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    Jim_Alaska reacted to Ukulelemike in Protecting Our Congregation - Church Security   
    In our little country church, maybe we will just bring in our guard dogs. 
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    Jim_Alaska got a reaction from eswarden in Why are Millennials Leaving the Church?   
    Well said bro. Scott. I also have to wonder about how many of these have been under the influence of Easy Believism and a quick prayer to "Invite Jesus Into Your Heart".
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    Jim_Alaska got a reaction from DaveW in What Happened to my Church?   
    And so it goes and has gone that way for many years now. This is the reason that when and if Deacons are chosen they must be deeply spiritual men, well versed in Scripture and with a Godly understanding of what the office of Deacon consists of. Even more important is what the office does NOT consist of.
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    Jim_Alaska got a reaction from John Young in What Happened to my Church?   
    Good for you Mike. "No Deacons" is always a plausible option, especially for small churches.
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    Jim_Alaska reacted to Ukulelemike in What Happened to my Church?   
    My old church in San Diego, fortunately, hasn't gone through this, though I've seen they are starting to use some contemporary music, carefully recrafted to a more conservative sound. Unfortunately, this is often the first step down. Once the current pastor, who is holding things together, passes, the trip down will be much quicker.
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    Jim_Alaska reacted to Salyan in Using Technology In a Traditional Church Service   
    Websites (or at least a Facebook page) are a requirement nowadays, I think. If I'm searching for a church to visit, I won't even consider any that I can't first look up their statement of faith and peruse their website.  But the website needs to look like it was updated within the last 15 years!  
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    Jim_Alaska reacted to Alan in What Happened to my Church?   
    The article is excellent and the testimony by Miss Daisy breaks my heart.
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    Jim_Alaska got a reaction from swathdiver in Why are Millennials Leaving the Church?   
    Thanks Sawthdiver. I have found that may times this verse is at the heart of the problem of people leaving our churches. I have found comfort in this very verse when things of this nature happen.
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    Jim_Alaska reacted to swathdiver in Using Technology In a Traditional Church Service   
    As for my church, every way you mentioned.  Sermons are posted to Vimeo and linked to our website and they also live stream on Facebook.  This is done to accommodate our infirm members, those too sick to attend.  We started with one screen and then later added two more above the choir loft.  No rock and roll stage, a piano on one side and an organ on the other.
    I think it a great mistake for believers to trade the bible in a book format for one in electronic format.  It's hard to grow intimate with the pages when you have none, with the leather when all you have is glass and plastic dependent on electricity.
    Don't remove the ancient landmarks!
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    Jim_Alaska reacted to swathdiver in Why are Millennials Leaving the Church?   
    This is why they and everyone else leaves:
    “They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would no doubt have continued with us: but they went out, that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us.” - 1 John 2:19
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    Jim_Alaska reacted to BobbyH in Why are Millennials Leaving the Church?   
    My seven grandchildren are all millennials. None of them go to church. Their reason is they all grew up in public school and are evolutionists. They were not taught the Word in school. They believe in the science they were taught. After 12-16 years of school their "truth" is based on this science. I keep trying, but it is hard to overcome this situation.
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    Jim_Alaska reacted to PastorMatt in Why are Millennials Leaving the Church?   
    I understand, the reason why the question was asked is because I visited about a hundred of churches last few years and this is the topic about millennial's that always seems to come up in our Baptist churches. Just discussing what seems like a majority of churches are asking. 
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    Jim_Alaska reacted to Pastor Scott Markle in Why are Millennials Leaving the Church?   
    Brother AdamL,
    I am glad that you chose to present your response.  It is well presented; however, it appears to have one underlying assumption that is wrong in relation to my own response above.  I myself would NOT limit my response above just unto the present generation.  I would have given the same answer for any generation.  In fact, I believe that it is the same problem that is reported throughout Scripture for multiple different generations of Israel in the Old Testament and for various believers in the New Testament.  (Note: If you will take notice, you will find in my above response various allusions to the very teaching of God's Holy Word on the matter.)
    On the other hand, I would agree that the scenario which you present above represents a way of falsehood within the Independent Baptist movement.  Certainly this way of falsehood should be rejected.  I myself have rejected it and find it spiritually offensive.  However, in my own ministry experience the "Millenials" (and, for that matter, older generations as well) that have fallen away from faithfulness have done so because they are instead pursuing video games, social media, money accumulation, personal recreation, and other things of the world, not because they could not acquire Biblical answers to their questions.  (Note: Since you do not know me personally, I really cannot prove whether I am a "shallow" or a sound teacher and leader.  I can only refer you to that which I have posted here on Online Baptist.  I suppose that is the only evidence that I can provide to you for whether I am able to give genuine Biblical answers to genuine questions.)  
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    Jim_Alaska reacted to Pastor Scott Markle in Why are Millennials Leaving the Church?   
    Proverbs 1:7 -- "The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: but fools despise wisdom and instruction."
    In my opinion, they are leaving because they lack the foundational motivation of heart to stay.  They are more concerned about what pleases them than they are about what pleases God.  They do not possess the fear and love of the Lord in their hearts.  Rather, they possess the love of self and the world in their hearts.  They are dull of hearing toward the teaching and preaching of God's Word because they do not possess a foundational fellowship with the God of the Word.  They have entangled themselves with the riches, pleasures, and social connections of this life and world; and those things are choking out their desire for the Lord their God and His Holy Word.  It is ALL about the priority of their hearts.

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