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  1. Is it possible to send funds by check, instead of a credit card, to them personally, or to a church? If so, can you give us an address? or, a personal, or church, webpage to got too?
  2. One of, there are many, of the tactics of the Socialists, the Communists, and their followers, or the haters of our Democratic, Republican, Constitutional form of government, is to bankrupt the people, or the city, or the state, or the Federal government, in order to get rid of our freedoms and install a Socialist or Communist government. Folks, this of how a Socialist, or Communist, or their sympathizers, are trying to destroy our freedoms here in America by destroying our economy. The New York mayor, de Blasio, is bankrupting New York in order to destroy our economy.
  3. May God bless you and yours on your birthday. 👏

  4. I put "CC" or "subtitles" on the study, on Matthew 24:29-31, "The World-Wide Gathering & Mourning of the Jews" in order to have a printed text to read.
  5. Happy Birthday!  May God bless you and your family.

  6. Sureword, First of all, I think Pastor Markle explains my thoughts and I appreciate his post. Secondly, I would like to reference (linked below), you to an earlier comment on the subject of voting for a "politician" or a "pastor" that may further enhance your knowledge of my thoughts. I am lamenting the fact that in times past a politician, even most Democrats, had "character." I firmly believe that President Trump is the most qualified individual to function, within the bounds of the Constitution of the United States and will keep us free from the the anti-American, anti-Cons
  7. Sigh, yes, the "lesser of two evils," is prevalent among our elected officials. The character, attitude, and personal life, of our elected officials in our age seem to reflect our society.
  8. Happy Birthday! 👏  May God bless you and yours. 🍰

  9. Enjoyed the fine sermon by Pastor Bish on 3 John, "Walking in the Truth."
  10. I would like to pass along an unusual experience I had about three weeks ago that blessed my heart and I would like to pass along the blessing. On Taiwan there are a huge amount of motorcycles. Due to the price of gasoline being very high, parking places very few, and traffic congestion also high, they are smaller in size than in the US (most of the them are from 50cc to 125cc). Also, unlike most countries, they park them on the sidewalks and every place imaginable. Almost always there are people coming and going on the motorcycles, and, as usual, there are people just sitting on the moto
  11. I appreciate the study and agree with most of it. The only thought that I have is that I do not see that the Temple in the tribulation period is the temple that we see as written in the book of Ezekiel. And, I understand your reference to Psalm 79:1-4 as many Jews will loose their lives at the Tribulation Temple. But, I see that Psalm 79:1-4 is a main reference to the destruction of Solomon's temple by Nebuchadnezzar. It has been my understanding the temple is Revelation 11 is a temple built by the Jews during, or just before, the 7-Year Tribulation and that the Temple in Ezekiel 40-48 i
  12. I hope you the best in your search for a good free online Bible study course. Keep us posted.
  13. Brethren, Here is the link to the PDF "Accurate Scientific Statements in the Bible." Note on September 8, 2020: I had to revise the PDF copy to correct some formatting, grammatical and other minor errors. Here is the link to the updated PDF copy. Sorry for any inconvenience. Alan https://preceptpublications.org/Accurate Statements Bible Internet 09.08.20.pdf I am considering this thread on "Scientific Facts in the Bible" still open for discussion. Also, there is some new material in the PDF manuscript. If a question, or a comment, in some part of the PDF manuscript tha
  14. Brethren, Among many other responsibilities that are too numerous to mention, I had to make modifications in my new website and manuscript. In a day or two the PDF "Accurate Scientific Statements in the Bible" will be uploaded. Alan
  15. Hope the devotional music by Christian Hymns & Gospel Music is a blessing to all of you. In Christ, Alan
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