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  1. Ban Omega because the day will come when they are sorry for it
  2. Note to self, when I go to bed earlier I wake up earlier
  3. Rosie

    Bible Quiz

    thank you Alan, thats what I had been taught and I believe it
  4. what a shame that you were homeless, was this your choice
  5. Ban Omega because these people don't know how crooked the lotto is
  6. Rosie

    Bible Quiz

    I've always been taught that the marriage supper of the Lamb was going to be in Heaven during the tribulation period, recent;y I heard its going to be on earth after the tribulation period.. Would someone please tell me the truth here please
  7. Ban Omega because it can't come soon enough as wicked as this world is getting
  8. Yes Jim, the humidity is still high even toward the end of October its still high.. it wounds like you live in a great location Omega, is this your home?
  9. Ban Omega because I a, looking forward to that day
  10. Jim I'd live in the middle of 40 acres if I could. Is your 72* warm or cool
  11. We have a/c and run it when needed... it is smoldering outside but this fall it cools off a bit at night... 72 now
  12. Ban Omega for whatever reason he can come up with
  13. Ban Omega because it doesn't happen very often
  14. Ban Omega for thinking I am only allowed to have one thought
  15. Ban Omega for for banning me for having two thoughts
  16. Ban Omega as the older we get the faster it goes
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