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  1. mine too. my Pastor died 3 years ago and we sure do miss him since then I have moved to Florida
  2. this is the day, this is the day, this is the day which the Lord hath made we will rejoice we will rejoice we will rejoice and be glad in it
  3. this won't hurt my computer will it
  4. Ban Omega for um.....er.....lemme see here.....um...well I can't think of anything
  5. thank you.. I did enjoy your sermonette there...we were safe from that one but you know how they are
  6. yes the devastation is terrible.. it was a fast mover but deadly...
  7. Ban Omega for wanting to leave without us
  8. i am in central florida and we had a light wind and a few showers is all
  9. How can I ban Omega for saying all of these nice things about me
  10. Ban Omega for eating it as it may be whats causing his memory loss
  11. I do agree with you. pray for Florida Himican Michael is headed toward us
  12. I am in the middle of the state and natives here say its the safest place...thank you
  13. How sad that our country has let all of this wickedness prevail in our country...Revive us again with the Son of Thy love, with Jesus who died and is now gone above.... God be with you brother.. If i had another source of news and weather I would leave this as well. I am only on facebook as my dearest friend wants me there....
  14. yes that is the only draw back about living here.. so far this year we have been blessed not to have any hurricanes...I see one may be coming up through the gulf...
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