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  1. As Prophet said there is am OBvious bias towards those that are Calvinist and are not KJVO on this board. They will lie, accuse and not once bother to look in the mirror at themselves. They are free to attack Calvinism but those that defend it get rebuked. I should have listened to Prophet as prophet is right on the money!! I have nothing against the KJV and usually use it or the NKJV when I witness. However I also pass out NIV and ESV gospel of Johns which makes me a heretic on this board. People whom worship a translation and attack all others that disagree with them. I mean calling me a f
  2. Why do you falsely accuse me, judge my motives and also lie? If you wanted a reply to Jordan then use the PM feature and not post on the board publicly. Good Day sir!!!! John
  3. As a Calvinist I hold to Lordship Salvation and was just reading and looking at scripture more in depth on the issue and can't figure how anyone can miss it. There are those that I believe to be false or under the influence of another gospel such as those in the Homosexual "christian" movement, the New Age movement, the Unitarian and United Methodist movements, and such. These people I believe to be false and on their way to hell. But among born again believers in a church that proclaims sound doctrine and holds to the essentials of the faith (both Calvinist and non Cal Churches) I can't
  4. http://countrybabtistchurch.com/what_we_believe.htm Your church James holds to the essentials of the faith so I will leave you alone. But you are out of line to question the salvation of Calvinists. Listen to what scripture says. Gal 5:22-23 (KJV) 22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, 23 Meekness, temperance: against such there is no law.
  5. You think only IFB are saved heh and all others are teaching a false gospel? If that is your position you are a cult and do not know the gospel of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. All those that know the gospel and follow him as Lord are in Christ. PLENTY of non IFB are born again and disciples of Jesus. You sir preach legalism and tradition. I preach Jesus.
  6. This is a cultic post because it questions the salvation of Calvinists. I have not once said that non CAL IFB are not saved. Mods is this against the rules? This poster has not studied the issues, not studied the scriptures defending the DOG, and is an example of an anti-intellectual bigot. Alos he assumes that only non CAL are IFB, and he misses the many Calvinist IFB churches.
  7. Well he replied. My friend is not a Catholic, but someone that combines a bunch of different views into one view so he is a pluralist. He said to me that he reads Jesus and the gospels just for life principles and good ethics, and once I mentioned sin and the cross he got defensive.
  8. Way of the Master tracts are no quick prayers and meant to hit the conscience. Grace to You produces prOBably the best gospel tract I have ever read and it has no quick prayers. Mike Gendren of Proclaiming the Gospel ministries also has very good tracts. Some of the fellowship tract league tracts are quick prayers and ones I usually dodge. Many of good news tracts are this way, but the worst is pocket testament league. However I pass then out only for the gospel of John.
  9. God is the gospel and non Cal preach the gospel. Labels can be important just as many of you like the name Baptist correct? Different types of Christians and so the Cal vs ARMIN label has value just like different denominations.
  10. I disagree with some of the views of these ministries including Election, Total Depravity, and such however these ministries do preach the gospel and so I sometimes use them despite the disagreements with Lordship Salvation and the other DOG doctrines. Chic Cartoon Tracts--Some very good tracts on Hell the 10 Commandments and such. The Fellowship Tract League--Great tracts that are FREE!! Good News Tracts---Most are non Calvinist but they have some by John Piper which I know those here will avoid. Pocket Testament League--Great gospel of Johns and also in the KJV translation. I also disagr
  11. Exactly and like the 2 I mailed yesterday one is a Honosexual Lesbian church and another a New Age church. So you think they give a rat about this Cal vs. ARMIN debate? They do not and I did not nor addressed it.
  12. Jordan. Check out the evidence for yourself. Some of these people LIE AND BARE FALSE WITNESS. My zeal is evangelism and yes I am a Calvinist but I am not attacking Arminian or as Reformed seminary called them inconsistent Arminian that preach the gospel. I read Charles Stanley and Ron Rhodes whom are not Calvinist nor do they hold to the 5 points of Arminian theology.
  13. Another lie. A late post I posted asking if someone is Catholic or Agnostic.
  14. This is a false accusation. I am sending lots of letters to churches and not once have I advocated Calvinism. I have advocated the gospel. Also I choose to ignore the IFB churches as they do preach the gospel. My main focus is the GOSPEL. WinMan? Is he here?
  15. You may be correct. Many of them are very divisive and hateful towards those not a clone of their views. For example a recent thread I asked if a man I was chatting with is Catholic or Agnostic. To date no one has answered my question but have attacked the way I wrote the message or gone off topic. That's a divisive and unchristian attitude. I just got an email from the man and he claims a combination of views.
  16. You may be correct. Many of them are very divisive and hateful towards those not a clone of their views. For example a recent thread I asked if a man I was chatting with is Catholic or Agnostic. To date no one has answered my question but have attacked the way I wrote the message or gone off topic. That's a divisive and unchristian attitude.
  17. This Christian asked the questions and wondered why every IFB he has met has been intellectually dishonest and in doing so has born false witness which is a violation of the 10 commandments. God does not like lying and those that claim that Calvinism and Hyper Calvinism are one and the same and continues to promote that lie and refuses to read books to better understand things is a liar and a false accuser. Its one thing to make a rational argument against Calvinism with sound reasoning and after one reads a good book and compares all the scriptures that the Calvinist uses. Its quite anoth
  18. But the churches I speak of are not CCM nor are IFB music style based. Check out Sovereign Grace ministries.
  19. This man claimed to be a Catholic at first, however having been chatting with him over email, what he said in person may have been a lie, or I heard him wrong. If he is an agnostic he did not think of the questions that I had originally asked on the streets or he lied. I walked him though a few of the 10 commandments and he admitted to having broken them. What say you? FROM ME: Early on I told you that our view of scripture would be different. I do not accept the bible as infallible and inerrant and historically accurate. 1- as I previously mentioned, the creation myth. 2- the flood myth
  20. Calvinism Everyone in my church is against Calvinism, yet I have to date never met a person whom has actually READ or studied the matter in depth. Calvinism is rejected and sadly mislabeled with the unbiblical Hyper Calvinism. Can the IFB ever hear the arguments from those that do not agree? I mean I have plenty of non Cal 4-pt Arminian books in my library and even 2 books defending non Cal theology. Is this the common pattern among IFB? Just an anti-intellectual attitude towards things they do not agree with? The church I spent many years in before I got married in another state was a IFB
  21. I am working on my letter at this time. I am also including some gospel tracts. A tract on Homosexuality by Chic Tracts--They hit the topic hard The Burning Hell-- A good tract for very prideful people caught up in their sin. Quest for Joy--A tract on Grace by John Piper.
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