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  1. I finally downloaded bitdefender but I have no icons..and no way to run it.. Am I doing something wrong here
  2. I found out that my anti virus protection was shut of this morning. I tried to turn it back on but it wouldn't turn on. So I deleted it thinking I would down load it again well my computer won"t let it down load. I have tried several others but they won't down load either.. Will Malwarebytes cover everthing?
  3. Rosie


    thank you John for all of your help. I will download it again...
  4. Rosie


    John I liked foxfire very much but when I use it my computer shuts down because it says foxfire was downloaded right or complete.. does this make sense to you and how can i fix it.. I deleted it but will download it again as I liked it.. can you help me?
  5. Rosie


    thank you so much.. I have chrome and don't feel that I have privacy.. I will try the other one. thank you again
  6. I'm looking for a new browser. I have windows 7. Any suggestions?
  7. Ban Celina for not offering me a piece and expecting me to be rude and ask for one...
  8. Why would you not tell me the truth
  9. Ban Celina for not offering me some of her pie
  10. Rosie


    its windows 7. My computer is hacked again
  11. How can I un sinc my computer from the tablet?
  12. How can I ban NN for all of the troubles he had to go through to get to his family
  13. Banning Celina for making us feel bad because its warm there
  14. Ban NN for blaming me for the cold weather
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