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  1. Ok, I give up.  I've tried and I've tried, but I just can't figure out what your avatar is.  The best I can come up with is a giant floating clam in a watery cave.

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    2. Brother Stafford

      Brother Stafford

      I just noticed that you describe your avatar in your signature.  Has it been there the whole time and I have just missed it?

    3. Alan


      Half and half.

      I had previously mentioned I had a larger photo in the Profile Page, but it seems most people will not look in the Profile Page, so I added the part in blue coloring stating it was a rock in a bed of water.

      This problem has arisen before.

      Jim alaska thought it looked like a frog and a couple of the other brethren did no know either.

      Either way, no problem. I am glad you brought it to my attention that some folks still cannot recognize it. I am very hesitant to change it.

    4. Brother Stafford

      Brother Stafford

      I thought it looked like a snake head when I first saw it.  I have since gotten a new prescription.

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