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  1. False religions usually either start with a false prophet, or false teacher, and then usually, eventually, create a false Bible to supplant the real set of scriptures. For example. The Mormons started with a false prophet (Joseph Smith) and wound up having a set of false scriptures, the Book of Mormon. Mohammad, a false prophet, eventually had a false set of scriptures, the Quran, to supplant the real Bible. Here is the link to the Wikipedia article that has a more detailed history of the Quran.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_Quran Here is a somewhat abbreviated, bu
  2. SureWord and all Concerned, I understand what you said and I am very thankful for your support for Trump. My thoughts are this. I did not want anybody to derail this thread by discussing the pro and cons of the riots, nor do I want those who detest President Trump, or his policies, to derail it by changing the subject. If, for example, we let this thread continue on the riots, even though we are against the rioters, than the thread would be derailed by those who will take opposite sides and take advantage of the dissension within this thread to force the moderators, or force m
  3. SureWord, Thank you for your participation in this thread. I do need to remind you that all comments in this thread are to be strictly adhered to the policy of only those, "... policies that President Trump creates to help America great be brought to our attention." We are well aware that there are riots in America and that some folks have their own opinion of the riots and what may or may happen after the election. But, what you posted is of no concern in this thread. If you want to start your own thread on what may or may not happen after the election, that is your prerogative. Bu
  4. One of the direct benefits attributed to President Trump's leadership in DE-regulating many of the previous administrations business anti-business decisions is that the export of American goods to other countries was a 14-positive monetary gain for the United States in the trade deficit. This is good news for American business and therefore to the American manufacturing base and attendant workers employed in those factories. The New American records, "The U.S. Department of Commerce reported on Wednesday that exports of goods from the United States jumped from $90 billion in May to more t
  5. Alan

    Devotional Songs.

    Hope the instrumental sacred songs will uplift your spirits. God bless all of you. Alan
  6. The Lord Jesus stated, "The men of Nineveh shall rise in judgment with this generation, and shall condemn it: because they repented at the preaching of Jonas; and, behold, a greater than Jonas is here." The Lord Jesus condemned the religious lost of His generation because they did not repent. When a person, like the Ninevites, or the thief on the cross, repents from the heart and trusts in God, as in the Old Testament saints, or a belief in Christ, as the New Testament saints, they are eternally saved. The Ninevites were eternally saved, spiritually, and then God, because He saw thei
  7. May the Lord bless you and your on birthday.

  8. Brethren, At this point in these studies I must make three special notes concerning the internet links to the quotations by Pastor Steven Anderson. 1. I had, a long time ago, back in 2019 and before, copied the complete Revelation study (all 22 chapters), internet videos of Pastor Steven Anderson and the associated PDF files. 2. In the process of time, due to the PDF files on the videos not having scripture references, and some other data, I put the PDF files in 'hard-copy' and then listened to the videos in an effort to make sure every scripture reference was on the PDF 'hard-c
  9. Ezekiel 45:8. “According to their Tribes” The prophet Ezekiel prophesied, “… and the rest of the land shall they give to the house of Israel according to their tribes.” Ezekiel 45:8c. Introduction The “land” as prophesied by Ezekiel is exactly what it is: the physical land of Israel. The “tribes” as prophesied by Ezekiel is exactly what it is: the tribes of the 12 sons of Israel. The Church Age saints have no ‘tribes,’ either symbolically, allegorically, or literal. The physical land nation of Israel, from the Babylonian Captivity and up to the present era, has not been all
  10. John, I think you have some fine thoughts on the Book of Psalms being used as a source of Christian growth and understanding of the scriptures. It is my hope that you develop it further for all of us to enjoy and meditate on. Alan
  11. Christian Growth Psalms 105:1-6, “A Rejoicing Heart” Introduction King David realized that all of the blessings of this life came from God. King David was a mature saint. As a child David trusted the eternal salvation of his soul to a merciful and loving God. As he grew his faith became stronger and he eventually became a mature saint. Although not written in King David’s era, David realized this tremendous truth, James 1:17, “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning
  12. About three weeks ago, while passing out tracts, I had placed a tract on a public phone. Yes! A few public phones in this technological changing world still exist in Taiwan! The next Sunday a man and wife, who were visiting in the area, came for church services. In the introduction they let us know that they were already Christians, were visiting the area, and found our church through a tract placed on the top of a public phone. The wife then took the tract out of her purse and showed it to the congregation. The couple loved the Lord and were thankful for the tract. They visited the churc
  13. Looking forward to a good discussion on the book of Esther and the various types involved.
  14. Ezekiel 45:8, “Free from Oppressive Princes” The prophet Ezekiel makes an interesting observation concerning the governmental authorities, ‘princes,’ under the Kingship in his vision from the Lord in Ezekiel 45:8b, “and my princes shall no more oppress my people.” Besides the sons of the king, the ‘princes’ would include any administrative official under the Prince. Thus it would include the elders who made decision for the people, the judges who sat in an official capacity in Israel, and others making decisions for the populace. In Numbers 1:1-16, after Moses took the sum of the children
  15. Hello Kristi and welcome to the forum. Looking forward to your discussions and fellowship.
  16. Welcome to the Online Baptist forum! Thank you for the testimony. While I was growing up we lived in Lancaster, CA in 1964-1965. None of my family, including me, went to church. so, I have no church experience in Lancaster. Glad to hear that you are now trying to live for the Lord. All of us have a lot of growing in grace. So, do not feel alone. Looking forward to your participation and fellowship. God bless!
  17. Brethren, A quick update. Due to problems with creating the new website, along with the time needed for the ministry (among other things we have a church Youth Camp this week, I have not had the time to finish the PDF internet study. Once we get the new website operating properly the PDF study will be one of the first things accomplished. Alan
  18. Through the direct leadership of President Donald Trump, even during the COVID_19 situation, President Trump has been DE-regulating the business choking regulations of the previous administrations. Author Bob Adelmann, on The New American website reported, “Overall, said the president, his administration’s success in rolling back regulations is adding an estimated $3,100 a year to each household’s income. He added: “The previous administration added over 16,000 pages of heavy-handed regulations to the federal register. That’s why nothing got done. Under my administration we have removed n
  19. Gee wilikers folks, seems to me that President Trump is UNIFYING the Republican party. I will give you only a partial quote on the Rush Limbaugh article on, "The Trump Magic is Alive and Well in GOP Primaries." But, after you read my quote on how President Trump is UNIFYING the Republican party you need to read the rest of the article on how President Trump is, as the Republican Party used to be, patriotic, America first, protect the work that the founding Fathers established, and preserve the greatness of American history. Rush Limbaugh stated, "So there were some primary runoffs la
  20. It seems to me that not only were all of the prescribed medical precautions were in place, but they went beyond that was expected of them by the CDC. Also, even the mayor, Bruce Jones, saw no concern. May the Lord bless the efforts of the Anchor Baptist church with souls saved, the saints encouraged, and to be a testimony of the leading of the Lord in the times of distress.
  21. Uh Oh! I just took the cognitive test, failed, could not sign my name properly, could not remember the few numbers in order, saw four animals instead of three (I was sure there was a mouse in that diagram), got the hands on the clock wrong, got mad at the psychologist, could not draw a straight line,and now they are kicking me out of the my retirement home. But, that is ok with me, they took my drivers license away last year and I could not remember how to walk back back to the retirement home anyway! Oh well, back to the basement!
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