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  1. How to build a house, "Through wisdom is an house builded; and by understanding it is established." Proverbs 24:3

  2. A precept for life, "Take fast hold of instruction; let her not go: keep her; for she is thy life." Proverbs 4:13

  3. We are very happy and thankful for the blessings in your life. We are also happy for the spirit that you have during the times of adversity. All of which is a fine testimony.
  4. A thought to remember today, "There is no wisdom nor understanding nor counsel against the LORD." Proverbs 21:30

  5. Happy Valentines Day!💞

  6. On May 26, 2017 I posted: Although a lot of time has passed, I am trying to get re-organized to finish putting the subjects discussed in, 'Scientific Facts in the Bible,' in PDF format. Alan
  7. This is a lava rock on the coast of east Taiwan.
  8. Alan

    Fruit in the Life of Joseph

    Hope you like the photo. The photo was taken on the East Coast of Taiwan. Photo by Alan - Not Copyrighted Edited by Linux - GIMP
  9. Sometimes, like the three friends of Job, even his wife, other people miss-judge us in our service to the Lord and cause anguish of heart. Like Job, let us not, as they sometimes come across, 'curse God and die.' Take heart and, like David at Ziklag, encourage yourself, and your wife, in the Lord!
  10. Alan

    Fruit in the Life of Joseph

    Hope the following selection of Hymns are a blessing to your heart. May the Lord bless all of you. Alan
  11. Sigh!!!! I am not sure if I should mention that snails taste better with a little salt or not. It may be that some of the folks here like their snails with salt and some without salt. So, I will forbear and let all of you eat your snails anyway you like and not try and persuade you otherwise.
  12. We always enjoy a good poem. Keep on posting!
  13. Hello Lydia! Glad to have you here. Sorry to hear that your friends house burnt down the other day. The folks here are interested in Australia, their problems, the recent fires for example, and for the proclamation of the gospel in Australia. Recently a close pastor friend of mine, Pastor Shane Mallard, started on the deputation trail for Australia. Most folks here are familiar with brother David Cloud and highly respect him for his work as a missionary and in his publication, "O Timothy" magazine and fine books. I am sure that he wants to be a blessing to the folks at the church that he visited in Australia and help them in the correct biblical view of the pre-tribulation coming of Christ, the rapture, of the church. Most folks here are of the pre-tribulation rapture of the church position. After a careful study of the scriptures, both in the Old Testament and in the New Testament, it is my firm conviction that the pre-tribulation teaching is correct and that, as John explained briefly, why the post-trib rapture teaching is incorrect. What John Young wrote is entirely true and if you have specific questions why he said what he did he could explain in detail. I am sure that if you have a specific passage that you have a question about the timing (not the exact date but whether the rapture is before or after the 7-Year Tribulation Period), or another question concerning why some folks believe in the post-trib position, we would gladly like to discuss it.
  14. I am not sure why and it is a serious matter. But, I will give two thoughts. A year or two ago, I read a well thought out article on why Trump has not pared down the debt of the U. S. that may, or may not, have a bearing on the Virginia situation. I forgot where I read the article. Maybe it was on, "The New American." The New American has a lot of good, well-written, articles concerning globalism, conservatism, laws, the agenda of the left leaning liberals, etc... Here is the link to The New American. https://www.thenewamerican.com/ 1. Trump has a history of tackling one major item at a time. Trump knows that the debt is unrealistic and harmful to America. He also realized that in order to pare down the debt he would have to do some major, and I mean major, cutting of a lot, not just some, of the social programs in the U.S. At that time Trump stated that in his second term he would tackle the debt program. 2. Everything, or at least almost every thing, every decision, every cost-cutting item, every immigrant situation, the "wall," etc... has been bitterly fought against by both the Democrats and the liberal Republicans. And, almost every decision that Trump has made has been contested in the courts. At the time of the article that I read that until Trump has two more things in his favour he would not seriously cut down the debt. Here are the two items. 1. He had to have a majority in the Supreme Court and more conservatives in the lower courts. 2. He needed a majority in both the House and the Senate. In the article it was mentioned that in his second term he would be able to do more to help undo the mess our country is in.

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