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  1. Quite a bit of calves liver, smothered in sautéed onions. I have not had this dish for many years, not sure why, but I still love it. It's not for everyone I suppose.
  2. You just might be an IFB if you drive a 100 mile round trip three times per week to attend services.
  3. And he's off!!! There he goes again, not only deflecting, but he also has to make everything about the drug industry.
  4. If brother Matt knows of people who have been saved here, that is good enough and his saying it is a reply. It would seem that just because a person that was saved does not reply to you, that it just isn't valid. Did you ever stop to think that that or any other saved person may have never even returned to this site? But for you to indicate that you question the truthfulness of Bro. Matt's reply is simply wrong and un-Christ like.
  5. Bill, the subject at hand which was advocated by you is that the gun shown is an "assault weapon". You, like many before you, consider anything that looks mean an assault weapon, just by its looks. Others commented that a sword can qualify as an assault weapon. So, true to your colors you once again deflect and try to get the thread going in another direction. Not all guns are made for killing and not all guns kill. As I said in one of my first replies to you; Assault is an action, not a device. I don't think they are the same person; but they both have minds that zero in on certain specific things to the exclusion of anything else. I think this is called a "one track mind".
  6. Jeff, are you seriously almost indicating that the owner of this board may be lying? You almost demand that he provide "evidence" for what he said about people getting saved here. You are drawing very close to being shut out of this site.
  7. Brother Matt, it would appear from all of Jeff's posts in this thread that he does not know the difference between self defense and murder, which are two completely different subjects. He, as well a Bill do not understand that just because they "see" a gun, it is meant to kill people. There are many uses for guns other than killing people. This kind of person would be appalled if you told them that there are people that own guns just to collect and display them. But we also have Jeff so adamantly focused on medicine and the medical establishment that he can hardly think or talk about anything else. This is all mixed in together in different threads to the point that what he writes makes no sense, not even to himself as per his replies. I am almost to the point of putting them both on "ignore" and not replying to their posts and feeding their prejudice.
  8. Sorry to burst your bubble Jeff, but not all medical establishment or doctors are evil. In the past century there has been much good coming from the medical establishment, cures, medicine and research that has saved lives from things that have plagued us or centuries. God gave us doctors and medicines, not all healing is miraculous. Your many threads and replies seem to always downplay medicine, but there is some good in it that you never acknowledge.
  9. Jeff, look at the title you supplied for this thread; it makes no sense. You are going to have to explain what you are talking about or asking. People can't guess at what you are posting.
  10. You can go on with hypotheticals all day, how about real scenarios? Get to the point Jeff. No one knows what you are asking about. Just asking random questions makes no sense.
  11. No, there is no interpretation involved or needed. What is needed is simply critical reading skills and a basic understanding of the English language.
  12. You are at your very best when you are deflecting, which is mostly what you do. My point was, "this is not news at all". It happens all the time in almost every civil lawsuit.
  13. Bill, you, the adamantly political poster boy are assuming to admonish me about mixing culture and Christianity? Wow! pure unmitigated gall.
  14. More political nonsense; when the losing party on a lawsuit loses, they have to pay the legal expenses of the other side. How is this earth shattering news. Just another of a long string of political posts by you. Did you know that there are message boards that are specifically for political topics? Did you know that this board is for discussing religion and fellowshipping with like minded Christians? You should, because I have told you this in another thread. One other thing, it is not a "fine" it is paying the legal expenses of the losing party, done all the time; but you wouldn't know about that would you?
  15. This quote is NOT out of context. Here Jesus, God The Son, explicitly calls John, "The Baptist". This is why I said he was named The Baptist by God; not out of context at all. John was his name, Baptist was his title, making him the first Baptist. That made all that he baptized Baptists also. This is NOT my interpretation, it is exactly what the Inspired Scripture says, word for word. not hard to understand if you can read. So, according to your most recent reply you would rather trust Christian "traditions" rather than Inspired Scripture.
  16. Bill, he was named "The Baptist" by God, The Hoy Spirit before he ever baptized anyone. It is a title, not a name. anyone he baptized after this, including Jesus, made them a Baptist also. If you have John's baptism or are baptized by a Baptist, this makes you a Baptist. So, you stated that you did not know of any reference to John being a Baptist, I think this qualifies.
  17. "Something more beneficial"? Are you aware that this is an IFB discussion board that was designed for fellowship between like minded Christians? How about YOU discussing Scriptural things instead of deflecting everything into the political realm? Finances? How about Scripture or Scriptural things? Now let's see how you deflect this.
  18. Evidently you don't have the foggiest clue regarding what a militia is Bill. A militia is made up of all of the able bodied citizens. Try this: What did militia mean in 1776? What is a militia? At the time of the American Revolutionary War, militias were groups of able-bodied men who protected their towns, colonies, and eventually states. What is a militia in simple terms? 1a : a part of the organized armed forces of a country liable to call only in emergency b : a body of citizens organized for military service. 2 : the whole body of able-bodied male citizens declared by law as being subject to call to military service. How old do you have to be to be in a militia?17 years of age(a) The militia of the United States consists of all able-bodied males at least 17 years of age and, except as provided in section 313 of title 32 , under 45 years of age who are, or who have made a declaration of intention to become, citizens of the United States and of female citizens of the United States.
  19. Bill, ever hear of "The Combat Zone" in Boston? That name was coined for that section of Boston because of the danger of even going there. If you have heard of it, I think I may qualify by your standard. Today I live very remote, which makes for lots of crazies and hoodlums looking for easy pickins'. In any event, I would rather be armed and ready than unarmed and a victim, or worse yet, my family becoming victims because I didn't do my job to protect them. My being armed and a peaceful, law abiding citizen threatens no one but the bad guys. At Lexington/Concord, when the battle was over and we had defeated The Redcoats, the pastor of the church there counted thirteen dead church members who died defending this country and using the very same armament that the British used. Bill, in case you may have missed it; a sword is an "assault weapon".
  20. Steven, just FYI, this issue has been beaten to death on this message forum. You would be well advised to search out threads on Calvinism and Arminianism. You will find a lot of information there and also be able to reply to the thread.
  21. We must also remember that prayer is more than just asking God for things. It is the very same, or even more intense relationship as we have, or should have, with our earthly father. We need extend that relationship to our heavenly Father, talk to Him the way he talks to you, in love and compassion, not just asking for things.
  22. The Minute Men were private citizens, or militia if you will; try to tell them they didn't need the most modern, efficient weapons of their time. The whole idea of any conflict is to overpower the oppressor, not try to match him or comply with politically correctness because someone like you "thinks" no one should be able to protect themselves or their country. If my home and family is set upon by outlaw thugs, it is the thugs that are in the wrong and lawbreakers, (or are you sympathetic with them?) not me for defending my family by any means at hand. You should have to live in the real world Bill, if you personally experienced something of this nature your tune would change in a heartbeat.
  23. The second amendment is not for hunting weapons, it is in place as a means of controlling an oppressive government. The second amendment is the reason we are still a free nation. One valid reason to own a weapon like this is self defense, which we have a God given right to. Would you feel better going up against a criminal intruder with your sword if he were wielding a gun?
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