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  1. Yesterday I had three hamburger patties covered with the left over pot roast gravy, they are wonderful that way. I even out some of the gravy on my green beans, try it some time.
  2. 97% huh? Might that number be because of the majority of them died before any vaccine, rather than because people declined to get the jab?
  3. I don't know about being a great cool, but I like my cooking and others seem to also. It's funny, you cook a pot roast the way most people do, with all the veggies in the same pot. I never do that, my taste buds don't like the way the veggies contaminate the meat. I just like the taste of meat too much to add anything to it. I always cook the veggies separate. I also prefer to roast the veggies in a flat baking dish and always include garlic buds and a sprinkle of OVOO. The EVOO carries the garlic taste throughout the whole veggie dish. I like the veggies this way a lot better than being soggy from sitting in the same pot as the roast.
  4. I had that last night and ate the left overs tonight. I make it as a Pot Roast. Cook it on low on the stovetop for about four hours, it comes out so tender it falls apart when trying to get it out of the pot. It and I made almost a quart of wonderful brown gravy, love that gravy.
  5. At a recovery rate of 99.8% the only "less dangerous" it could become is 0 zero.
  6. Many here know my stand on local church, for me that is the only exposure I need. I do not and never have found nay need to go outside of my local church. Listening or watching these other preachers is extremely dangerous, especially for new believers, they are the most impressionable and easily influenced. It was not a light thing when Jesus warned about these wolves in sheep's clothing.
  7. In the first place BB, I did not say I liked President Trump; I commented on you bashing him in almost every thread on this board. Second, you guess that I do not go back as far as you, but you may be mistaken, I am pushing 80 really hard. Never was politically minded as a young man, but was not saved at that time either. That was a lifetime ago.
  8. And this in a year that has seen a drop in deaths from all causes; Pandemic huh? One would think that because of the monumental numbers of "supposed" Covid deaths, that the overall number of deaths from all causes would have increased.... But then, that "one" would have to actually think about it in a reasonable manner.
  9. From your posts about this subject BB, it would seem that you are the one that is hypersensitive about President Trump. So hypersensitive that you feel the need to track not only him, but anyone that has any connection to him. Eh?
  10. It also gave you the freedom (excuse) to not attend without drawing criticism. Hebrews 10:25 (KJV) Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.
  11. Since Covid has a 99.8% recovery rate, it is safe to say that almost no one has died from Covid alone. By the way, the 99.8% recovery rate includes those that died from complications brought on by Covid and/or pre-existing conditions. Most that died died from complications brought on by Covid, would likely have also died from the seasonal Flu; of which, over time, many more have died from than Covid.
  12. He would do much better if he did not speak at his speeches. "Charging stations are powered by diesel".
  13. The title of this thread is: "Good Friday". As such, that term is straight out of Roman Catholic teaching. They coined that phrase as well as their dogmatic teaching that you can't eat meat on "Good Friday". No true believers should be concerned with what is and what is not scriptural in Catholic teaching, because: "Galatians 5:9 (KJV) A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump."
  14. Welcome Brother Bruce, we are glad you found us. I look forward tp your input as well as contributions to discussions.
  15. Date setting is easy and creates great interest....until it is proven wrong. "In the beginning" is good enough for me; if God had wanted me to know just when that was, He would have told me.
  16. BrotherMatt, you ight try for an owner finance. Sometimes that will work because church buildings are not in big demand and the owners may find it hard to sell. Of course you would have to determine f you could afford the payments, but many times it is possible and you can even negotiate low interest. We just bought our building this way and the transaction went well, we actually saved on the monthly payment compared to the rent we were paying. The building is a fairly large, nicely laid out structure. It belonged to the American Baptist Association. They had closed it because no one was coming and they had to supply a preacher from eighty miles away. So they jumped at the chance to rent it to us and were thrilled when we wanted to buy it and get it off of their hands. Here is a picture of it.
  17. Slow cooked chuck pot roast. Usually folks don't like to cook roasts when it is hot outside and it will be 100' here today. But I have a wonderful exhaust fan on my stove that takes care of fumes and heat. This pot roast is beef and last week I did one that was pork and it was wonderful. I anticipate that this one will be excellent also.
  18. That is utter nonsense; if they were truly autonomous they would be Independent Baptist Churches. There is no Scriptural justification for any kind of convention, association, or fellowship as separate entities from the local church that have any say at all in what a local church does or says. I did not even want to reply to this statement because of the propensity of it to get us off topic, but after a couple of days I thought I should. So, lets get back to the topic of the SBC's election of president, even though I have no idea why this subject would be of any concern at all to Independent Baptists.
  19. And so it goes with conventions, associations and fellowships; none of which were, or are authorized by Scripture or the God of Scripture. All of these are man-made institutions and subject to all of the sin and apostacy of the human mind.
  20. Just remember; old age and treachery always overcomes youth and enthusiasm.
  21. You sit through a whole sermon preached from a misunderstood word or phrase.
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