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  1. Brother Jim Alaska,in another thread, stated the above mentioned two quotes concerning the history of Baptists and the history of the Protestant church movement. I want to thank Jim for the quotes and for allowing me to insert these two quotes onto my "The Local Church" thread. The quotes from John Clark Ridpath and Professor William C. Duncan are historically correct. Protestant churches came out of the Reformation Movement, typically dated from 1520, of individuals who came out of the Roman Catholic Church and started their own denominational system. A true genuine local church is
  2. On the extreme southern end of Taiwan there is a Kenting National Park and several other parks and scenic areas that a lot of people like to visit due to the beauty of the area. Along the southern coast is "Sail Rock."https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sail_Rock_(Taiwan) Due to the unique shape of the rock, especially the long 'nose' sticking out, the silhouette reminds the American community of President Richard Nixon. So, may I present unto you: "Nixon's Rock" Photo by Alan
  3. A lot of folks have lost jobs due to the pandemic; so do not get despondent. I will be praying for you and your job interview this morning. May God bless you in your search for a job.
  4. By way of remembrance, and for those who missed my study on David as King, Shepherd, and the Prince of the restored nation of Israel, as Ezekiel 37:20-26 also states, during the millennium, here is the link: https://onlinebaptist.com/topic/23615-revelation-bible-study/page/10/
  5. Thank you Jim. I appreciate your comments very much You are entirely correct in that some Baptists are now stating that the 'Prince' is the Lord Jesus. Sad to say, Preterist teachings are now within the ranks of independent, Fundamental, Baptist churches. This is due to several reasons with the primary reason a lack of believing the Bible as it is written, the lack of spiritual discernment, and the lack of correctly dividing the scriptures. Alan Steven Anderson – the ‘Prince’ is Jesus As with standard Preterist teachings, Pastor Steven Anderson does not believe that the pro
  6. Bro. Jim, Yes, this is me. I guess now everyone will know what I look like. I normally have not, since this time, put any videos of myself up on Online Baptist due to a couple of reasons. Due to the seriousness of some of the doctrinal problems within independent Baptist churches I decided to put up this sermon of myself instead of a written sermon. This in one of the English prophecy messages that I did at our church, Victory Baptist Church, in Hua Lien, Taiwan awhile back. We have an American English teacher visiting our Chinese work on Taiwan that was being influenced by Pastor St
  7. As the prophet Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and Hosea prophesied, one day, the Good Shepherd, the Lord Jesus, will gather the remnant of the Jewish race, back to the land of Israel. The gathering of the nation of Israel, as prophesied by the Lord Jesus in Matthew 24:29-31, will exceed the gathering of the children of Israel by Moses as recorded in the book of Exodus. The gathering of the children of Israel from Egypt by Moses will pale in comparison to the gathering of the children of Israel by the Lord Jesus. I do hope that this message will be a blessing, and an encouragement to
  8. Ezekiel 45:8, “The Prince” Introduction During the 1,000-year reign of the Lord Jesus as prophesied in Isaiah 9:6, “For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.” The “Government” is to rule and reign as “KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS” over all of the nations of the world as prophesied by the prophet Zechariah. “And the LORD shall be king over all the earth: in that day shall there be one LORD, and his name one.” (Zec
  9. A fine Christian lady whom the Lord used in many areas for the cause of Christ.
  10. Sureword, I think that you need to re-read my post very carefully. Alan
  11. A thorough understanding of the book of Romans, especially Romans chapter 3-8, clearly shows that we are saved through by grace through faith, in any dispensation, Jew or Gentile, whether we fully understand the work of salvation or not, through the imputed justification by Christ, without any iota of works involved. Did not Paul say, in conclusion to the matter of salvation, "Therefore we conclude that a man is justified by faith without the deeds of the law." Romans 3:28 If there is any work, of any kind, involved in the salvation of a soul, whether before the Law, during the Law, durin
  12. Glad to have you on board the forum. Hope you are doing well in college. Glad to hear that you are King James only, dispensational and not a Calvinist. You should fit in just nice. Looking forward to your fellowship and discussions.
  13. Hahahaha!!! Everything was much simpler when all I had to do is use a pen and paper!!!
  14. I noticed a "Today's Birthday," was added with the software update. This is a welcomed addition. Thanks!
  15. Psalm 23:1-6, “The Cup of Blessing From the Lord.” A Psalm of David. Introduction God is Lord. God is concerned over our well being and will bless those people who trust in Him. A full cup symbolizes the blessings of the Lord in the life of a Christian. Ephesians 1:3, “Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ.” God gives us spiritual blessings. These blessings are fruits from the Holy Spirit. Galatians 5:22 and 23, “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peac
  16. Thank you for the fine sermon, and illustration, of the doctrine of the preservation of the written word of God. Jeremiah 36:1-32 is an excellent illustration of God preserving His word.
  17. Jeff, If you have no problem with the rules than why do I have to explain anything to you? Alan
  18. Brethren, I would like to remind all of us of some of the rules here on Online Baptist. As the 'author' of the 'Revelation Bible Study' thread I am going to try and enforce these rules on my thread the way I interpret them. Rule # 1: "Do not promote your own site." I consider those individuals who post lengthy, or partial, studies from their own website, or a different forum, a violation of this rule. Rule # 2: Do not post Spam a) Spam includes advertisements, content deemed inappropriate or illegal, flooding of the boards, double posts, and posts that are po
  19. Jeff, May I remind you of the rules, which every forum board has, which a person should have read before posting. Rule # 3 plainly states, " 3. Feel free to quote the Bible, if you do we ask that you use the KJV. This is done to avoid confusion. The Administrators and Moderators of this site believe that the KJV is Gods preserved Word for the English speaking people, and we ask that you respect that and use the KJV when quoting scripture." When I first read your post the scriptures that you quoted were confusing, and still are, so, I knew that they were not from the KJV Bible bu
  20. Jeff, We appreciate your comments. On Online Baptist, for several reasons, we only use the Authorized Version of the Bible, more commonly named the King James Version, in order to stop confusion. Could you please use only the KJV when quoting the Bible? Thanks! Alan
  21. No trouble at all so far.
  22. I appreciate the sermon and the appropriate quotes by some of the founding fathers of the United States: John Adams, John Quincy Adams, John Jay, and Benjamin Franklin,
  23. David as Prince & the Sanctuary & the Tabernacle in the Land In Ezekiel 37:1-14 we have the vision of the dry bones and then in Ezekiel 37: 15-19 we have the vision of the two sticks, one stick representing Judah, the children of Israel and his companions, and one stick representing Joseph, and Ephraim and the house of Israel and his companions; and then the two sticks will become one stick. In Ezekiel 37:20-28 the LORD gives the future fulfillment of the vision of the two sticks. The interpretation was partially fulfilled when the nation of Israel came back in the land of Israel
  24. In verse 6 & 7 the prophet Ezekiel continues his description of the land for the whole house of Israel and then for the prince, “And ye shall appoint the possession of the city five thousand broad, and five and twenty thousand long, over against the oblation of the holy portion: it shall be for the whole house of Israel. And a portion shall be for the prince on the one side and on the other side of the oblation of the holy portion, and of the possession of the city, before the oblation of the holy portion, and before the possession of the city, from the west side westward, and from the eas
  25. DaChaser, You ignore the truth that these modern versions are full of doctrinal errors and then have the gall to try and find fault wit the KJV, the Tr, or you try and find a quote against the KJV. It seems to me that it does not matter what truth we bring out you ignore the EXTREME DOCTRINAL ERRORS OF THE FAULTY TRANSLATIONS and disparage the KJV and its perfection. Alan
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