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    Jim_Alaska got a reaction from Alan in I have successfully deleted the offending username.   
    This happened before you joined the forum. It was someone who joined using an offensive and vulgar username.
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    Jim_Alaska reacted to Baptist_Bible_Believer in I have successfully deleted the offending username.   
    You got rid of a doozie last evening . . . keep up the good work!
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    Jim_Alaska reacted to Alan in This is quite a long read, but I thought that there may be some that would like to he   
    Thank you for your testimony. It was a blessing to my heart to see how God worked in your life to bring you to Christ and your inward thought processes throughout the many years.
    I am sure that the Baptist preacher who first witnessed to you will rejoice with you in eternity. God will reward him in proper time.
    God bless!
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    Jim_Alaska reacted to PastorMatt in I told our members that I would work at getting the board emoticons back. I was wonde   
    Unfortunately, they were lost in an upgrade. However, If I locate them I will be adding them back.
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    Jim_Alaska reacted to Alan in Bro. Alan, I deleted your second post on your poll. It looked like a double post so I   
    Thank you. I am not familiar with doing a poll.

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