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  1. I watched Noah, last night, what a great movie. I thought it brought a real human perspective in what it must have been like for Noah. I thought the whole idea of him being the "instrument" of god to rid the world of humanity was an interesting one. I agree it was VERY unbiblical. The only biblical thing was that God ignored everybody and didn't speak even to his poor fallen Angels who felt sorry for men and went to their rescue. A poor reflection of the story of Noah perhaps but a very accurate reflection of the Christian version of God who does nothing but judge and hate us. Good Movie.
  2. Operating in bad faith ? Alimantado you are a very mean spirited person. I have seen many like you in my 20 years in a baptist church and 4 years as a Baptist lay preacher. You really are a very very nasty piece of work.
  3. Thanks for your opinion Alimantado, I appreciate your response. I was actually being sarcastic regarding that person who is writing to other churches and telling other Christians that they are going to Hell. Do you really not see the arrogance in that ??? And I wish you would stop linking me to the other person I am trying to have an honest debate here.
  4. Please see my post on Paul the Heretic but HappyChristian you don't know "the prayer was intended for God not to strike them all dead right at that point" that is just foolish nonsense to deflect from the real meaning of what he was saying. He was saying that without any form of repentence, without any acknowledgement that Jesus was god by these people Jesus was still able to and did grant salvation. Dear --- people salvation was a free gift for all mankind through his son, thanks to Paul the heretic you all seem to have a really tough time accepting this. I preached a sermon on this exact top
  5. Don't feel bad Geneven, I feel like that every day
  6. Thanks for your response, I appreciate your honesty and respect your opinion but I have to wonder how do you not see this ? Why should anyone have to accept Jesus's words through Paul, I don;t believe Paul was even an apostle. I think the words of Jesus stand for themselves without any help from Paul and given Paul's words stand in direct contrast to those of Jesus I don't see why we should. I once preached a sermon based on the last words of Jesus he said "Father forgive them for they know what they are doing" Being a Christian means you must believe that Jesus has authority to forgive sin..y
  7. Hi DaveW, thanks for responding. why would I want to remove parts of the bible from the bible ? Because it is an incomplete inaccurate representation of what God was actually trying to say. It is merely a canonised collection of books put together by a bunch of men with an agenda. How is it not possible Christians cannot see the contradictions and Pauline tainted version of events as depicted in the bible. I have to ask the same question. Given how contradictory Paul's version of Christianity is to the real message Jesus was trying to get across why would you NOT want to remove parts of the bi
  8. Ok, first of all, don;t flame me, attack me or give me any more warnings but let me tell you about my history. I got "Saved" when I was 30 after my dad died. I spent the next 15 years in a baptist church and ultimately felt God was calling me into full time ministry. I attended bible college for 4 and a half years but gradually doubts about what I was being taught at college, at church and the way so called "Christians" from my church treated me began to creep in. As a Christian I always had a strong dislike for Paul, actually it was more of a hatred even when I was preaching and at bible coll
  9. Ok first of all I don't know about you people but there is NO way I am worshiping a God who send babies to Hell. Call me picky but to do so is neither loving nor just. You can try to ignore the elephant in the room as mush as you want but I think his question needs to be considered. You don't seriously think every question is answered in the small amount of scripture that we have access to as canonised in the bible do you ? Jesus said so much more and did so many more things than are recorded in the version as compiled by a group of men. I for one would have been much happier seeing the entire
  10. If he wouldn't kiss another woman other than his wife than he wouldn't drive a car that wasn't his and therefore if there was a scene where his car got smashed then HIS car would have been smashed
  11. I think this guy "a nice bible name" is a trouble maker.
  12. I notice here a review of the new left behind series. Personally I believe "Fireproof" to be one of the greatest movies ever made. I think it was amazing of Kirk Cameron to do it for free. Any thoughts ? Anyone seen it ?
  13. They OBviously have no intention of balanced biblical discussion here 6589 they protect established members and when one of them attacks you and your motives they are ok with it and rebuke you. I've been here two days and have been subject to it already.
  14. Sorry to see you leave. This is OBviously such a wonderful accepting loving Chritian forum. I have been here two days and been attacked by both the moderators and board members over another users name. Can't imagine why you would not want to hang around and be critisised.
  15. I really do not want to get into a tussle having just joined this forum but I can't believe how I am being attacked on like my second post ( my first was to introduce myself) now apparently me and this fellow are the same and I have doubtful motives and you keep making references to things like 'second' person. Thank you for explaining the meaning, I had never heard of it and now understand why you found it so offensive. In my defence the first thing I said was I believe he should change it if people find it offensive (I now see why they would). What a strange attacking critical attitude you h
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