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  1. oh my this is scarey.. they are in for a rude awakening some day
  2. Ban Omega as oh how I long for that day, surely Lord come quickly
  3. that would be an excellent idea. is this an apartment building
  4. yes be a good testimony and witness. bakes some cookies and take them to them... no be careful what you put in them lol
  5. sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't..huh
  6. Ban Omega for not taking a nap knowing its church night
  7. I've had this problem in the past too.. once I scooped it up and put it on their porch... may not have been the best thing but being gone 6 months of the year the dogs got used to using my yard
  8. Rosie

    Bible Quiz

    Rebecca can I take a stab at the 153 fish......These men had no caught any fish all night and I believe Jesus blessed them with these 153 fish to show His love to them... why the exact number of 153 I don't know
  9. Ban Omega because where two or more are gathered together in my name......
  10. Ban Omega because I am praying for revival and salvation for lost souls
  11. me thinks he has a rude awakening one day
  12. Praise God Jim, isn't it wonderful to be a child of our Righteous and Holy God.. woooooooo hooooooooooooo
  13. Rosie

    Bible Quiz

    Paul gasve the warnings Is it Eurocledon..I know I didn't spell that right
  14. yes it sure is.. today is my 34 spiritual birthday
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