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  1. In response to your question Miss Daisy Im not sure why it has it so often. I grew up in a catholic background so I just thought that was usual for Baptist churches it being the first and only Baptist church Ive gone to.. Is it different in your church? Diarmaid
  2. Thanks for your replies people. I guess I'm going to like Online Baptists. If there are any members from Ireland or have Irish family it would also be cool to connect even though any person living for God is an equal in fellowship.. Oh yeah, this is the church I was baptised in. Some of their sermons are pretty cool.. http://www.grosvenorbaptist.org/
  3. Greetings Fellow Baptists, My name is Diarmaid Murphy. I am a 30yr old Irish guy from Co Clare in the West of Ireland. I live in Dublin though and am a fairly new Christian. I was Baptised roughly 2 years ago in Grosvner Road baptist church and was saved about 6 months before that. I am new to this online baptist community and am so glad to have found it. I am spending a good deal of time in Clare at home with my parentsand where they live is a very remote and isolated place called Mount Shannon (its really nice though!). I have been feeling very cut off from fellowship with other Christians and after initially having a profound spiritual high have found this last year very tough spiritually. I am in serious need of community, fellowship, church, bible edification and most of all our Lord Jesus Christ in my every actions and moments. I am so happy that I have found this community and would be really happy to receive and give any support/ fellowship/ encouragement possible. Thank you all, In Christ, Diarmiad

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