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  1. Since this is the humor thread and I am an administrator, I would be remiss if I did not point out that this cartoon fails miserably in the context of it being humorous. It also has the capacity to turn into a social issue, which would be off topic as evidenced by the reply just below the cartoon. So, let's please keep the humor thread confined to humor.
  2. That is not the worst Mike. I once heard an entire sermon based on an incorrect Scripture verse. I won't name names.
  3. Although it has nothing todo with candles, there is one last thing I wanted to say about Christening, Confirmation and First Communion. These three things are the reason that The Roman Catholic Church can claim to be the largest religious organization in the world. They greatly benefit from Christening babies because that act puts the baby on the church membership roll, that baby goes on to study their Catechism, in preparation for their "Confirmation and finally their First Communion. So even if the person never goes though all the steps and never even attends church service again, they
  4. It may be beneficial to ask one question; where do we see "lighting a candle for the dead" anywhere in God's Holy Word? I was raised in a Catholic setting, not that my parents were practicing Catholics, but my grandmother was and my parents just followed along with Catholic practices. You see, according to Catholicism, once you are "Christened", which is for Catholics, synonymous with Baptism, you are then Catholic and remain a Catholic for life; in that the record of your being Christened remains forever. So, this fact made my parents Catholic because their parents had them Christened w
  5. I agree with bill, all except for the last sentence. You have a choice, you can go to the doctor of your choice. If you are a female and not comfortable with a male doctor, don't go to one. My experience with a female doctor may be different than others, but the one I go to I find very competent, personable and knowledgeable. She makes the patient feel comfortable and even jokes about any possible male/female concerns. On one visit we talked about this subject and she said that I would find that she was much gentler than a male doctor. I just don't get this idea that all gynecologists are
  6. Funny; it was these kinds of suggestions several months ago that were being removed from the social media platforms as harmful or fake news! https://www.theepochtimes.com/who-official-urges-world-leaders-to-stop-using-lockdowns-as-primary-method-against-ccp-virus_3534230.html?utm_source=newsnoe&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=breaking
  7. The very same words can be used to describe seasonal flu. No one, including this video say the virus is not real. It simply exposes the over reaction of authorities, as well as the fact that the testing for Covid 19 is not just flawed, but known to not be effective.
  8. Covid 19---Crime against humanity? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kr04gHbP5MQ
  9. The severity of this virus aside, governmental bodies as well as any institution of power and influence have used this opportunity as a social experiment to see just how far the people of this nation will allow them to restrict our liberties.
  10. A website is a valuable tool. For years we had only the small listing in the newspaper, which did not produce much. I put up a website for our church and we have had favorable results in that; we have had people visit that found us because of our website. Glad you have one in the works HC.
  11. Perhaps we err in not making the distinction between the body and the spirit. The body of Jesus spent three days and three nights in the heart of the earth. But His spirit went directly to God upon His death. Luke 23:46 (KJV) And when Jesus had cried with a loud voice, he said, Father, into thy hands I commend my spirit: and having said thus, he gave up the ghost.
  12. I doubt it, their members are weak doctrinally, or else they would not be a part of any convention. They will follow the piper as they always have.
  13. Quote: “We are Great Commission Baptists.” Right; anything but Independent Baptist! There simply is no biblical justification for The Southern Baptist Convention, or any other form of association. The biblical example for a New testament Church is, Independent, Local, Visible, Autonomous.
  14. Someone sent this picture to me. It is highway 101 Near Santa Cruz
  15. Even the far left global warming advocates and scientists have had to back off of that specific term; now it is Climate Change. As if this is a completely new thing; disregarding the fact that climate change is the reason for weather forecasting. I may be wrong, but I believe that the weather, or climate has always changed; sometimes by the day or hour.
  16. Thanks WWMS. I appreciate your concern and prayers. There is a lot of misinformation going around and a lot of third hand information that may be incorrect. You can find current information that is up to date HERE. You were partially correct in saying that the fire was 30-40 miles from me. That was the case for the first, very large fire that burned over into Oregon. It is called The Slater Fire. But two days ago another unrelated fire started closer to me, it is called The Devil Fire because it stared on Devils Peak. It is very near a small community called Seiad, which has been com
  17. Pastor Scotts quoted Scripture verse is right on the money. This subject is nothing new and men like Anderson have been doing things like this from the beginning, hence the warning from the apostle Paul. Real, doctrinally correct Baptists will not be fooled. They are the ones that feel no need to go outside of their local assemblies for their spiritual food. The Anderson's of this world cannot survive without someone foolish enough to listen to them.
  18. I made a typing error. it should have said 150 homes lost, not 1550.
  19. Yes HC, it is bad. we have one burning near us that went from 150 acres in the morning to 22,000 acres by evening. Burned over 150 homes and threatened 400 more in the small town of Happy Camp. Fortunately for us it was burning about thirty miles from us and moving away. But after I left for church this evening a second one started closer to us resulting in an evacuation warning for us. Hopefully they will get this second one under control before it gets too large. A cool evening and favorable east to west winds in the mornings should help. Here's are a couple of pictures.
  20. Words are vehicles to convey thought; never more important than when we deal with Scripture. Regarding the last post that Bro. Scott made; the Scripture says what it says; nothing more and certainly nothing less. Any disagreement with what it says must be taken up with the author of the Scripture.
  21. I don't lose any sleep over the "Phil Kidds" of this world in either religious "movements" or any other "circles". I belong to a local, New Testament Church that happens to be Baptist in name. I have no need to go outside of my own church for any kind of worship, teaching or instruction.
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