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  1. Revelation 13:8 (KJV) And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world. Brother Tony, by your reasoning, no one was saved before Christ's crucifixion. It is true that the blood of lambs and goats could not take away sin; but it was a type of the blood of Christ and pointed forward to His crucifixion. In the verse I supplied it is obvious that God Himself considered that Christ had already been slain from the foundation of the world. We, the saved on earth today, look back on that event for our own salvation. Why is it so unreasonable to think that the OT saints looked forward to that event for their salvation and it was every bit as valid? John the Baptist understood this concept. He proved it in this Scripture: John 1:29 (KJV) The next day John seeth Jesus coming unto him, and saith, Behold the Lamb of God, which taketh away the sin of the world. When we look at the OT, we see so many prophecies, types, and similes, that it is almost impossible to NOT see Christ and His shed blood.
  2. Curious; why 80 days? Here in Northern California you can get it at any pharmacy and also at other places set up to do the jab. Seems like everywhere I look there are signs for getting Covid 19 vaccinations.
  3. Sounds good Tony, but you left out a part; what kind of roast? It makes a difference in the goodness.
  4. Yes, individuals need to examine themselves. But there is also a church responsibility to make sure that those that partake of the Lord's table are worthy to do so. This is what Paul taught. 1 Corinthians 5:11 (KJV) But now I have written unto you not to keep company, if any man that is called a brother be a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolater, or a railer, or a drunkard, or an extortioner; with such an one no not to eat. As a church, we cannot make that determination of another churches members. The Lord's Supper is a church ordinance. If you believe in Universal Church, then you might partake, as Catholics do. But if you believe in local visible church and you are not a member, what right do you have to partake of another churches ordinance?
  5. It is not Christians that are feeding the fear factor, but rather people and officials like Collins that try to "guilt" others into being vaccinated. Then when those that gave in to the guilt get vaccinated and this creates more variants, they still point to the un-vaccinated as the reasons why the variants appear, instead of the vaccines causing the variants. It has long been known in the medical community that once any remedy is even a little bit successful, the disease mutates. This article is nothing more than perpetuating the guilt and fear factor surrounding Covid-19.
  6. I am sorry Salyan, I was not clear in what I said. I was only trying to explain to some that do not know about the Mass, as to just what it was. I was just trying to liken it to something they could understand. In their church the Mass is the center of the service, just as our preaching and teaching is the center of our service. Yes, they, as well as communion are vastly different and for different purposes.
  7. "the primitive true church of the Lord" as you call it was never the Catholic church; which church began almost four hundred years after the first Church at Jerusalem. they are four hundred years too late to be the true church. Jesus instituted the first church during His personal ministry on earth. You can read about this church in the Bible, it was the church at Jerusalem. We don't have to guess at which church was first, the Bible tells us, we also don't have to make up preposterous stories to try to prove our own pre-conceived ideas. A Catholic, Cardinal Hosius, was the president of the Council of Trent. He wrote this in the year 1545: “were it not that the Baptists have been grievously tormented and cut off with the knife during the past twelve hundred years, they would swarm in greater numbers than all of the Reformers.” This should convince anyone that Baptists are not the by-product of the Reformation and are not Protestants in any sense of the term. We predate both the Reformers and the Catholics. World historian John Clark Ridpath, who was a Methodist, wrote this in 1840: “I should not readily admit that there was a Baptist church as far back as 100 a.d. Although without doubt there were Baptist churches then, as all Christians were then Baptists.”
  8. Sister Salyan. I don't know what it was that Biden "took". But in the Roman Catholic Church, Mass and Communion are two different things. Mass is the service that we would call the Sunday Service; while Communion is their idea of The Lord's Supper. Their Communion differs from ours in that, they consider it a "Sacrament"; this means that they consider that it has saving powers. This is also the reason that a priest will administer Communion as a part of what they call The Last Rites, when a person is dying. They teach that this will assure that the dying person will arrive in Heaven as their final destination. it is also a bit more complicated than that, but I don't want to write an essay on it here.
  9. Thank you for that clarification Jerry. I am a real stickler when it comes to people defining "church". Especially when they try to define it as "the church" and include all believers as "the church". Thanks again, may God richly bless you as you serve Him, Jim
  10. Brother Jerry, you have done a wonderful short study on this subject. It is very edifying with one exception in my eyes. You say this in number five: "The Holy Spirit resides within every born-again believer and every born-again believer makes up the church." While the Holy Spirit does reside in every believer, you can only say that "every born-again believer makes up the church" if you hold to a Universal Church position.
  11. Over time I have found that many times there is an earlier, as well as a later, fulfillment for some prophesies.
  12. It's a really old joke. Been going around church circles for years.
  13. WOW Just when you think you have heard it all.
  14. Thank you for this update Brother Dave. I will certainly add her to my daily prayer list.
  15. The writer of this hymn, Horatio Spafford, composed this out of a heart of sorrow for the loss if his child at sea and a heart of thankful assurance that his soul was destined for heaven, even in the midst of this great loss.
  16. Well done on your part Bro. Matt, thank you for all that you do.
  17. While it is true that members cannot delete, they can update or modify. Two options for this are: 1. use the quote option and add or subtract what you want to edit or modify. 2. use the reply option and edit or modify. In both cases it would be wise and prudent to add text saying what you are doing, so people don't get confused. Of course the old post will still be there, but if you make it clear that you are editing or modifying it, there should be no confusion.
  18. Tonight I did my Shrimp Stir Fry, easily enough left over for another meal. Yay!
  19. Hugh, you are seriously confused and also confuse others with what you try to say. Kingdom of God or Kingdom of Heaven, it doesn't matter which; Israel does not "become" either.
  20. That is like saying it is okay to go to a barroom to preach. Scripture says to not cast our pearls before swine. Wrong is wrong, and if you associate with wrong you are wrong.
  21. Believe what you will, I can edit any time, even weeks later.
  22. I don't think anyone has said or indicated that baptism was unnecessary or meaningless.
  23. This verse has nothing to do with baptism at all. I am afraid that you are so confused by what you believe or have been taught that neither you, or anyone replying to you, can reply without confusion. Israel does not become The Kingdom of God, as you indicated above. You waffle hopefully between water baptism and what you call national baptism, of which there is no such thing. This thread has become hopelessly mired down in confusion.How about we try this: Does a person have to be baptized to be saved? A simple yes or no will suffice, no more confusion.
  24. People were created to be a social species, taking away their ability to socialize with others creates great harm to both society as well as individuals. Distancing ourselves from others creates fear and anxiety, which in turn helps those that seek to control us, to more easily control us through fear.
  25. When you press "edit", the window that opens is the edit window, you simply put your cursor where you want to change something and change it. The board software does not limit your ability to edit, I do it all the time, as others do also.
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