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  1. Well, though my time here was short, it did prove one thing again, the IFB cult definitely attracts a certain very narrow group of personality types. Dropping into sites like this is like visiting different circuses when they come to town...its a different circus, but the freak show is the same. Unable to accept , discuss rationally, or tolerate ideas different to those parroted week after week from the pulpit by Pharisee's like "Big Stick Wielder", soldier ants like Al are sent out to mindlessly scurry about and nip away at the threat and just generally muddy the waters. Ably assisted by the blind drones such as DaveW and Runny who sneak in and dispense a volume of useless dribble to the discussion. Ultimately the heretic is worn down and goes away, and once again the cult is safe, the mind control, and brainwashing can continue unabated. This pattern is standard fare not only on site like this, but in every IFB churche I have been in contact with. In fact far from being "Independent" every church is simply another outpost of squinty eyed, buck toothed bigots singing off the same hymn sheet. Jesus' words, as recorded from Luke 7:31 onwards, describes your kind exactly..read it and weep, people, you are "of this generation"
  2. Err, wrong Al, since I am not avoiding a question, I am not carrying out an ad hominem attack on you......its simply a mocking comment directed at you in response to YOUR avoidance in answering questions. Math 15:14.
  3. Thanks Al, its OBviously a bit tough for you, perhaps you and DaveW should get together and go and bake some scones for the next mens meeting.
  4. Very insightful presentation of some deep theological facts Runny, haven't heard such an indisputable argument since Sgt Schultz tried to explain the presence of a B.17 bomber in barracks 3. By the way,like you I am also sure that WC is in league with the devil....I suspect his username actually stand for "Water Closet" which is of course profane and offensive.
  5. Dave W, you are like the schoolyard coward that sneaks in and throws the sneaky little girly punch while the fight is still in progress....you have described yourself perfectly in your intro picture statement..."DUMB"
  6. OK Al, How about considering the question posed regarding the statement God makes as recorded in 32:35 ?.. Have you ever considered that scripture before Al? have you ever even read it before Al? is God a deceitful liar Al?, does God condemn the burning of babies in the vally of Hinnon and state that the thought of carrying out the practice never came into his mind, and yet carry out the very same practice himself by sending the souls of those same babies to burn in Hell??? Any chance of an answer without the ad hominem attacks?
  7. Firstly Al, to address your accusation, I am not the same person as WC, although I have told several people of my joining this site. I have no control over the actions of others if they also have joined, what they say or what the do. As to your response, it is typical of those given by many in the IFB movement, though not all. I personally know a couple of men who have had the guts to give up their positions as Pastors upon realizing, through study, the error of the eternal punishment doctrine. Most others do what you are doing...ignore what has been presented, stick your head firmly in the sand and commence an attack on the man instead. This is due to the fact that, sadly, all you can to do is parrot the same line that you have been indoctrinated with by the people that were indoctrinated before you. The word Hell, does not even have to be removed from the Book in order for this ridiculous doctrine to collapse. Simply applying its actual usage as intended in its old English use is enough. For example, the word Hell is used to translate Sheol, Hades, Tartarus and Gehenna. Sheol is the place where all the OT Jewish dead go, Hades is the Greek translation of Sheol, Tartarus is used once in the Book describing a place where fallen angels are held and Gehenna is the rubbish tip outside of Jerusalem..the vally of Hinnon as described in Jer 23:35 The English word Hell is a word that describes a hidden place, a covered hole in the ground, the word Helmet is derived from it, as is the trade name of the village roof repairer, a Hellier. Its use instead if Gehenna in the parable of The rich man and Lazarus is wrong. This parable is a prophecy concerning the condition of the Jewish people and the Gentiles.....look it up, Study to shew thyself approved...... So keep the word if you want, the house of cards has fallen down around you, and there are more and more Christians realising this.
  8. Hi Al, Besides the scripture that described Davids' sure knowledge that he would "go to him", being his dead son...2 Sam 12:23, we have Jer 32:35 telling us what God thinks of the act of burning children...an act that he calls an abomination, and one that never even came into his mind.... If God condemns the act of burning children on one hand, declaring he never even thought of the idea, wouldn't he be nothing more than a deceitful, sick liar if he was responsible for the existence of a place where exact same thing took place FOR ETERNITY?....not only that, God would know, in his omniscience, upon his creation of every new soul, which ones would be ending up in his barbecue pit to burn in torment for eternity...and yet he continues to create them? So to answer your question, the mechanism is this; God creates and babies are born, they are born with free will which eventually leads them to sin, love God or whatever they want to do. After all the concept of free will is a double edged sword, free to love God, free to sin. God knew that free will would lead to sin, so he cured the prOBlem before it began' Christs' atoning sacrifice "ONCE FOR ALL" Heb 10 : 10 Babies go to God when they die because their sin has already been forgiven, as is that of the adults they grow into. John 10:28 .Thus, there is no need for a place of eternal torment, except for in the sick minds of those men who desire it to exist. After 13 years in an IFB church, and being constantly encouraged to study the Book, this is the conclusion I have come to... there is no eternal torment, the word Hell has been misused to translate several different , non related, words and concepts that have nothing to do with the invention of the lie that God sets fire to people for eternity.
  9. You are "straining at nats and swallowing camels" davew, ... The question is still there to be answered, mate.
  10. Christians usually agree that babies that die are taken to Heaven, ie, are "saved". The main scriptural example being when King David acknowledged that he would see his dead baby son again as recorded in 2 Samuel 12. So, considering the fact that all adults alive once must have saved babies, why do they then have to be saved again as adults....at what point in their development do babies become unsaved and then must be resaved as adults?, This is a difficult question, particularly in the light of scripture such as John 10 : 28 where eternal salvation is assured, once given, and never taken away. Comments please? "Study to shew thyself approved..." 2 Tim 2:15
  11. Hello Alimantado, My user name is a play on words derived from a sermon I heard preached once from Math chap 8 regarding Jesus and his command to the demons ( Jesus is described as having a sword coming out of his mouth in Revelation) and the herd of swine ( porkers as the preacher called them) running into the sea. ' Those porkers were slain by the Sword" was a quote used by the preacher. If for some reason you see profanity in my username, I am sorry, I will change it if you are honestly offended, but I am at a loss as to understanding the profanity. Are you the person responsible for deleting my question regarding the salvation of children and the future requirement of those same children having to be re saved as adults??. If these type of Biblical mysteries are too hard for you to answer without just pretending they don't exist, perhaps your esteemed title of "advanced" member is not warranted??
  12. Just saying Hi, looking forward to fellowship and discussion. I enjoy making paper mache models and studying King James English. Pork Sword

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