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  1. Welcome to OnLineBaptist! I think as you read more of the studies here on OnLineBaptist, and the discussions on the various subjects, you will, hopefully, discover that most of the folks here know what they believe, why they believe it,and are doctrinaly correct in their beliefs. Also, most of the folks here on OnLineBaptist practice what they preach. Looking forward to your participation in the studies. My wife just dropped in to say Hello! Alan and the Mrs.
  2. Online Baptist turned 17 this year!
  3. Alan

    Text message

    Hmmm? $25.5 million dollars. Wow!!! Well Matt, as I don't think somebody will ever send me $25 billion dollars, I think I will send a request. In my request I think the person will need to send me $25.00 in order for me to pay for the International Money Transfer. So, as soon as I receive the $25.00 I will reply and wait for the full details. I'm waiting.
  4. Welcome to our fellowship! I am looking forward to your fellowship and discussions.
  5. Welcome to OnLineBaptist! Our heart goes out for those brave men and women in law enforcement. One of my finest friends is a Police Chaplain. Looking forward to some fine fellowship and discussions with you in the days ahead.
  6. Linux Mint, and the different "flavors," all have their different advantages. I have two computers and one of them crashed and the repairman at the shop put Ubuntu 18.04 on it to get it going. Ubuntu is a basic Linux OS without many add-on's. So, in order to keep the two computers very compatible I decided to have Ubuntu on both of them.
  7. I uploaded a "Ubuntu 18.04. LTS Bionic Beaver" OS onto my desktop to replace my Linux Mint 19.1 OS. So far so good. Anybody else out there use Ubuntu?
  8. Happy birthday! May God bless you and yours. 😀

    1. 1Timothy115


      Happy Birthday and I too wish God's blessing for you.


  9. Alan


    Welcome to OnLineBaptist! Looking forward to some fine fellowship and discussions with you.
  10. Alan


    At our church we normally do an in-depth, verse-by-verse, study of a book of the Bible in our adult Sunday school class. Detailed notes of every Sunday school lesson are passed out every Sunday morning. After folks ask questions, on occasion, I add to the notes, and pass out a revised lesson the next week. Since the inception of the church all of the lessons, and all of the church bulletins, are placed in a church notebook for every particular study in the church library. Our church library is located in the vestibule of our church and freely used by all. Since December 2018 we have been doing an in-depth study of 1 & 2 Thessalonians at our Sunday school class. Our pastor in training, Brother Gwoh, selects his own messages for the preaching services. Almost all of his messages are expository messages. One of the aspects of the ministry that he has learned well is that the pulpit is for the proclamation of the whole counsel of the word of God and the backbone of the church. His job is to preach with zeal, faithfulness to the scriptures, and with the desired result of seeing folks saved and then taught the word of God in order to live a Godly life. As per my example, due to most folks not having a Bible, or not familiar with the books of the Bible, a list of the passages that brother Gwoh quotes is printed on one of the pages of the church bulletin and the main passage has the page number in the Bible so a person can turn to. This way there is not time consumed in searching for passages and visitors are not embarrassed in trying to find a passage.
  11. Brethren, I decided to gather together, in a more orderly manner, the lessons in this study on the prophecies of the Old Testament and the 1,000 Year Reign of Christ as KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS and put them in PDF form. It will take some time. If there is any passage that I have discussed that you want to bring out an error that you feel that I have made, or if I should make something more clearer, or if there is a passage that you want discussed, or if there is a passage where you want me to give a reference (or a reason why I said something), this is a good time to bring it out. Alan
  12. Alan

    "But the LORD was with Joseph"

    I would like to thank Rebecca for letting me know about the, "Gospel Hymns Instrumental,' website for his devotions song. I do hope that the instrumental hymns are a blessing to you. May the Lord bless all of you. Alan
  13. I agree with David. Esdras is not inspired scripture and to include it among inspired scripture verses is somewhat deceptive. Also, for those who are not familiar with the canon of scripture, they may think that it is inspired by association.
  14. I love the fellowship. I love the close relationship. I love the sincerity in worship. I enjoy going to church.
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