidential orders by previous presidents written by, "The Heritage Foundation." https://www.heritage.org/political-process/heritage-explains/executive-orders The Heritage Foundation is a conservative, pro-American, constitutional, organization that has many good articles concerning our fundamental rights as Americans under the Constitution. I would recommend all of the folks at Online Baptist to take a
  6. Thank you for informing me about the link I will try and find another link or an article similar to the one quoted.
  7. Praise the Lord! Sherry and I, safe, tired, and joyful,  are back in Taiwan.

  8. "I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye." Psalm 32:8
  9. I felt saddened to hear that your pastor is leading your church away not only from the firm stand on the KJV, and using the NKJV, but he is also turning away from the written covenant of the church in a deceitful manner. Apart from seeking guidance through prayer, I would have your husband first approach the pastor, and politely as he can, and express your concerns. If you feel that the pastor needs to educated concerning the reason why, or the differences between the KJV and the NKJV, I would sit down and select several passages that deal with a doctrinal issue, put them on paper, and have yo
  10. One of the the common beliefs in ages past, and in our age, is that our world is not unique but, according to 'reason' there are many worlds apart from the earth that has alien life forms, alternate universes, and other theories. There is not one scientific proof that any life exists apart from the planet Earth. One of the reasons why the atheist, and many others, disbelieve the Bible is that they just simply do not believe that Adam and Eve, and the consequences of their deliberate act of disobedience, is unique to the universe. The Plurality of Habitable Worlds I will be adding the
  11. King David, from a child, realized that the testimonies, the statutes, the commandments, the law of God, the judgments of God, the word of God as written and as spoken by the prophets, were good and just. Therefore, King David delighted, from a child, in the word of God more than he did in riches and the things of this life. It seems to me that we need to meditate, to love, to delight, and to follow the scriptures with all of our heart.
  12. Unless further complications arise, we will, Lord willing, be leaving for Taiwan on May 9, 2020.

  13. Brethren, In my travels while on furlough from Taiwan, I have had some conversations with several pastors and saints in the pew that would like for me to continue this study on the prophesies in the Old Testament that prophesy of the literal Millennial reign of Christ, and the Restoration of the nation of Israel, as recorded in Revelation 20:4-6. This study has been on the back burner for awhile due to my travels, other commitments, getting the house in order to return to Taiwan, and creating another website. My most pressing commitment, the "Scientific Facts in the Bible," thread in PDF
  14. Hope you like the beauty of this Eastern Redbud Tree from the hills of Missouri. Photo by Sherry
  15. Glad to have you board Online Baptist. Sailors are always welcomed and appreciated.
  16. Thank you for the fine devotion. I enjoyed your illustration and thoughts. King David further said, "The earth, O LORD; is full of thy mercy: teach me thy statutes." Psalm 119:64
  17. Alan

    Hymns for the Soul

    Hope all of you enjoy some fine church hymns for the comfort of our soul and to worship the Lord in spiritual songs. Courtesy of Christian Hymns and Gospel Music May God above bless us below. Alan
  18. So, "he" is archaic, and a non-issue, and must be modernized in order to make the KJV readable? "Amen" is archaic, and is a non-issue, and must be modernized in order to make the KJV readable? "Twain" is archaic, and a non-issue and must be modernized ? "Nigh" is archaic, and is a non-issue, and must be modernized? "And" is archaic, and a non-issue, and must be taken out of the KJV text to make it more readable? "Fetch" is archaic, and a non-issue, and must be modernized? "Her" to "His" is a non-issue, and must be changed? Every time a new version of the King James Version is brought ou
  19. I will be adding the following quote by Unger to the, "Archaeological Scientific Accuracy of the Scriptures." if there are any comments, or areas of discussion, ask away. Dr. Merrill Unger makes this statement concerning the importance of archaeology to the student of scripture and science, “The fascination of biblical archaeology for the student interested in expanding the scientific aspects of the study of the Bible is immense. No realm of research has offered more thrilling rewards or afforded greater promise of continued progress.”1 1Unger, Merrill F., Archaeology and the New
  20. Ukulelemike, I tried to watch your sermon in the camper on Facebook; but, as I do not have a Facebook account I could not log in. In any case, I am sure it was a good message and am sure that folks were blessed by it. Alan
  21. Leftist political leaders, activist Judges, Socialists, Communists, Global elitist's, are using the COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse to disregard the Constitutional right for churches to assemble and shut down churches at their own whim and pretext of helping society. https://www.thenewamerican.com/culture/faith-and-morals/item/35421-kansas-supreme-court-affirms-religious-suppression-during-covid-19-pandemic Quote, "On Saturday, the Kansas Supreme Court ruled in favor of Democrat Governor Laura Kelly, allowing her executive order forbidding religious services for more than 10 people to
  22. Today I had lunch with a pastor friend of ours and the maintenance worker at church (also a personal friend of mine). We had a fine Chinese lunch with one of my favourites, cashew chicken, with brown rice, and egg rolls. Always enjoy a good Chinese dish and the fellowship of a pastor friend.
  23. Fine with me. It needs to be locked.
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