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  1. Thanks, I will look into it. So, would you say she'd be considered a Messianic Jew? I've tried to get her to give me a title of where she is going but all she'll say is "I'm a follower of Yahousa"
  2. Ok - get ready, some will think I am a troll, but I assure you I am not. My wife has bought into the HallelYAH Scriptures thing and we are butting heads over some issues. So, I am going to reach out here for some guidance and also challenge a few comments I read a couple of post back (this is where I will sound like a troll) It was said (paraphrasing all this, I wish I could use the quote button) that the owners, New Zealanders are shysters, and steal their volunteers time and the US guy is an old converted hippie, best I recall the references. 1) how are they shysters, any examples? 2) how does one "steal" a "volunteers" time? 3) is being an old converted R&R hippie a bad thing. I'd like to discredit these people, not hatefully, but if they are no good then I'd like to take something with some substance to the next go-round. As far as the "free" Bible - do get what you're saying, my wife wanted the leather bound edition and, yes, they wanted several hundred dollars. The free one was cheap made but I sent the $35 for it. Now in their defense, they did say they'd send a free one, and I can only assume they would have; and, I understand that there is a significant cost in producing a leather bound version. My KJV is leather bound and it was a couple hundred bucks, so I get it. She is not into the HRM, I asked her. She did say that some people have tried to pull her that way and she saw it was flawed; I am glad for that. She has however, determined the pork is bad. All of the Holidays are pagan and bad. She believes Paul was a Hebrew Apostle. She does say that saying "Jesus" is blasphemy, that it is Yahousa (misspelled, I'm sure). Her argument is "Sony" is "Sony" not matter what country you're in. Why was the name changed... So, where am I at in this and what might I expect next and any guidance talking to her?
  3. What is Mitzvot? And who is BOB Larson?
  4. Ok - that is what I was thinking, wasn't for sure. Any direction where in Jeremiah it says not to adorn a cut tree - I guess I am specifically wondering about a Christmas tree.
  5. So, what about the Torah - exactly, what's that?
  6. Says the App can't run on my PC, which is a Microsoft Surface RT. I do not like computers, even though I am on them all day at work....
  7. Ok I will try to figure that out...I am not and don't want to be a "nerd" - sorry to you nerds out there...
  8. I will likely be bouncing all over the place for awhile
  9. arrgggg I even tried to copy paste and it locked me up. Anyway on Post #14 about cutting and adoring trees - chapter verse please...
  10. Letsgo


    Much better - I am pretty thick skinned. I just cannot figure out the quote button on this site - elementary I know, but I am feeling pretty dumb right now.
  11. Dang - I poke the quote button and nothing in the "reply to this topic" box, I even highlight the part I am most interested in asking about and still the box is empty... Grrrrr.
  12. Letsgo


    Thanks, not looking for any fights but certainly want to know when I am wrong. Hang in there with me....
  13. I did that and it brings up a stream of topic. I post on other forums, just a couple, and that's the way it works; but for some reason when I select the "quote" button here, it gives me a stream and didn't isolate the post I was quoting. I will work on it.

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