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  1. No one is saying "don't go out soul winning", it is the "method" I was speaking against. This is not a "numbers game". But I have heard some in the "easy believism crowd" almost revel in the number of people they have got to say "the prayer." As a matter of first hand experience, I heard one of these people tell that they had twenty soul winners go out to knock doors and the result was twenty people got saved. No one is "scoffing soul winning", it is, once again, the method I am against.
  2. Our gas jumped ten cents per gallon since yesterday when posted that it was $4.49. so now it is $4.59
  3. Fact Check-PepsiCo drinks do not contain ‘aborted fetal cells’ By Reuters Fact Check Beverages produced by PepsiCo do not contain aborted fetal cells. This false claim spread online via an image that listed brands allegedly connected with PepsiCo under the headline: “Foods that contain aborted fetal cells”. The post presents no evidence and plays into misinformation on these products that has been in circulation for years. The original author of the post later apologised for “some inaccurate information” but did not delete it
  4. Right now, at 4:45pm I have a pork roast on cooking. I am cooking it "pot roast" style. I find this much more moist and tender than roasting it in the oven.
  5. Northern California; $4.49 at the cheapest station in town. costs me a small fortune per month to go to church or town.
  6. I am sad to say I agree with this assessment. It deserves and answer.
  7. Well said bro. Markle, and something that most Baptists will not consider, given to them constantly listening to "commentators", as well as those with preconceived ideas. This is the epitome of biased teaching. Sadly, I have heard this taught in Baptist churches and no one thinks to even question it..
  8. Oh yeah, silly me. I forgot that these scientists were there, so they ought to know.
  9. Wonderful news LuAnne. Things like this bolster God's people when they can see first hand that prayer does work. It is reward enough for me. I will continue to pray for his full recovery. Thank you for the timely update.
  10. Bro. Matt, I have heard and read from scientists that give a much longer period of time that this, especially Geologists. Because I am a miner I hear a lot from Geologists and read and hear them talk in terms of billions of years all the time, I mean outrageous billions of years. Our Bile not only speaks to this issue, but it makes fools out of scientists that are foolish enough to state things like this. Hebrews 11:3 (KJV) Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear. To me, this says very plainly that God made things with the "appearance of age", which puts all of man's guesses to shame, and they don't even realize it.
  11. Any scientist that believes this should have to answer this question: Why are there still apes?
  12. Brother Tony, This is the first I ever heard of a "head Deacon". The Bible lists the office of Deacon, I don't see anywhere, or justification for a hierarchy of Deacons. This could be and very likely was, the problem with the church you mentioned. No one man should have authority such as this. Even the pastor is to lead, not have authority over the church above pastoral authority. The ultimate authority in matters of church business lies with tis membership, that is the Scriptural way. I should back off of the subject of deacons, it is pulling the thread off topic. I apologize for this. It seems like I just couldn't let the subject of undue power given to Deacons go.
  13. No Deacon or Deacons should ever be given that much authority. Decision making is under the authority of the whole church membership. They are in that position as HELPERS to the pastor, not rulers, not a board of Deacons.
  14. Thanks Matt. That is good to know.
  15. Even I would not have known that. That is one reason why I did not try to remedy this for him, didn't even know about it. I make it a habit on any forum I visit or administer to just never log out. It saves a lot of problems and almost all forums have a feature that recognizes me each time I visit. I was wondering if this is something that other mods and admins can fix, that way someone having this problem doesn't have to wait until you are online and see the problem.
  16. I have been a member of two Independent Baptist churches. 1. Two Rivers Baptist in Fairbanks Alaska from 1977 to 2003. 2. Country Baptist in Yreka California from 2007 to 2021.
  17. Oh my, how is it possible to forget the meat? In the future it might help to wipe the pan with a bit of olive oil, just lightly mind you. As for me, I like what some call a "meat lovers" pizza, four or five different kinds of meat. And I always like lots of onions on mine, it imparts a bit of a sweet taste to the sauce. Do you make your own pizza crust, or buy one already made?
  18. Brother Tony, I think either I have not explained my concern accurately, or folks are not understand my concern. There is no example to give. My concern was my observations in regard to some brethren who, when out witnessing and door knocking, use this term: "a place called Hell". It is not the term that is my concern, it is simply that in my experience this term indicates to me that they have been taught to witness using a system of "easy believism. This system uses a pre-rehearsed method of witnessing such as; 1 2 3 follow me, where the person being witnessed to follows through a series of steps that end with them following the door knocker in a prayer that asks Jesus into their heart. At which time they are pronounced "saved" by the one doing the witnessing. My main concern in this is the method, not the words, witnessing to the lost is not supposed to be like a Mary Kay seminar. Edited to read: I am sorry brother Tony. In my reply to this I did not see that you had posted another reply that addressed my concerns perfectly. I had thought that you were asking me for an example and didn't see that you were asking Bro. Morales. Your example of the subject being like a used car salesman it just the kind of thing I was thinking of.
  19. I agree Bro. Morales, Hell is mentioned much as you pointed out with your Bible verses. But that was not quite what I was talking about. In all of your verses the word "Hell" is mentioned. But what I was talk exception with was the words "a place called", and how many many people cannot say only the word Hell, without adding "a place called" in front of the word Hell.
  20. I may be, and probably am, a bit paranoid when it comes to the "wording" of this subject. I hope I can explain what I am thinking, so that others don't get the wrong idea. When I said "wording" above, I meant the exact wording, as in; "a place called Hell". My concern comes from what I have observed with Christians that are into "easy believism". (sp?) In my experience, these folks usually have a pre-rehearsed "spiel" that they use when going door to door. somewhere in that spiel they will talk about Hell with the homeowner, but in every instance I have heard, they invariably say; "a place called Hell". They NEVER say the word Hell alone. It's almost like a "follow the leader" kind of thing; where that is what they were taught and so, that is always the way they say it. Why is this a concern to me? Simple, when I hear this said this way, I always associate it with easy believism, which I do not agree with at all. To me, it is an "indicator". You know, it's the stuff where they use a pre-rehearsed spiel and if the person they are witnessing to will repeat a made up prayer asking Jesus into their heart, they are pronounced "saved". This seems to be a "numbers game". They keep track of the number of people that have "made a decision", and whoever gets the most is seen as a great soul winner. As you can probably tell, I don't like this sort of what I call, "make believe evangelism". I have seen way too much of this sort of thing; which usually results in, no follow up, no Baptism, no teaching and no follow through on the part of the person supposedly saved. I hope I have not offended anyone, and this is not intended for any one person on this board. But this is based on my experience and dislike of this method of soul winning.
  21. Since you asked I will say that my pastor preaches and mentions Hell often, especially in his "Invitation".
  22. I agree completely with what you wrote here Bro. Jerry. In fact I just taught these very things in our church as a series on church history and used the same people you mentioned: Cardinal Hosius and John Clark Ridpath. In trying to trace Baptist history we run into great difficulty in that, these churches were being persecuted and hiding out, so-to-speak. In many case there were no written records and the only record of them even existing was written by their enemies.
  23. I am very uncomfortable with Independent Baptists being called a "movement". Perhaps there is such a thing, but historically Independent Baptists have been just what the name implies....Independent. To me, if it is a movement is is not Scriptural. To me, once you classify it as a "movement" you are getting very close to it being some sort of denomination. When we look at the churches in the NT we see that each church was Independent, self governing, autonomous, not governed or influenced by any other church, or higher institution.
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