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  1. the cardinales and mocking birds usually sing early in the morning. I must have missed them this morning...
  2. good morning to all. have a blessed day
  3. right. but not teeth gonna be hot again today
  4. no i didn't know what.. did u try it? are your teeth whiter.. hee hee glue?
  5. mine were mostly green yesterday when i bought them.. they are edible today maybe too ripe tomorrow
  6. here too and lots of rain... yehaaa i got the last post
  7. i just watched a down pour then saw a rainbow, now the crows are cawing
  8. hey look again. I got it we have had 90+- since June.... and humid
  9. i agree if its not cold i coul dhandle it... the last post is mine, did I win
  10. its hot and humid here too with thunder.. looks like we will our usual afternoon/evening down pour
  11. the crows are cawing the cardinals are singing the mocking birds are mocking
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