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    Rosie reacted to No Nicolaitans in We need rain...badly!   
    I've debated on whether to post this, but it has come to the point that we need God's people to pray.
    We are in a dire situation in our area. I'll spare the details of everything...what has gone wrong and the neglect of our local government. 
    Our local water source is a river, and it has basically dried up. I took our son (a few days ago) to look at the river, and in one section, it's basically only an arm's length in width with just a trickle flowing though that particular section. Our family is buying bottled water to use for cooking and drinking since there are major bans on usage.
    Please pray for rain for our area. Though I don't work in our local water treatment facility, my job is in water treatment, so I realize how dire the situation is. It's truly a bad situation.
    Thank you to all who may pray for this.
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    Rosie reacted to DaveW in Trac Phones   
    Actually, I think it is Chinese, but it is set to Aussie because that is where I am searching from. You should be able to set it to USA somewhere on the site....... maybe......
    I was just trying to show that there are cheaper alternatives - but keep in mind that cheap can also sometimes be nasty.
    $250 is steep for a service that they should provide, but a $50 version might do the job.
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    Rosie got a reaction from Jim_Alaska in Trac Phones   
    thank you JIm for your help.. Verizon and my neighbors have suggested the booster, but 250 is alot of money, know what I mean... 
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    Rosie reacted to HappyChristian in Typhoon Songda storms heading our way   
    Many thanks to those who prayed. We came through the storm warning quite well. In fact, there was very little abnormal wind here (it's always windy this time of year - can't be much else this close to the ocean). It has been raining for a few days, and is supposed to continue raining for another few days. But that is basically normal this time of year (we live on what is basically a prairie so other than this time of year we don't get a whole lot of rain).
    Things elsewhere also were not as bad as predicated. Oregon did get two tornadoes and a good bit of damage was done. But the damage that could have been done did not happen. Praise the Lord for His watchcare!
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    Rosie reacted to HappyChristian in Typhoon Songda storms heading our way   
    Thanks, Well. We appreciate it. And I know all Washingtonians do (even if they wouldn't admit it). Yes, we will trust the Lord. Thankfully we can do so implicitly!
    Rosie - thanks for the prayers. 
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    Rosie got a reaction from Jim_Alaska in 'Would Appreciate Your Prayers   
    sorry to hear this Jim.. will pray for you.. praise God Merri...
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    Rosie reacted to WellWithMySoul in 'Would Appreciate Your Prayers   
    The ultrasound and appointment with the cardiologist has come and gone, and I am absolutely rejoicing!  After the testing, the cardiologist came in and told me that he had good news and bad news.  My heart lifted and then it dropped!  He told me the good news first.  The circulation in my right leg gets an "A+", and the circulation in my left leg gets an "A-" (a slight reflux)!  He said that I have the circulation of a nineteen yr. old! Yay!  Then he got more serious and said that the bad news was that he can't help my feet.  I have Raynauds Syndrome and neurapathy in my feet (the latter from all of the surgeries).  I had already been diagnosed with those issues, and they are lifelong....and so I will continue to deal with them with much gratefulness that there aren't any added problems.  The Lord responded very affirmatively to my prayers...and to all of YOU that prayed for me!  Thank you!
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    Rosie got a reaction from HappyChristian in Typhoon Songda storms heading our way   
    will pray
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    Rosie reacted to HappyChristian in Hurray, I am back once again   
    Glad you're back!
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    Rosie reacted to Jim_Alaska in Hurray, I am back once again   
    It was a long seven days of no OB. I tried everything imaginable but could not get on this site. I still have no idea what was wrong. I was able to get with Bro. Matt and he said he would check it out. I have not heard back from him, but perhaps he found why I had been blocked. I just tried my bookmark again this morning, as I usually do and it worked.
    You can probably tell that I am really happy to be able to get back on the board. I would love to know what happened, but will settle for just being back.
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    Rosie reacted to HappyChristian in Young lady with severed spine   
    I have let her cousin (I don't know her, just her cousin) that we are praying. He is very appreciative, as I know the rest of her family is.
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    Rosie reacted to Alan in Young lady with severed spine   
    Please let Chantells know that we are concerned about her.
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    Rosie got a reaction from HappyChristian in Young lady with severed spine   
    will pray
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    Rosie reacted to HappyChristian in Young lady with severed spine   
    A friend of mine (who used to post here) said this morning that his cousin Chantell was in an accident today. Her spine was severed and she'll be in a wheelchair the rest of her life. He has asked for prayer for recovery and for the comfort only the Holy Spirit can give. Please pray for her. Thanks.
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    Rosie got a reaction from No Nicolaitans in Please pray for my wife   
    amen so happy they are feeling better..will continue to pray
    hi little fella, so happy to heart you are better
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    Rosie reacted to WellWithMySoul in 'Would Appreciate Your Prayers   
    Thank you to all of you that have prayed for me.  I went to the cardiologist yesterday...and I have to go back next week for an ultrasound.  I don't understand all of the medical terms, but I think that they are suspicious of "venous insuffiency".  At any rate, next week should be able to determine a diagnosis.  I also had my first physical therapy app. this morning, and it went well.  I keep quoting II Cor. 4:15-18 to myself...trusting that the Lord knows everything that I need, and He will supply in His time and way.  Oooooh how I do not want to waste any opportunity that the Lord gives me...to shine His love on to others....and to remember that He is indeed allowing these physical trials with gracious reasons!  Thank you again for praying for me, and I truly appreciate a continuation of prayers....not so much for my sake, but rather for those medical people or other patients that I come into contact with...that the Saviour's light might shine thru me to them!
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    Rosie got a reaction from No Nicolaitans in Please pray for my wife   
    continuing to pray for them
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    Rosie reacted to No Nicolaitans in Please pray for my wife   
    Looks like they'll be keeping our son at least one more night. They took him off of oxygen this morning and want him to go 24 hours without needing it again...so hopefully, he'll make it.
    I can't explain what it was like yesterday...he looked like a corpse...pale-ashen skin with dark circles around his eyes. He could hardly talk and wasn't lucid at all. 
    Much better today! Praise the Lord! Please continue praying for him and my wife. Like I said...she seems so much better too. Just not sure if the Lord has done it or if she's running on adrenaline due to our son's situation. Either way, I praise and thank the Lord for her reprieve!
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    Rosie reacted to Jordan Kurecki in Thru the Bible   
    I've recently started listening to J Vernon McGees through the Bible radio broadcast. It's a 5 year program where he teaches through the entire Bible. So far it's been very challenging and exciting. though he's not perfect (He teaches the Gap theory)..he is sounds for the most part.
    I want to encourage you to join me on the Bible bus. If you have a smart phone you can download the Thru the Bible app and listen freely, you can also purchase the series in a variety of formats from their website.
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    Rosie reacted to No Nicolaitans in Please pray for my wife   
    Dear Lord help....
    I know most here probably aren't familiar with our children's health issues. Now...on top of my wife's issues, we're taking our son to the ER for breathing problems.
    Please pray.
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    Rosie reacted to Wmccarthy99 in I Saw God   
    I Saw God
    by William Leroy Stidger I saw God bare his soul one day 
    Where all the earth might see 
    The stark and naked heart of him 
    On lonely Calvary. 

    There was a crimson sky of blood 
    And overhead a storm; 
    When lightning slit the clouds 
    And light engulfed his form. 

    Beyond the storm a rainbow lent 
    A light to every clod, 
    And on that cross mine eyes beheld 
    The naked soul of God. 
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    Rosie got a reaction from No Nicolaitans in Please pray for my wife   
    I will pray
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    Rosie reacted to No Nicolaitans in Please pray for my wife   
    We're not sure what's going on. She has had a terrible headache basically for about 2 weeks now. At times, it lets up...but it doesn't go away. She's also extremely tired and constantly sleepy. There are other symptoms too. All of her blood work came back fine. The doctor has made an appointment for a CAT scan; however, the quickest appointment isn't until the 23rd. We may end up having to go to the ER for one before then.
    We would deeply appreciate any and all prayers.
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    Rosie reacted to Jim_Alaska in Two Dear Ladies   
    My prayers go with you in respect this situation you have shared. I will pray specifically for wisdom, discernment and compassion in your dealing with these two ladies.
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    Rosie reacted to WellWithMySoul in Two Dear Ladies   
    I'm praising the Lord with awe and thanksgiving for responding so swifty to two specific prayers that I had prayed in the last three days.  However, I'd like to request  more prayer for two very dear and precious ladies that the Lord so wonderfully has put in my path to share God's love with.  Both ladies are in their early 70's...one goes to church (EV Free), and one got very soured as a child by an uncle who was a "baptist" preacher (sigh).  I shared the Gospel with one of the ladies (in writing) several years ago, and the Lord led me to share my  printed testimony (as posted here in OLB) with the other lady just a couple of months ago.  On Wednesday as I drove to the place that I do volunteer work, I prayed very specifically for the gal that works there and who was soured by her uncle.  Within just a few minutes of my arrival, this gal started sharing some personal things with me with tears.  She shared for probably over an hour.  I wasn't able to really respond to her other than to listen with compassion.  Then yesterday knowing that we were going to a certain restaurant that night, I prayed specifically for the other lady who is the owner of it (the one who goes to church).  Well...I'm still amazed, because as my husband played music with the ole-timers acoustic group...and I happened to be sitting alone, this gal came over and just started sharing personal things with me...with tears!  Wow!  What a privilege and blessing, but also awesome opportunities that the Lord granted me in response to my specific "that-day" prayers.  I desperately need wisdom and God's leading and help to give me all "utterance" to further share with both ladies in His timing...and that their hearts are being softened to see their need for the Saviour.  The one gal that goes to church...may be saved...but I don't know for sure (sad to say, it's difficult to tell what she's getting out of the EV Free church).  At any rate, the Lord is working and prayers for these ladies are pertinent!
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